Are you one among the many number of people who neglect article marketing only because it takes time? Do you sit for more than 30 minutes to write articles that you are submitting to article directories?

If you answered yes to the above questions, continue reading the post. You should neither neglect article marketing nor spend hours writing one single article. The reason why you should not spend a lot time for writing articles is that the main purpose of the article is to rank well in search engines, get back links and not to get bookmarked or voted in social sites. The article should be to the point and most search engine users prefer articles of 400-600 words.

You are not writing for social sites. So spend less time for writing each article. You should take no more than 15 minutes to write articles and in this article, I’m going to teach you how to write articles for article marketing in less than 12 minutes. This is not a guarantee. If you are a slow writer, you cannot complete articles in less than 12 minutes. If you are already able to write articles in 20 minutes, using this method will help you to reduce the time to 12 minutes or less.

Image Source: Brian Solis Online – Social Map by b_d_solis

Forming The Idea
The first step is to form the idea and map it out. Once you decide the article topic, map out what you want to write in the article. Use a free mind mapping tool like Freemind. This helps you to create free mind maps. Once you form the idea, it will be very easy to write them. This should take no more than 2 minutes.

Writing The Article
Once you have formed the idea, start writing the article. Keep your article simple and specific. You don’t need to elaborate everything. You should convey the message properly. How to write the article quick and still make it 400-500 words long? Here is how you have to write the three parts of an article to finish it in less than 10 minutes.

1. Introduction
Tell the readers what you want to tell them. Take this article for example. If I’m writing it for article directory, I would not make it so big. I would give a small intro of 100 words. I’ll tell them what they will find in the article. To increase the curiosity of your readers, add a question in the introduction. Look at the opening of this article. You will see that I have questions as the opening lines. Introduction should take you 2 minutes.

2. Content
Tell your readers, the information. In the introduction, you told them what you going teach. In the content part, tell the information. This is the body part of the article and it should be the lengthy one and also the most time consuming one. To make the body part of the content look big, list the sub-points before explaining them in detail. Discuss each sub-heading in few sentences. The content part can be anywhere around 300 words. But don’t force yourself to limit the information because it is taking many words. 300 words count is just to have 450 words article. The body of the article should take you 6-7 minutes.

3. Conclusion
This is the part of the article where you will tell the readers, what you told them. You are going to summarize the article. In short, you are going to add the key points and end the article. To get high conversions, end the conclusion with an intriguing question. This will make the readers think. If you go back and see all my articles in blogging tips, I’m sure almost every article would be having question in the end. The conclusion can be around 40 words. This should take less than a minute or two.

Now you have an article written in less than 12 minutes that is ready to rank in search engines and get quality links to your blog or product.

I strongly advise you not to use the same pattern when writing blog posts. Blog readers want more information and to impress them, you need to elaborate what you are telling and make it easier for them to understand.

How much time do you take to write articles that you submit to article directories? Have you used this method of writing? (This is the example for the conclusion part) Please share your views in the comments.