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Who’s Your Ideal Blog Reader?

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You’ll never succeed in blogging if you focus on the money but you can if you focus on the people.

I’ve tried to focus on being a hard-nosed business woman but it’s hard for me.

Too hard.

You see, I don’t have a nose for business.

That’s not really who I am.

What I love more than money and anything else is people.

I love finding out what makes someone tick, what motivates them and why they do what they do.

I love connecting with and helping people.

I’m fascinated by people from all walks of life and I’m giving myself permission to indulge that because if you focus on people instead of money, succeeding in business is a much easier and rewarding path to walk.

Now, instead of trying to bend myself to the rules of business, I follow my heart.

There’s only one of me and there’s only so much writing, consulting and web design work I can do.

There are only so many people I can help every year.

But I love blogging because it lets me reach a wider, global audience and sell my book.

Things are going well.

Book sales are increasing, Successful Blogging readership and subscribers are growing each month and the search engine ranking is excellent for a relatively new blog.

We’re only six months old!

Those things are good but my readers are more important.


Because you’re the people who have made that happen by leaving comments and sharing the posts with your friends and followers.

Are You My Ideal Reader?

If you answer yes to some of these questions it looks like a hot date.

If you answer yes to all of them this could be a match made in heaven.

1. Are you interested in social media but don’t know much about it?

2. Are you keen to learn about and eager to make the internet work for you?

3. Do you run your own small business or are you just setting one up?

4. Are you ready to invest time and money setting up your blog or website so it will get the results you want?

5. Are you a woman aged 35 or older?

That’s the big one.

I want to get more women on the internet and into blogging, especially all those women who don’t know anything about the internet and think they can’t do it.

That was me 16 years ago and do you know what? We can do it.

Let’s get it on.

Who’s Your Ideal Reader?

Now I have blog readers and lovely people leaving comments I can write with specific people in mind.


Every blog post I write I ask:

  • Is this what my dear readers need most right now?
  • How can I best help you?
  • What can I do to make the solution simpler.
  • How can I leave you feeling motivated, uplifted and inspired to put the tips into action?

But in the early days, when readers were few and far between, I imagined my ideal reader and created a mini profile about them.

How to Focus on Your Ideal Blog Reader

See that hot chick in the photo up top?

She’s actually a friend of mine (thanks Teresa!) but I’ve borrowed her image and created an imaginary persona for her as one of my ideal readers.

Here it is:

Name and Vital Stats: Kim, aged 36, married with two kids.

Why Kim reads my blog: She’s setting up Sunny Scoffing – foodie tours on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

More details: Kim has a background in catering but she wants to be her own boss and work better hours.

She’s spotted a gap in the tour market and, although she doesn’t know much about computers or technology, she reads several foodie blogs and is keen to try blogging.

Those final details are the juicy stuff that makes Kim a real person and someone I’d like to work with.

My ideal reader isn’t just a vague outline.

She’s someone I can relate to, with specific problems I can help solve and goals I can help her work towards.

That tight focus on my ideal reader is why this blog, my business and my income is growing and why I can confidently say that, if you focus on people first, then the rewards will naturally follow on from that.

Thanks to blogging, even though I may not have much of a nose for business, people are sniffing me out.

Do you know who your ideal reader is?

Please tell us a bit about them here to better help you focus on them next time you write a blog post.

As a bonus your comment should help you connect with some new readers too.

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