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How To Hyperlink in Google Docs: Beginner’s Guide

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Need to add a reference link to your text document?

Simply insert a hyperlink in your Google Docs text.

Hyperlinks are clickable texts that enable readers to visit a link in one click.

Whether it’s an authority source, your website, or another file in Google Workspace, you can link to it in a few simple steps.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to hyperlink in Google Docs with detailed steps and pictures.

What Is the Shortcut for Hyperlinks in Google Docs?

The shortcut for adding a hyperlink in Google Docs is “Control + K” on a Windows PC and Chromebook. You must press “Command + K” to do the same on a Mac.

Using the same shortcut on a hyperlink will enable you to edit or remove hyperlink and the link text.

Can You Link Within a Google Doc?

Instead of linking out to a site or another document, you can also link to a specific part of the same document. It requires headings and can be extremely helpful for multi-paged files.

You can also create bookmarks to link to specific sections of your document.

What You’ll Need to Hyperlink in Google Docs

In addition to having a link to embed in your text, you will need the following to hyperlink in Google Docs:

  • Access to a Google Docs document. You can insert hyperlinks to any document type supported by Google Docs if you have editing permission.
  • A web browser or the Google Docs app. You can hyperlink using the Google Docs web version on a computer or the app on a smartphone.
  • A valid Google account and an internet connection. Sign in to a Google account to upload files to Google Drive and best utilize the feature of Google Docs on the internet.

How to Hyperlink in Google Docs: Step-by-Step Instructions

Although the web version of Google Docs offers more flexibility and shortcuts, you can hyperlink in any device supporting this online text processing tool.

The steps are similar for other Google apps like Google Slide, with slight interface changes.

Step 1: Open a Supported Document in Google Docs

Google Docs supports various document types, including Microsoft Word, OpenDocument format, PDF, Rich Text format, etc.

If you have any of these document types in your Gmail or Google Drive, you can open it in Google Docs with one click.

You cannot directly open a file saved on your device with Google Docs. Instead, you must upload it to Google Drive before opening it.

You may want to install the Google Docs mobile app for better functionality on an iPhone, iPad, or android device.

Download it from the App Store or the Google Play store, depending on your device. It’s free.

Once installed, head to the app and open your document.

Screenshot 2023 02 09 at 7.15.18 PM

Step 2: Select Text To Create Hyperlink in Google Docs

Scroll to the specific section of your document and select the link text. You can choose a string of words or phrases, even a complete sentence.

On a computer, you can double-click on a specific word to select it. To choose a text string, simply click and hold your cursor and drag over the particular line/ paragraph.

On a smartphone like the iPhone, you have to double-tap to select the text. After that, you can expand it by dragging the selection bar on either side.

Pro Tip: You can select an empty space instead of text to insert a link, then add the anchor text for the hyperlink in the insert link window.

Step 3: Insert Your Link to the Anchor Text in Google Docs

This is where things become a little different on a particular device, but the process remains straightforward.

3.1: Insert Link on a Computer

You can use the shortcut for a hyperlink in the Google Docs web version.

After selecting your text, simply press Ctrl + K (on a Windows PC) or Cmd + K (on a Mac). An insert link window should pop up.

Alternatively, you can click on the “Insert link” icon in the middle of the top toolbar. You can also right-click over the selected text and choose the “Insert link” option from the menu bar.

Screenshot 2023 02 09 at 7.14.32 PM

Search for a link to insert or paste a copied one in the designated box, then hit the “Apply” button.

The selected text should appear blue with an underline indicating the hyperlink.

Looking to link within a document?

Click on the “Headings and bookmarks” button at the bottom of the insert link window and select your desired heading or bookmark from the list.  

Screenshot 2023 02 09 at 7.24.18 PM

3.2: Insert Link on a Smartphone

As soon as you select the text, a toolbar should appear with several options.

Use the navigation arrows to find “Insert Link” and tap on it. A new page should appear.

IMG 8191

Paste your link in the designated box or tap on the “Headings” button to link within the document.

You can also choose one suggested link or another Google Docs document.

Tap on the Blue Tick icon at the top-right corner (on iPhone) to finish inserting the hyperlink.

IMG 8194

Alternatively, you can tap on the “+” sign at the top of your document and hit the “Link” option from the pop-up “Insert” menu to access the link insertion page.

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Wrapping Up

Hyperlinks have become an essential part of any document type in the internet age. So it’s no surprise that Google Docs makes it hugely convenient to insert hyperlinks.

Following the steps in my guide, you can link to external sites or within a specific section of your document.

Enjoyed reading my tips? You can ask me for further help if you need it.

Also, don’t forget to spread your knowledge by sharing this tutorial with others.

Sharing is caring, after all!

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