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How to Choose the Best HRIS System – Top 10 HRIS Systems for 2023

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Right now, successful businesses are all about efficiency and automation. And human resource information system, or HRIS system, saves time and makes all HR processes well-organized and simple.

Companies around the globe, regardless of their size or domain, use HRIS software to step up their game. The trick is to find a tool that fits a firm’s needs perfectly.

So if you’re looking for an ideal solution, start your search here, and use this guide to learn more about the best HR information software for 2023.

The Best HRIS System (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. BambooHR The Simplest HR Tool for Small Businesses
  2. DeelThe Best for Scaling Distributed Teams
  3. RipplingThe Best for US and Canadian Businesses
  4. Monday.com The Best for Complex HR Functions
  5. BridgeThe Best Learning Management Platform
  6. ZenefitsThe Best Tool for Benefits Management
  7. Uzio The Most Affordable HRIS Platform With Payroll and Benefits Management
  8. WorkdayThe Best Global Human Capital Management Platform
  9. Paylocity The Best for Enhanced Employee Experience
  10. ADP Workforce NowThe Most Reputable and Comprehensive HRIS and Payroll

10 Best Human Resource Information Systems in 2023: An In-Depth Review

When picking the right HRIS system, you’ll want to have a peek into its main features and the key benefits each provider can bring to your firm.

Some solutions cover more ground, while others focus solely on the core HR functions.

Superb solutions help HR professionals with recruitment, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, and similar pre-boarding talent management duties. However, they should keep coming in handy after the new hire is welcomed to the team.

So, many HRIS solutions serve to keep employee data in order, track their attendance and performance, and keep tabs on employee experience and engagement.

This article will unlock the full potential of the most popular and effective HRIS systems, list their pros and cons, and review their prices.

1. BambooHR – The Simplest HR Tool for Small Businesses

A screenshot of the bambooHR homepage

BambooHR is one of the top solutions for taking care of HR tasks in small businesses. It’s the most straightforward HRIS software, superb for streamlining and automating numerous administrative tasks and core HR processes.


  • Ease of use and mobile-first approach
  • Seamless onboarding features
  • Valuable performance management add-ons
  • Effortless navigation through records related to health insurance, PTO, and other benefits administration
  • Automated evaluations of employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Simple and time-saving employee self-service


  • The lack of some payroll services
  • The shortfall of applicant and employee scheduling functionalities
  • No integrated learning management system

Bottom line:

If you aim to get affordable HR software for easy employee records management, BambooHR has you covered.

Companies with over 20 employees would pay for this HRMS (human resources management system) and HRIS solution every month, with an extra fee per employee. Smaller firms would get a monthly flat rate.

2. Deel – The Best for Scaling Distributed Teams

A screenshot of the deel homepage

Deel is one of the most popular HRIS systems out there. It’s suitable for workforce management, finances, and administration for international firms with distributed teams.


  • Great coverage; accessible in over 150 countries
  • Wide range of usage and comprehensive list of features for in-house employee data and management
  • Suitable for hiring and paying contractors
  • Full-service payroll software
  • Tailored for third-party integrations with several major apps, programs, and applicant tracking systems
  • Lean design and navigation through employee benefits administration, perks, and salaries


  • No dedicated customer service agents on board,
  • No free trial
  • Potential issues related to payroll management timeliness and delays

Bottom line:

Deel is at the very top of the HRIS systems list in terms of growing and scaling a global team. In addition, it has a flat rate user pricing, making it ideal for medium-sized businesses that tend to expend funds.

3. Rippling – The Best for US and Canadian Businesses

A screenshot of the rippling homepage

Rippling is built to help HR teams with most of their essential responsibilities. This human resources information system comes with payroll software, a learning management system, time tracking, and attendance management.

Rippling helps HR team members keep their employee database neat and well-organized and enables them to automate workflows and save time.


  • Simplistic and affordable
  • Easy to integrate with more than 500 third-party applications like Google Workspace, LinkedIn, Upwork, Typeform, Slack, and more
  • Packed with user-friendly features to handle PTO, benefits administration, and compensation management
  • Well-made role-based permission system that grants access to employee information to new HR professionals on the team or other collaborators of the user’s choice
  • Extra features that boost onboarding processes
  • Accessible employee self-service portal


  • No free trial
  • No definite time estimates
  • The lack of space to navigate or add frequently used tools and features to the dashboard

Bottom line:

Rippling is one of the most trusted HR tools and a well-liked payroll system suitable for small and medium-sized companies across the US and Canada.

Its custom quote is available upon request. The base price is accompanied by an $8 monthly fee per user.

4. Monday.com – The Best for Complex HR Functions

A screenshot of the monday.com homepage

Monday.com is an all-embracing tool that covers all vital HR processes. It’s easy to use, relying on drag-and-drop technology, and its reasonable price range suits businesses of all sizes. 


  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Suitable for overseeing and managing recruiting data with a seamless applicant tracking system
  • Comprehensive and time-saving templates for successful employee onboarding, reading materials, and training sessions
  • Beneficial vacation tracker feature


  • Lacking customer services that need further improvements
  • Technical issues when using the HR software on Mac devices

Bottom line:

Monday.com stores and catalogs all recruitment and HR data and helps HR teams automate the sourcing and hiring process and onboarding.

Its price range starts from $10 per user a month, and companies have a two-week free trial at their disposal.

5. Bridge – The Best Learning Management Platform

A screenshot of the bridge homepage

Bridge is one of the best HRIS solutions for companies focusing on refining teamwork and automating coaching processes.

This tool emphasizes data-driven approaches. It pinpoints employee development and performance management as a tested way to boost every company’s results and retention tactics and rates.


  • Elegant design and user-friendly
  • Amazing learning opportunities for employees through different formats, including reading materials and educational videos
  • Seamless one-on-one meetings
  • Dedicated customer support and prompt solutions for any issues that may emerge
  • Easy to add custom content
  • Effortless use of assessment tools


  • Needs technical improvements that will help it run better on browsers other than Chrome
  • Several users noted issues with reporting

Bottom line:

This learning and HR software is designed to improve employee performance and help every team member acquire, refine, and test valuable skills.

Its price range starts at $9,000 annually for companies with 500 users on board, with a $5,000 implementation fee and a yearly $1,700 support fee.

6. Zenefits – The Best Tool for Benefits Management

A screenshot of the zenefits homepage

This all-in-one HRIS platform serves to help each HR department with some key duties and processes like payroll, compensation management, PTO, time tracking, and benefits management.


  • General simplicity and an easy setup
  • Several tiers and different price ranges to match every company’s unique needs and budget
  • Superb HRIS functions that cover talent acquisition, job offers and other official documents, and e-signing
  • Excellent onboarding and self-onboarding tools
  • Comprehensive payroll services package with an add-on that includes tax filing
  • Unparalleled mobile design and user-friendliness


  • No learning management tools
  • No task management features

Bottom line:

Zenefits is unmatched in terms of benefits administration and management. It allows users to access various health insurance plans and choose the optimal alternative.

If you want to use Zenefits to simplify and refine core HR processes, you’ll need to meet the requirement of at least five employees for all plans.

After a two-week free trial, users are bound to pay an $8 monthly fee per employee for a basic tier.

7. Uzio – The Most Affordable HRIS Platform With Payroll and Benefits Management

Uzio covers human resource management and payroll for a fixed monthly fee that suits small and medium-sized businesses—even those on a tight budget.


  • Cost-efficiency
  • A broad list of features that includes attendance management, time tracking, approval processes, and employee records management
  • Simple and effective onboarding functionalities
  • User-friendly mobile application
  • First-grade customer support, available online or via the phone
  • Easy integration with payroll system and usable for tax administration


  • Some limitations related to integrations with third-party apps and programs
  • Inability to use for retirement plans

Bottom line:

Uzio is at the very top of the list of the most economical HRIS solutions for small firms and large businesses with limited budgets.

Companies have the right to a 30-day free trial; after that, they’d be paying $4 per employee monthly. Those who want to switch to a premium tier need to reach out and get a custom quote.

8. Workday – The Best Global Human Capital Management Platform

A screenshot of the workday homepage

Workday is among the best all-encompassing cloud-based HRIS systems on the market. It’s powered by artificial intelligence and suits companies that strive for fully automated processes and maximum workforce performance.

This tool handles human resources, finances, and enterprise resource planning (ERP).


  • First-rate compensation management features that guarantee accuracy, success, and complete transparency
  • Exceptional ease of syncing data from the mobile application into the web browser
  • Tailored for seamless workforce management when working with distributed teams
  • Custom tools that promote employees’ mental health
  • Hidden identifying information about candidates, which removes unconscious bias and promotes diversity, leading to a strong and healthy company culture
  • Multiple options for time tracking


  • Limited options for integrating with certain payroll service providers
  • Somewhat difficult to grasp and operate

Bottom line:

Workday is one of the best HRIS systems for companies that grow, scale, and change rapidly. This tool’s adaptability and constant improvements allow it to keep up with most requirements.

Additionally, it’s made for multiple industries and niches, from retail to public sector and non-profit organizations.

Its monthly pricing ranges from $45 per employee.

9. Paylocity – The Best for Enhanced Employee Experience

A screenshot of the paylocity homepage

Paylocity is a tool that handles core and more complex HR needs and encourages strategic and data-driven decisions.

Its modules also include payroll management and multiple valuable talent management features.


  • Ease of use and reasonable pricing range
  • A handy, simple-to-navigate self-service portal for employees
  • Necessary survey tools that promote overall employee experience and employee engagement in the long run
  • Excellent mobile app
  • Praise-worthy customer support and call center services


  • No free trial
  • Lacks PEO services
  • Oversimplified onboarding and training features and materials
  • Limited availability and payroll integrations based on the location, making it usable only on US soil

Bottom line:

Paylocity is one of the best HRIS systems for US companies, particularly for small and mid-sized firms.

It promotes employee engagement and positive experience throughout each worker’s journey because of its built-in questionnaire tools.

Its price ranges from $18 to $25 per employee per month.

10. ADP Workforce Now – The Most Reputable and Comprehensive HRIS and Payroll

A screenshot of the ADP workforce now homepage

ADP is one of the most famous and trusted service providers that offer help with all of the core HR functions and come with an outstanding payroll tool, available separately or as part of the whole package.

While ADP was known as software for large, well-established businesses, its HRIS system is great for small and midsize firms.


  • Flexible and scalable solution, available in more than 100 countries
  • Various packages customized to meet different business needs
  • Competitive price for the basic tier
  • Multiple simple workforce management tools that allow effortless attendance management and time tracking
  • Invaluable for tracking employee performance
  • Great tools for recruiting, onboarding, and other talent management needs


  • Difficult and pricey setup
  • Occasional technical problems like the lack of error messages

Bottom line:

ADP is a huge name on the market, trusted by enterprises and smaller organizations that are about the kickstart their growth and development.

Its modern features allow users to track attendance or handle performance management through their phones, computers, or even by voice search and facial recognition.

ADP’s monthly rates vary from $19 to $26, but the final expense can be substantially higher, depending on the company’s size and precise requirements.

What Does an HRIS System Do?

The human resources management system merges several HR functions to create one system.

Its key role is to store and classify important employee data and automate all processes crucial for company culture, hiring efforts, and all important targets and actions.

Payroll, benefits, attendance, healthcare, and PTO are some of the features best HRIS systems have.

How Do I Choose an HRIS Software?

Choosing the best software solution that will meet all business’s HR expectations start with knowing one’s actual needs and long-term goals.

So it’s necessary to conduct research before canvassing the market, spot all challenges and shortfalls, track applicants, time to hire, and other essential recruitment and HR metrics.

After that, make sure to research and compare top-rated vendors for your industry and location.

Read the reviews and testimonials, and find out about the HRIS features and functionalities you’d get.

Consider the price range and shortlist the providers whose service covers your requirements and matches your budget. Then, conduct testing for those, and pick the one that suits your necessities.

Key Takeaways

This list of the best HRIS systems and popular HRMS systems can help you spot a solution that corresponds with your objectives.

The top five solutions, based on the price, availability, and value provided, include:

  1. BambooHR, due to its simple layout and user-friendliness, which make it easier to navigate than most similar tools
  2. Deel, being the most useful HR software for scaling distributed teams
  3. Uzio, because of its competitive price, makes it the absolute most affordable choice compared to all other HRIS solutions with similar features
  4. Zenefits, the ultimate choice for managing benefits and perks, covering more ground than nearly every other HR tool
  5. Bridge, thanks to being boosted by artificial intelligence, removes all biases from screening and hiring processes and secures the most successful hires

So whether you need more help with talent or employee management, there’s a tool on this list that will serve your exact needs.

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