InfiniteWP WordPress Plugin Review

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Do you run multiple WordPress sites and spend precious time managing them rather than on more productive stuff? Do you update and install new plugins and themes on numerous sites? The whole process can quickly turn into utter chaos as the number of sites increase. Right?
Worry not. InfiniteWP is here to help you out.
InfiniteWP is a new web-app that you can download and install on your own server. You can manage multiple installations of WordPress across different domains and/or servers, from a single master login (no more passwords to remember.. phew!). You can also apply available updates, activate and deactivate plugins and themes based on individual sites, backup and restore sites; all using the single master login.
And did I mention that its free to download and use? Though the main product is free, there are some interesting premium addons lined up for release soon.
InfiniteWP has a simple, neat and highly usable interface. Let’s take a look.
(For a first hand look, you can Take the tour)
The “W” Start button.

This houses all the WordPress sites that have been added to the panel. I really liked this feature because I was able to access the WP admin panels without leaving the app. Makes it really convenient.


As soon as I added my WP sites to the panel, all available updates started showing up here and I updated them all with the “Update All” button though there is an option to update plugins on a particular site or a plugin on all sites.

Plugins & Themes

This is a real time saver. You can install plugins and themes on multiple sites at once from the in-built WP repository search or also upload them from your computer or from a url. You can also activate and deactivate them on multiple sites simultaneously.

Backup & Restore

Backup all your sites with an option to include the files and the database or the database alone. There is also an option to include or exclude files and folders.
If you are managing many WordPress sites, you should definitely give this a try. In addition to these free features, there are also a few premium addons like WordPress Install/Clone, Scheduled Backups, Backup to Amazon S3 & Dropbox etc. that are due to release soon.
They have a support forum where you can contact them if you need help.

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