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How To Write A Mission Statement [The Right Way]

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Companies use a mission statement on the About Me blog page to communicate the purpose of their business and shape how they carry out their business.

The clarity and simplicity of a mission statement can be inspirational to employees, customers, and others who come in contact with the organization.

A well-written mission statement can shape people’s perceptions of what your company does.

Here is some valuable advice on how to write a mission statement in the most appropriate way possible for your company.

What Is the Purpose of a Mission Statement?

The mission statement’s primary objective is to guide how you do business, what you do, and how you are different from other organizations in your industry.

Let’s take a deeper look at the intent of having a mission statement.

Convey the Reason a Company or Organization Exists

A mission statement should explain why your company exists.

Ensure the mission statement goes along with what you blog about and does not sound similar to other companies.

Your customers will find it easier to understand what your company is all about if they know your mission statement.

They can then identify you with unique characteristics, like how your product or service differs from others in the same industry.

Gives Direction to Employees and Stakeholders

Rather than having employees and stakeholders try to figure out what your company is about, it can be helpful for them if you provide a mission statement.

Employees can better understand how they fit into the organization’s culture, giving them a sense of direction.

How Long Is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is short and straight to the point.

The mission statement should be between one to four sentences and not more than one hundred words.

It should briefly describe what the company intends to do and how its goals will bring lasting value to the business.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Mission Statement?

A well-written mission statement will communicate precisely what the company wants and how it will achieve its goals.

Here are the features of a good mission statement.

1. Short and Succinct

A good mission statement is short, comprising a few sentences.

A mission statement that is too long may be difficult to understand and embrace wholeheartedly.

A good mission statement should be understandable to everyone who comes in contact with it.

2. Memorable

A good mission statement should be easily memorable.

A mission statement written in simple language will stick in the memory and become part of the public’s perception of the company.

3. Unique

A good mission statement should not sound similar to other companies in the same industry.

It needs to say what sets the company apart from its competitors.

The message of the mission statement should strike a chord with employees, giving them a sense of purpose when they do their job each day.

4. Set Expectations

A good mission statement shapes the perceptions of customers, employees, and others who have contact with an enterprise.

A well-written mission statement shapes people’s expectations about what a company does.

5. Current

A mission statement should reflect the current state of business affairs.

A well-written mission statement will be up to date with what is happening with the company.

AI writing software can help overcome writer’s block when writing up-to-date mission statements.

6. Active

A good mission statement should promote action.

It should tell employees and stakeholders what tasks they need to take on and what they should do.

A mission statement will help employees and stakeholders know what the company expects of them.

7. Positive

A good mission statement should be positive.

A mission statement that is negative in tone could discourage employees, leading them to believe that the company only wants to focus on the company’s problems and not on solutions.

When employees feel they are working toward a common goal, they will be more likely to work together and work harder.

What Makes a Bad Mission Statement?

A poor mission statement can take many forms.

Here are some red flags that indicate a flawed mission statement.

Lack of Clarity

A mission statement filled with jargon that only a few people can comprehend will frustrate employees and stakeholders.

A mission statement that is vague or too complicated fails to convey the organization’s core values, detracting from the goals of the organization.

Write a mission statement after you’ve written a bio for your website.

Too Narrowly or Broadly Focused

A mission statement focused on one piece of a company’s business, such as sales or marketing, may not be helpful regarding the organization as a whole.

A suitable mission statement will cover all facets of the enterprise and should inspire employees to be creative and innovative in all aspects of their work.

A mission statement should also have a brief message, so everyone understands what the company is trying to accomplish.


A mission statement should be straight to the point and use simple language.

A mission statement filled with terms that are not understandable to customers, employees, and others may confuse people about what the company does.


A mission statement should inspire and excite customers, employees, and others.

It should motivate people to work for the enterprise because it makes them enthusiastic about what the organization does.

Avoid making mission statements with common grammar mistakes.

How Do You Write a Strong Mission Statement?

A good mission statement should be concise and written following the best writing tips so everyone knows what an enterprise wants to accomplish with its business.

How To Write a Mission Statement for Students

A student mission statement outlines your values, who you are, and what success means to you.

Use a personal mission statement to direct your choices and maintain focus while working toward your long-term objectives.

Here are tips on writing a mission statement for students.

1. Keep It Short

A mission statement for students should be brief yet comprehensive.

It should not exceed three sentences and is best written in the present tense, expressing what you strive to do.

2. Be True to Yourself

When creating a mission statement for students, consider your values and how they will guide your actions.

Your mission statement should reflect the personal qualities you hope to develop.

3. Get Feedback

Show your mission statement to a teacher, counselor, or someone who cares about you.

They will be able to give you constructive feedback and make suggestions regarding your mission statement.

How To Write a Mission Statement for a Nonprofit

A nonprofit organization’s mission statement clarifies its goals, builds its reputation, and draws donors and volunteers.

The nonprofit mission statement gives people a glimpse into the foundation’s philosophy and helps them form favorable opinions.

Here are tips on how to write a mission statement for a nonprofit.

1. Begin By Brainstorming

The first step in writing a mission statement for a nonprofit organization is brainstorming with your team.

Brainstorming involves thinking about your ideas and collecting them, ensuring you come up with the best mission statement possible.

2. Look For Common Themes

A nonprofit organization’s mission statement should reflect its core principles.

It should convey the organization’s vision, goals, and accomplishments in an inspiring way to donors and volunteers.

A nonprofit mission statement should be true to its objectives and focus on doing good work for those who need assistance.

3. Begin Drafting

Once you have your core concepts and goals, draft a statement based on your brainstorming session.

Include a summary of your achievements and point out the goals you want to accomplish in the future.

4. Test With Your Audience

Share your mission statement with others, ask them to tell you how well they understand it and see their reactions.

You can A/B test different mission statements on your website to see which receives the best response.

Then, pick the mission statement you prefer best.

How To Write a Mission Statement for a Team

A team’s mission statement briefly states the purpose for its existence.

In most situations, the team members collaborate to determine a shared objective and purpose for their work before developing the team’s mission statement.

Here are the steps to write a team’s mission statement.

1. Establish Your Team’s Purpose

Before writing a mission statement for your team, first identify the purpose and objective of the group.

The mission statement should be broad enough to ensure everyone on your team understands its purpose and shares the same vision but specific enough to help guide their work.

2. Plan Your Course of Action

Once you have established your goals, plan your team’s actions to achieve them.

Discuss how long you want the team to last and how frequently the team should meet for the mission statement to be effective.

3. Create a Draft

After outlining your team’s purpose and determining your course of action, draft a mission statement and try starting with creative writing prompts.

Your team’s mission statement should be one to two sentences long.

4. Get Feedback

Share your draft with many people in your organization, including team members, supervisors, leaders, and other employees.

Test it with customers or other stakeholders by asking them what they think and examining their reactions.

5. Finalize Your Mission Statement

After gathering feedback, rewrite the mission statement to create a final draft capable of conveying your purpose and achieving your mission.

Once you have completed your mission statement, share it with all team members.

How To Write a Mission Statement for a Business

A business’s mission statement helps the company accomplish its goals and make profits.

A good mission statement will motivate employees and customers, reflecting the values of the enterprise.

1. Define the Company’s Long-term Purpose

To create a mission statement for your business, you must first establish your company’s purpose.

A mission statement should reflect what the company wants to accomplish.

It should be broad enough to include all aspects of the business, like its products, services, and position in the industry.

2. Develop a Clear and Concise Mission Statement

Your mission statement should reflect your company’s purpose and be concise and easily understood.

A good mission statement will help employees understand the company’s strategies, activities, and principles.

3. Get Feedback

Share your mission statement with employees and customers.

Ask them to critique your mission statement and offer suggestions to improve it.

4. Make The Necessary Changes

Once you have received feedback, revise your mission statement.

You can also change your business mission statement with time if you feel that your mission statement no longer fits within your company’s context.

Mission Statements of Popular Businesses

Here are examples of mission statements from some of the most well-known businesses.

What Is McDonald’s Mission Statement?

McDonald’s mission statement is “to make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone.”

What Is IKEA’s Mission Statement?

IKEA’s goal is “to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.”

What Is Coca-Cola’s Mission Statement?

Coca-Cola’s mission is “to refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions, and to create value and make a difference.”

What Is Starbucks’ Mission Statement?

Starbucks aims “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions regarding writing a mission statement.

What comes first, mission or vision?

A vision precedes every good mission.

Therefore, it is easier to execute when you start with a vision statement, get the stakeholders on board, and then develop the mission statement.

What three things should a good mission statement have?

A good mission statement must have a clear purpose and objective that is clearly defined.

Next, it should be specific and state how the company will accomplish its mission.

Finally, it should be concise. Anyone reading it can understand a brief statement.

Wrapping Up

A mission statement reflects an organization’s aims, objectives, and goals.

It helps employees achieve the company’s goals while providing direction to customers who clearly understand the company.

Developing a powerful mission statement requires planning and research on the part of an organization’s leadership team.

Once an enterprise plans out its strategy, it can draft a clear and concise mission statement reflecting this strategy based on input from all relevant stakeholders.

A good mission statement will motivate employees, convey enterprise values, and clearly define the business plan.

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