An enormous amount of advertising has shifted to the internet and in particular to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The latter, with its innovative real-time stream of information, is revolutionizing the way businesses promote themselves and can do wonders if used properly.

Creating a Twitter Presence

The first priority when establishing a business or venture on a social-networking medium is to make sure you have a strong presence on the chosen site. In the case of Twitter, this is limited by character counts – 140 for each Tweet and similar restrictions for profiles and descriptions. It is therefore necessary to learn to be as succinct as possible and convey the whole essence of your business in as few words as possible. This should ideally include your primary goods or services, the region in which you operate and a few positive promotional adjectives. In addition, the profile which will form the hub of your Twitter presence can also be customized by way of photographs and background wallpapers, among other features.

Maximizing Publicity

Getting yourself established on Twitter is just the start. To make it worthwhile it is necessary to make sure a good number of people are visiting your profile and seeing your Tweets. If the business is a large one, it is possible to use Promoted Tweets which appear on all relevant users’ feeds. But small or medium-sized enterprises will need to rely on accumulating a large number of followers, which is often best done by actively following other Twitter users yourself, an act which is usually reciprocal. It is also possible to gain more followers by networking through mutual contacts and by utilizing Twitter’s unique hashtag feature to link your business to trending topics.

Updating Regularly

The very essence of Twitter is a constant stream of updates – Tweets of no more than 140 characters – which allow users to remain connected with current affairs and the recent activity of their friends, celebrities and – of particular importance – businesses. The size of your business will very much determine the frequency of your Tweets. A large company, for instance, may well have numerous projects that its clients and other interested parties will want to keep abreast of, while smaller companies may only wish to Tweet daily, or even less often, with a general summary of progress on their main focus.


Twitter is a powerful promotional tool but can be best used in conjunction with other online resources such as Facebook and a company’s own website. Certainly, co-operation is integral to much of Twitter’s functionality, with one option being that all Tweets posted on Twitter also appear as statuses on Facebook. This makes it easy to combine advertising efforts, reaching a larger audience without expending any extra time or effort. In addition, it is increasingly common for a commercial website to feature links to their Twitter profile to allow interested clients to not only view a website but also regular updates on a company’s progress.


Ultimately, Twitter is a social-networking site and much of its focus is based around social interaction between various entities, whether they are individuals or companies. From a business perspective, this would allow enterprises to communicate with one another and co-operate on deals and promotions. This is made so much easier by the Retweet function, which allows users to share other people’s Tweets with their own followers. It is also possible to add in recommendations such as ‘for more on internet companies in your area check availability here’, complete with URL links (reduced in size to fit within the character limit). Overall, Twitter is an ideal forum for businesses to work together and they are therefore able to maximize their promotional ability and expand through co-operation.


It is widely acknowledged that the future of advertising lies online and, more specifically, on social-media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Many even believe that Twitter is leading the charge in social advertising and with the development of targeted marketing, it is likely to be in the ascendancy for the time being. It is more than possible for any business to not only succeed but also excel on Twitter and these few tips should form the basis of any venture into the promising world of social-media marketing.
This post was written by Rosette Summer writes about social media for a range of marketing websites and blogs. She focuses largely on local internet services – for more on internet companies in your area check availability here.