There are many components that go into a successful search engine optimization campaign. You have to consider internal factors, like whether you are using clean code, whether you have any broken links, and how quickly your pages load. That being said, most SEO professionals will tell you that external factors may play an even bigger role and that’s why building up backlinks can be so important. With ongoing changes at Google, Yahoo and Bing, this can prove even more difficult.

Rising up to the challenge is a service called SEO Content Network, or SCN for short. They have proven results with a number of clients, helping to elevate those websites to the top of the search engines for some increasingly competitive keywords and verticals. How do they do it?

It’s All About the Content

The fundamental idea behind SEO Content Network is a familiar one. They own a network of several hundred blogs and websites around the Internet, encapsulating a wide range of niches, industries and topic areas. They work to elevate the perceived value of these sites with interlinking, social proof and other techniques that should be reasonably familiar to many SEO professionals.


By signing up with SCN, you effectively gain access to this network of sites and you can have your articles published daily and automatically to these sites. In your articles, you can link back to your websites using your choice of anchor text, working to improve your search engine rankings by gaining all these backlinks.

The most important thing here is that the content being posted is relevant to the sites, as this improves the perceived value of the sites in the eyes of the search engines. Thus, the links on those sites will also gain in value and that’s how you can elevate your own sites to the top of the rankings.

Posting Daily Articles

It should be noted that while SEO Content Network allows you to publish your own articles, including rich content like images and video embeds, it does not provide you with the articles themselves. That part is completely up to you, though they do support spun text that you may generate from PLR content or whatever other sources you may have.


The actual posting process itself is very straightforward. After you sign up and log into your account, you can click on the Submit URL tab, enter your keyword(s) and target URL, select the number of blog posts and click submit. It’s that simple.

The number of articles that you can post each day and the number of sites where these links can appear will vary based on the plan that you choose. The cheapest option, Basic SEO, sells for $119/month and includes over 300 daily articles on 100 available sites. This gets as high as $997/month for the All Star SEO plan, which includes over 5,000 daily articles on 500 available sites. That works out to over 150,000 links each month!

Does It Work?

Whenever you are effectively buying links, there is a risk that you will get caught (and punished) by the search engines. That being said, customers of SCN have enjoyed considerable success with their services. You can check out the three sample analytics reports (PDF link) to gauge for yourself.

But You Can’t Sign Up?

Let’s say that you are completely convinced that you want to give SCN a try. Let’s say that you love how your links will stay on the network even if you quit, assuming that you stay subscribed for at least one full year. Let’s say that you have your payment information on hand and you’re ready to go. Well, there’s one small problem.


The signup process for the SEO Content Network is not automatic, even if the article posting is. When you click on any of the “sign up” links, you are greeted with a message that says SCN “only accepts a limited number of members.” You need to enter your contact information and then you’ll “be notified of openings” when they become available. I suppose this is one way they can ensure that the network remains viable and effective in what it aims to do.