Unless you’re a celebrity that receives up to a million new followers a day, there’s a good chance that you’re wondering how you can increase your followers on twitter.

The best way to get more followers on twitter is to tweet! As simple as this may seem, a variety of studies have shown the more you tweet the more followers you will gain. By tweeting, you should post every single day, whether it’s a picture, a quote, a retweet, or the status you put on your Facebook or other social media site. The more you tweet, the more visible you are, and in turn, you will increase your twitter followers. How To Increase Twitter Followers

When you sign up for twitter you will be able to link your email and other social media sites as well. Use this to your advantage and start following people you know through these links. It is much easier to be followed by people you know initially, until you have developed a strong twitter presence. To maximize your twitter followers, go see who your friends and followers are following.

Use your interests to search and follow others with similar interests. For instance, if you enjoy photography, search for this topic and follow as many as you can. You will increase your twitter followers instantly by following users with the same interest as you.

Increase Twitter Followers

One way to increase your followers on twitter should be a simple one but it is often overlooked. Twitter is a social media site that survives off interactions. Therefore, don’t stop at just following others. Interact with them on a regular basis. Of course you’re wondering what you say to them. Look at what they have commented on and status’ and pictures they have posted and start a conversation. Their followers will see this interaction and you will receive even more followers. Also, another way to maximize your twitter followers is by participating in Follow Friday or more commonly known as #FF. This is a time when you help promote the profiles of your followers. Start with the most recent ones that have followed you and mention as many as possible on those Friday’s. In turn, the one’s you mention will also participate and mention you, resulting in more people following you.

Twitter is a very fun and engaging social media site and there is no reason if you follow the steps above that you can’t be raking in the followers every day.