We all know that YouTube is the leading video site online for over six years now and counting. Millions of people go to YouTube everyday to view videos on all types of videos. But I’m not here to talk about these funny videos or the home videos of grandpa backing the car into the garage.

I’m here to talk about our subject which is the form of building traffic to a given website. You can go to YouTube and see many videos that try to teach you how to drive traffic to your site, but most of them don’t really go into in-dept details that will allow you to become a so call traffic guru.

My YouTube Story

First and foremost you must start here first if you want to really follow the current guidelines of building traffic. Because websites like YouTube allow you to build these big profiles of subscribers that allows you to network and market to Million of people. But here goes how I was able to turn a struggling YouTube account to over 12,673 subscribers and over 1.1 million video video views in 12 months.

Back in 2007 I started my first YouTube Channel only because I was bored and wanted to try this new thing people were talking about. You see I’m not too much of a big fan of social marketing sites but I decided to give this one a try because for one it free and plus I thought people will love the videos I will be doing.

First I went to Wal-Market and bought this crazy looking Logitech Webcam in which I still have today that sits on top of my desktop. You know back then the video quality wasn’t at all as it is of today, but at the time it looked good enough to do short videos.

So I hooked this thing up, which to remind you it only cost me $29 at that time so to my surprise it worked like a charm. Keep in mind that I’m a seo guy so I just wanted to do a couple seo videos and maybe add some in-depth internet marketing videos. Plus at times I was thinking it will be wise to show people how to make a little money with affiliate programs also.

So basically I had a big plan on making certain videos, but I didn’t expect things to happen the way it did as I got rolling. Honestly my aim was just to make some videos every now an then so I can educate people on building more traffic for their site. I had no extension on making money or even growing my reader base because I was already making money from my offline seo company and still making good money with affiliate programs I get paid passive income from.

Then It Happen

I started to do three to four videos a week on a variety of subjects that I thought the YouTube community will be proud of. After a month I had about 20 videos or so and gaining subscribers and even my video views where high. Just remember the videos I did where just me being in front of this cheap web cam and talking about traffic building and making money online subjects.

People really started to navigate to make site so I said let me capitalize off this by putting together a product for only $20 and see can I make some money off of it. So I linked the product to videos and started to create more and more videos that started to get more subscribers and video views.

Before I knew it after 8 months I had about 160 videos getting about 3000 video views per day and sending my product page to my website between 300 to 600 visitors per day. I was so surprise to see these amazing results only from me doing these 3 to 5 minute videos on my niche.

To sum this up.. you can really achieve these same results with a lot of hard work.  You see my videos was able to get over 1.1 million video views and I have made a cool $19,492.84 by just uploading some informational type videos.

How Can You Do It?

First and foremost, like I said earlier is that I had not intensions on making this into a profitable business or even thinking of driving free traffic my site. I was mainly looking to make video to help other people gain a advantage of building traffic over their competitors. But if you want to get results like this or do something similar, I will say you will need to find something your passion about and start your journey.

Go out today and invest in a video camera if you don’t already have one. Next you should write down the title of subjects you want to discuss. Once you have a list of things you want to talk about, next you need to just get in front of the web cam and start your presentation.

Upload your videos and let nature take it course. Remember in all your videos you should ask people to subscribe to your channel, because if you don’t ask then they won’t know. Subscribers are the ones who get you video views up because once you submit a video, it automatically goes out to them first.

Look, go into this with a open mind because you have to be patient and let this develop on it s on. You may not see signs of growth in the beginning, but just keep it going by being consistence and motivated. There is no guarantee how your YouTube Channel will stack up with others, the only thing you can do is work hard and see what will happen.

This is not rocket science so don’t make it like building a rocket, just make videos you like and if you think their good then other people will share them. Being successful online is all about taken action and being consistence, if you don’t believe me then you can start here first .

Don’t wait another minute on delaying your YouTube channel, you can set one up today and be gaining traffic by tomorrow.

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