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By: | Updated: May 14, 2021

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In 2021, sharing and visitor engagement play a huge role in your site’s ranking and monetization goals. Both of these directly impact the SEO of your website.

The idea is simple: the more shares or click-throughs, the better. They help to reduce your bounce rate and can even increase sales.

That’s why I love tools like AddThis because they are able to help keep visitors on your site longer and allow them to share your content quickly and easily on social networks.

What is AddThis?

AddThis is the largest social sharing button and content recommendation widget provider… but AddThis is more than just social sharing buttons.

They actually personalize your user’s experience by displaying sharing buttons based on what social sites that visitor frequents or shares to the most.

So, for example, the sharing buttons you see in the top right corner of this screen have been personalized just for you! This is how programmatic advertising platforms like Ezoic and deliver highly relevant ads to visitors.

This is a huge benefit because it gives less importance to the social sites that particular visitor might not care about, and higher importance to the ones they are active on — meaning a greater chance of them sharing your content!

It’s genius, really.

Their Tool Gallery is FULL of great free and premium tools that you can customize to suit your needs, but what I really want to talk to you about is their “Recommended Content” tools for Pro users. 

These are tools that let you customize “recommended content” boxes that pop up at the bottom or side of your site as a visitor is browsing. Just like the social sharing buttons, this content is personalized for your visitors.

What’s also cool about these widgets is that you can promote specific content.

Say you have a certain article that you want promoted in a timely manner — You can simply enter the URL of that post into your widget’s “Promote Content” page and have it appear site-wide in your Recommended Content box.

Your AddThis dashboard also holds valuable information. You are able to see which pages are getting the most shares, and which widgets are working for you.

Information like this can be used to enhance your visitor’s experience and even encourage you to create more similar posts to the ones that people like best. What blogger doesn’t want that kind of data!?

The best part about these widgets is that they can almost all be configured with just one piece of code. Yep, easy peasy!

You place one piece of code on your blog and you don’t have to worry about it because all of the other tools you add or customizations you make in the AddThis dashboard automatically update on your site.

If you haven’t set up social sharing widgets yet, I highly recommend you check out AddThis. They offer totally free tools, and if you love what you see, you can consider upgrading to Pro for more options! You can even test out their social sharing buttons below by sharing this post! 😉

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by Brett Helling
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