Building an email list.

This had been a topic I had been discussing on this blog for few weeks now and I’ll still continue discussing it for few weeks more, if not months.

If that means one thing, it means that building an email list is crucial for your success online, or I wouldn’t have done it at all, right?

And this means I care about you, yeah, I really care about helping you build a blog that boosts your business by blogging the smart, simple way.

That said, let’s dive into this post.

Oh, and if you forgot to check previous posts, make sure to check them, especially the last one, because it’s related to this post.


Today’s tip:

in the latest post, the tip I discussed was creating a narrow-niche incentive.

If you didn’t  check that post, please stop reading this post and go check it first, everything in this post is based on what we covered in the latest post, so make sure to check it and then come back here.

So you finished it? Great.

In the post, I discussed with you why having an incentive is important to get more subscribers. I also discussed why it should be narrow-niche incentive.

After that, I showed you how to create it.

I just want to reinforce the point that it doesn’t need to be long. You just need to go narrower in your niche, 10-pages is more than enough.

Now, you finished writing the incentive, the question now is…

How to sell the incentive for your visitors?


Isn’t the incentive free?

Yes, it’s free, but again many other bloggers have incentives, some will even be like yours… you need to sell them the incentive to get them to subscribe.

Even, if they’re not buying it with money, they’re giving you their emails and that’s what you want. You need to sell them the incentive, that they enter their email address without thinking.

But how? How to sell the incentive for your visitors?

Well, the answer is very easy and simple.

Benefits not features.

Yes, when you create your landing page, it doesn’t need to be long, a few bullet points with benefits is enough. Don’t share features… Benefits sell, not features.

But what is the difference?

Here is an example of what features could look like:

  • it is 23 pages long
  • it has 4500 words
  • the sections include this, that and the other
  • etc.

But here is what benefits could look like:

  • guaranteed to change the way you look to blogging
  • 10 strategies that will help you make more money this year
  • an eBook that you can’t miss if you want to grow the traffic of your blog.

I think it’s obvious why benefits sell. People don’t know how long the ebook is or how many chapters in the book, all they need is how this ebook will help them, what change they’ll have after reading the ebook.

That’s it.

So start doing the work

If you’ve an incentive already, re edit your copy and think like you’re selling people to subscribe, show them the benefits and not the features.

If you don’t have an incentive already, create one, as I showed you in the previous post, and then apply the above technique.

It’s really simple, but it could help you boost your conversion rates.

So tell me, what are the benefits of your incentive, even if you didn’t create it, this will help you keep track of what you want to share in the ebook, so share it now below 😉