The Warrior Forum.


I spend 30 minutes every morning hopping back and forth between each site, sharing my thoughts on blogging and marketing, helping to solve problems. If I seem valuable, folks click my link in the bio header, visit Blogging From Paradise and I see more blog traffic.

The process is simple but new bloggers face a daunting obstacle; teacher anxiety.

If new to your blogging niche you may know little of the niche. Natural occurrence. Your job; learn about the niche to gain knowledge and confidence in teaching folks. Quora can be a helpful tool for gaining some knowledge on a wide variety of topics and Warrior helps bloggers and internet marketers. Beyond each site, following 1-2 pros from your blogging niche and feasting on their blog posts and premium offerings is the best way to learn so you can teach.

Be Generous

You get traffic by giving freely of your time and talents.

I’ve written 2,583 answers on Quora and have written 4.075 posts on the Warrior Forum. I do not hold back. Naturally, traffic is not held back from me.

Being generous is the cornerstone of all blogging success. Traffic flows freely to the generous blogger and flows little if at all to the stingy, miserly blogger trying to get something from every interaction.

I love helping folks. The more I help folks on each platform, the more folks visit my blog and read a post or 3 and dive into my premium offerings.

Great for Beginner Level Bloggers

Warrior and Quora are fab traffic building networks for newbie bloggers because few barriers to entry exist on each site. Anyone can set up a profile on both sites, getting up and running quickly. Then it’s up to you to learn your niche so you can turn around and answer questions, sharing your insight freely, to benefit folks and to drive traffic to your blog.

It takes some time for your writing skills to grow – through practice – and for your blogging friend network to grow through your generosity, so guest posting takes a minute for it to grow into a viable traffic driving strategy. Even blog commenting takes a while to pay dividends; many comments are moderated and it requires time and patience to craft traffic-driving and bond-building masterpieces that drive folks to your blog.

Sharing helpful answers on Quora and the Warrior Forum is a quick, simple way to share value and to drive traffic, provided you share helpful, somewhat meaty answers that satiate folk’s needs and solve their problems. This is why it’s smart to work the networks for at least 30 minutes daily, hopping back and forth between each site to serve folks and to expand your presence through these huge, engaged communities.

High Traffic Sites

The Warrior Forum is the biggest, highest traffic internet marketing site on earth.

Quora is a high traffic Q and A site with members hailing from all over the globe.

Tapping into this collective, massive network of members can lead to you driving steady traffic to your blog. Awesome deal. But to do so please revisit the tip I shared above; being generous.

Most bloggers answer 5 or 10 questions and hold back from answering more because they feel the time investment didn’t yield steady traffic returns. This is being stingy. The opposite of being generous.

Meanwhile, I have answered 7,000 plus questions between the 2 sites, and I only began working Quora a year back, and have taken a good 8 years off from Warrior during my 10 years online. That is called being generous. Which is why I drive traffic through each platform.


I am in New Zealand now but filmed a video in NYC a few months back explaining how to drive blog traffic through Quora.

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