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How To Whitelist An Email? Complete Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

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Have you ever found yourself frustrated and trying to figure out how to whitelist an email?

You’re not alone!

Whitelisting an email is an important step to take to help ensure that the messages you want to receive are not blocked or filtered by your provider.

It’s also important to ensure that your privacy and security are protected.

Whitelisting emails is simple; this guide will walk you through how to do it.

So, let’s get started on how to whitelist an email!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does it Mean to Whitelist Emails?

You can direct your email provider to let emails from a sender into your inbox rather than flagging them as spam by adding the sender’s email address to your whitelist.

Is it Better to Blacklist or Whitelist?

Since the default with whitelisting is to prohibit anything and only allow those known to be safe, it is a considerably stricter method of access control than blacklisting.

This indicates that employing the whitelisting strategy greatly reduces the chances of someone harmful attaining access to your system.

How Does “Whitelist” Work? Why Is It Important?

You might be unsure of the whitelist’s significance, but learning how to whitelist an email will still be useful.

You can direct your email provider to let emails from a sender into your inbox rather than flagging them as spam by adding the sender’s email address to your whitelist.

Therefore, it’s crucial to learn what a whitelist is to prevent the issue of emails being deleted unnecessarily and make you search through the junk folder for possibly crucial communications.

The effectiveness of your email account will maximize because emails from people on your whitelist will always be able to reach your inbox.

If you can’t whitelist email senders, you won’t be notified when important emails show up that you need to read.

Regardless of the email service or email marketing platforms you choose, you must be able to whitelist emails to ensure that nothing slips through the gaps.

How To Whitelist An Email In Gmail: Step-By-Step Instructions

It’s simple to configure Gmail such that a specific sender gets added to your whitelist and used exclusively for correspondence moving forward.

Adding Gmail emails to the whitelist is simple and easy; just follow the steps below:

Step One: Choose “See all settings” from the settings menu by clicking the gear icon in Gmail.

The upper right corner of your Gmail inbox has a gear icon.

When you click on it, you’ll get a drop-down menu with various options or a “Quick settings” menu, as shown below.

Screenshot 2022 11 30 at 6.29.41 PM

Next, choose “See all settings.”

Step Two: Look in the menu bar for “Filters and Blocked Addresses.”

You should select Filters and Blocked Addresses from the top menu once you’ve reached your expanded options area.

You’ll arrive at a page similar to this one:

Screenshot 2022 11 30 at 6.30.18 PM

Step Three: Choose “Create a new filter.”

Step Four: In the “From” column, enter a specific email address or an entire domain.

This is where you indicate which email gets whitelisted in the “From” column.

Screenshot 2022 11 30 at 6.40.01 PM

You can specify a specific email address (such as [email protected]) or an entire domain by leaving out anything preceding the @ symbol (such as @domain.com).

While the latter includes everyone sending emails from that domain, the former will only unblock a single unique email address.

Step Five: Then select “Create filter.”

Step Six: Select “Never send it to Spam” from the drop-down menu.

Here is where you will state that you are whitelisting.

A new window appears when the button is clicked.

Screenshot 2022 11 30 at 6.40.20 PM

Select the “Never Send It To Spam” checkbox.

Doing this will ensure those emails that fulfill your selected criteria never land in Spam or Trash.

Step Seven: Finally, select “Create filter.”

The Importance Of Email Whitelisting For Marketers

Requesting your clients to whitelist your email address has several advantages:

  • The sales promotions emails that your clients requested won’t get lost in the mail. A subscriber who takes the effort to sign up for your marketing emails knows how valuable they are and won’t want to miss them.
  • It enhances your deliverability through whitelisting. It helps increase open rates and the deliverability of your email marketing campaigns and subscribers. Your emails will not land in the spam bin when clients add you to their email whitelists.
  • Better engagement. More of your clients will find your marketing emails thanks to whitelisting, which increases the likelihood that they will land in their inboxes. This will result in improved performance relative to your email campaign targets.

We advise you to include a request for your email address whitelisted in your welcome email or introductory email series.

Many email marketers skip over this crucial step for various reasons, but most frequently because they feel awkward asking or simply don’t think about it.

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Wrapping Up

We hope to have allayed any concerns you may have about whitelisting your preferred contacts or encouraging your clients to do the same.

There isn’t a good excuse not to whitelist, to be honest.

Despite having excellent deliverability rates, spam filters could still intercept your email before reaching your client’s mailbox.

Things simply occur occasionally.

And since the one constant in algorithms would be how often they change, you cannot know when your deliverability will suddenly alter, and you’ll miss out on chances to interact with your loyal clients.

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