Collaborative blogs can reveal a lot of value and unique perceptions within a community. Managing a team of multiple authors on a single blog, however, can be overwhelming and detaching without effective communication tools. Here are some of the best project management tools and WordPress plugins for your growing collaboration.

Online Tools

Your collaboration is a lot like a marketer’s campaign in the sense that you must create the most compelling and engaging content possible, as well as delegate and monitor tasks. These project management tools lend themselves well to large scale collab-style blogging:


Much of what you’d expect from any project management tool is found in NoKahuna: assigning tasks, notifications, and organization by tags and categories. NoKahuna works especially well for collaboration teams involving developers, though, as NoKahuna offers an API in Ruby and Rails. This tool is ideal for Type-A’s who may be looking for something without frills and very to-the-point.


If you’re looking to move a step beyond blogging into monetization and blog branding, or if you’re managing 20+ authors, ClientSpot is the project management tool you might consider investing in. Its editorial calendar is tight, budgets from ad campaigns can be exported to Excel and Quickbooks, and you can track everything from your desktop or mobile device.

Zoho Share

Among the many Zoho collaboration tools, Zoho Share suits prolific collaborative blogs melodiously. At its core is multimedia sharing, whether it’s images, presentations, PDFs, and more. Large and small teams alike can use it to pitch story ideas to editors, choose the best images for a post with social sharing in mind (such as Pinterest), and let your whole team communicate around the multimedia in question. It may not be necessary for smaller blogs, but it will be your best friend if your team is working on an eBook or a press kit together.

WordPress Plugins

Using a WP plugin instead of desktop software takes a more simplified approach to collaborative blogging. When working with a small group of bloggers, a WP plugin is all you really need.


CollabPress is easily one of the most popular wordpress plugins for multiple authors, and for good reason. Think of it as a sort of social network that works with your deadlines and blog heirarchy. This plugin assigns tasks and deadlines, allows you to comment on a task, sorts projects, organizes an editorial calendar, and shows recent activity. CollabPress synchs well with BuddyPress and MultiSite.

iProject Web

It’s not quite as user-friendly as CollabPress, but iProjectWeb is a little more customizable, albeit with fewer bells and whistles. If you’re working with a small team and are planning to monetize or begin a mailing list campaign, this plugin can help make your time and effort more scalable.

Cleverness To Do List

Cleverness is perfect for a team of bloggers in your direct employ, or if you have varying degrees of authorship with your team. With this plugin, you can make assignments viewable to your entire group, or to one individual author. This is a great plugin to use immediately after a brainstorm, when ideas are fresh and can be spread out for a long term content strategy.

This post was written by Rae Alton, who is the editor of Avant Greensboro, a collaboration based out of Greensboro, NC. She relies heavily on online project management software to make the most of her busy schedule and keep afloat.