Have you ever thought about turning your blog into a mobile app, but didn’t know where to start? Of course, we’ve all had this problem and I’ve even thought about creating apps for my blogs as well. For the average blogger, the concept of turning their blog into an app seems like it would be a huge headache in dealing with the massive costs and programming issues. Fortunately there are services out there that make the process much easier.

With all of that said, I would like to introduce you to Shoutem.com, which is a web site that specializes in creating mobile applications for blogs, web sites, brands, events and pretty much anything else you can think of. If you wanted to create a custom mobile application for your blog, you always have the option to find a programmer on oDesk and eLance, but the task of finding a quality designer and one that doesn’t cost you an arm and leg is a mission in itself. With Shoutem you can create a mobile app based on your blog content without the need to hire a designer or programmer for a fraction of the cost. You can build and customize an app to match the design of your current blog, while also focusing on key features and content from your site.

How Shoutem Works & It’s Many Features

Instead of talking about the process of setting up a mobile application for your blog, it’s much easier and beneficial to watch the short video below. Once you complete the video, you can visit the Shoutem web site, create a free account and start playing around with their creation tools and see what you can make for your blog.

Creating an Application to Match Your Site and Brand

It doesn’t matter if you are a local business, a music group, a celebrity blog or even just starting out online… creating an app for your blog or business can make it easier for your followers to stay in touch with you more often, receive your latest updates and always have a connection to your business no matter where they are located. Everyone is using their mobile devices now more than ever, which means your business or web site needs to be in everyone’s pocket as well.

Using the advanced customization modules available through Shoutem, you can create a mobile app that matches the look and feel for your business or web site, while also sending your latest updates right to your mobile device.

In addition to matching the look and feel of your site, you will also be able to setup the following:

  • Pull all existing news feeds from your website into your mobile app
  • Sync your posted events into your mobile app automatically
  • Link your web blog posts to locations in your app
  • Embed your mobile app’s updates, top places and top users widgets in your website and promote your app.

Create Your Mobile Application Now!

With more people using their mobile devices to access content from the internet, it’s extremely important to make sure you are also adapting with the changing times. Creating a simple application that will allow you to setup your feedburner to send updates to your mobile application is easier than you think.

You can sign up to the Shoutem web site and start creating your own app, or take advantage of their a full service and high end app for your business, where the Shoutem design team will create the perfect app for you. Packages start at just $29.95 per month.

Visit Shoutem.com and Create Your App Today!