The name of the game on the Internet is the same as it has always been. It’s just the specific machinations of it all that has changed over time. If you have content on the web, you probably want to get as many people to see that content as possible. If you have a website with the goal of making money from it, you probably want to figure out the best advertising and monetization opportunities available.

In the last few years, “native advertising” has taken over the web with what have come to be known as content recommendations. And “reimagining” this whole construct is Revcontent, a network that dares you to rethink what is possible and imagine what’s next.

The Premium Content Discovery Network

You’ve likely noticed that many top websites these days feature some variation of a widget, either below the content or off in the sidebar, that “recommends” content on other websites. That’s one of the modern forms of native advertising and, in short, it’s what Revcontent is all about.


As a publisher, you are presented with the opportunity to work with Revcontent to monetize the articles and other web content you already have published on your websites. The widgets, which we will explore more in depth in just a moment, come in a variety of styles that all aim to deliver a positive user experience where everyone wins.

But Revcontent isn’t just another native network. It prides itself in not being a cookie cutter duplicate of the others and this comes down to what they call the Revcontent Manifesto. There are four main tenets to this manifesto and a positive user experience is one of them. They also believe relationships are built on trust, both with publishers and advertisers. The end result is performance you can trust and a partnership where everyone benefits.

The Combined User Dashboard

Rather than signing up separately as a publisher and as an advertiser, you get a single unified account with Revcontent where you can manage both sides of your online business.


Logging into the back-end, you are presented with a clean dashboard that is simple in its approach yet powerful in its utility. It looks like you’re just on any other part of the website, for the most part, so there’s no real intimidation factor.

You’ll notice that both sides of the content discovery (or native advertising, if you prefer) are suitably represented and clearly segregated here. As a publisher, you can click on “site widgets” at the top to create your widgets, read the main content about monetizing your audience on the left, and contact your publisher representative using the information on the left.

Following down the right side, you can click on “campaign boosts” to promote your content, read about how to boost your content with the information on the right, and get in touch with your advertiser representative using that contact information on the right too. It’s all very clear and easy to follow. Account settings are accessed by clicking on your username in the top-right corner. That’s where you can manage how to pay for your campaign boosts, as well as how you’ll get paid for your widget implementation.

In addition to general audience and site-based targeting, Revcontent also uses Interest Targeting to improve ROI and engagement for both advertisers, content creators and the end user. To see a visual process of how this works, be sure to check out this short video below.

Monetize Your Website with Widgets

Remember that a big goal of Revcontent is to provide your site visitors with a positive user experience and this is reflected in the design of the site widgets. They’re meant both to integrate into site design seamlessly and to stand out enough to get the attention of visitors.


In all cases, you can expect to get a fully responsive widget that is easily inserted by copying and pasting the ad code into your site’s template. As you can see above, Revcontent currently offers eight different layouts, including an API where you can create a fully customized experience for your users. The widgets can include pictures, link lists, hover blocks and combinations thereof.

Revcontent says that you can create “a truly native look and feel for your users” with widgets that naturally adapt no matter what device your visitors are using. There are in-stream/gallery implementations you can apply, as well as industry-first technology like infinite scroll. This is a great way to maximize your monetization potential, ensuring that your performance will be king.


Remember the Revcontent Manifesto? The first tenet is stated as such: “We believe every site is not created equal.” This also means that not every publisher is going to be approved to implement widgets onto their sites. Revcontent, while not being specific in its traffic requirements, does state that they “are rigorous in our discipline on site quality” and over 98% of sites that apply will be denied.

If you are not sure why your widget approval was denied, you are encouraged to contact publisher support for more information. If you are approved, however, you can expect to receive “industry-leading returns” with RPMs as high as $40. That’s pretty impressive.

Campaign Boost on the Big Sites

When you flip the switch and put on your advertiser hat, you can expect a similar level of rigor and performance. Creating what they call a “campaign boost” effectively consists of two main steps.

First, you define the campaign specifications, like your default CPC, whether your placement should optimize for engagement or CPA ROI, and the audience that you would like to target. You can focus in based on topic, country, device and language. After that, you populate your campaign boost with your content.


What’s really handy here is that if you provide the domain for the site you would like to promote, Revcontent can automatically recommend the content that it thinks should be boosted. You can add as many or as few pages as you’d like, searching for existing content by headline or URL.

Once your campaign boost has been approved, you’ll be able to monitor its performance, tracking the average position, impressions, clicks, conversions, click-thru rate, average CPC, cost, return, and profit.

Traffic Is a Two-Way Street

Priding itself as the world’s fastest growing content recommendation network, Revcontent has a lot to offer to publishers and advertisers alike. With such huge names on board as Forbes, Newsweek, Reuters, The Motley Fool,, Lexus, Walmart, AllState, Lending Tree and Diply, you will be among good company when you sign up with Revcontent.

This is a quality and performance driven premium network that offers full transparency and control at your fingertips, whether you’re monetizing your traffic or promoting your content.