Blog commenting.

One of my favorite ways to increase blog traffic.

As we move forward in our series on boosting blog traffic I want to share a vastly ignored but super powerful way to drive traffic to your blog, like bees to honey.

Effective blog commenting builds friendships with other bloggers which leads to long term traffic, through cross-promotion. Sweet, right?

But short term, effective blog commenting helps you boost blog traffic as readers and fellow bloggers click on your link after you impressed the socks off of them with your blog comment.

I included a screen share of a recent comment I published on Tim Ferriss‘ rocking blog.

If you really want to drive blog traffic this comment gives you some clues into how to do it right.


Watch me explain this concept via a YouTube broadcast:


I wrote an in-depth eBook to help you build a successful blogging business through blog commenting. You can find it here:

How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

OK, on to the tips.


Personalize comments.

Stand out from the crowd of less mindful, hurried blog commentors.

I see a trend among new commentors these days; people are taking the personalizing note to heart, addressing their fellow blogger by name.

This is wonderful. No better way to lay the foundation for a fun blogging friendship than by using someone’s first name because your name is the best sounding word in your native tongue.

People may appreciate a meaty comment – next tip – but if you neglect to mention their name you missed a critical element that would have warmed the blogger’s cockles.

Get personal. In a good way. Mention your fellow blogger by name to really make the blog comment pop.

Write a Meaty Comment

Write a meaty, juicy, tasty comment.

Craft a mini guest post sized number to wow readers and to build friendships with top bloggers in your niche.

I think more like writing a post and less like writing a comment where I could pop out in 30 seconds.

Set aside 5 to 10 minutes to write something memorable. This is the foundation, the fundamental, of writing a traffic building comment.

Offer value. Become valuable.

I live by this blog commenting mantra. By sharing my thoughts on a topic I add value to the post, I make friends and I drive traffic through the know-how I shared via the blog comment.

Seize this underutilized traffic-driving strategy by making each comment count.

Set your timer. Relax. Let your thoughts flow.

Just make sure to stay on topic and to note a point made in the post to really make your blog comment pop.

Be Polite

Be polite.

If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything.

Find a point of agreement. Nobody wants to read comments from a trouble maker or fighter because if you take time to disagree via a big comment you show your lack of clarity, or weakness, which is an unattractive trait.

Agree on some point made in the post. Flesh out the point via that meaty comment we noted above.

Thank the blogger for sharing their wisdom. Then…..sign off.

Sign Off

Sign off with your name. Add a personal touch to your blog comments.

Doing so helps readers get to know you, via your doubling up. Meaning you share your name both through the comment link aka name field for the comment and via your sign off.

Make friends more easily and become memorable in the eyes of blog readers. Sign off with your name.

Your Turn

How are you increasing your blog traffic through commenting?

What tips can you add to this list?