As I said in my latest post How to increase your Email Subscribers Rate? Part 1 that money is in the list.

Having a huge number of email subscribers, who are highly engaged, is the key to building your multi six figure business online.

Go and ask Brian Clark of CopyBlogger, Darren Rowse of Problogger and all the top bloggers out there.

But the hardest part is getting your subscribers.

That’s the main thing that I am going to cover in this series.

Here are more tips to increase your email optin rates.

So continue reading.

1- Why don’t you have more than an optin form?

Many people think that they only need to place their optin form only in the sidebar and after the post.

Why don’t you add it in other places?

As I showed in the first part that you can add the feature box. Derek had said that the feature box is converting more than the sidebar actually 10%.

So give your readers more options.

Just make it attractive.

And don’t worry about your old subscribers, they will become blind to these optins, they will only care about your content that you’ll provide to them.

So don’t worry, just place them in the right places.

2- Use popups, but only high quality ones:

Popups seems annoying.

But to your surprise that most of the marketers are using it. Just because they know it’s importance and that it get them good results.

People like Derek Halpern, Neil Patel, Darren Rowse on his DPS blog and many others.

They are getting good results using it. So make sure to try it.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your popup optin form:

  • Choose high attractive design and don’t make it seems like an ad. You can check PopUpDomination to create your popup easily. Or you can just have Hybrid Connect and you will be able to design your other optin forms also.
  • Care about the benefits not about the features.
  • Don’t make it appear just after they land on your blog. Wait for some time and then make it popup so they know some of what you can provide to them.

If you’re still afraid that it drives people away from your site then here’s what you should do.

Place a one that follows the above tips. Compare the increase in subscribers rate and the bounce rate. If you’re not satisfied with the results, then remove it. But I am sure you will.

3- Use HelloBar to get people’s attention directly:

Did you see the top bar at the top of some blogs like ProBlogger?

I am sure they got your attention and maybe you’ve bought one of Darren’s book because of it.

Darren Rowse was using it on his blog for more than a year. He was promoting his ebook Blog Wise through it at the beginning. After that he was promoting his ebook page.

Then he started to capture emails using it.

Now, he have his custom one. He is promoting his ebooks section and also asking for subscribers.

If it wasn’t effective, why would he use it until now?

So create one in HelloBar, it’s free. You can also update to the pro version. But try it now. I am sure it’s going to lift your subscribers rate.

Last Words:

Now, you have another 3 tips. Go and apply them and make sure that you applied the previous tips. I am sure this is going to increase your conversions.

And the best thing is that I am going to share with you more tips in the next posts to increase your subscribers rate more and more.

Share your comments now with any tip you have. I may include it in my next posts.