Inmotion Hosting Review

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The general opinion among hosting industry professionals who write any InMotion Hosting Review is that InMotion hosting provides top notch service to its many clients. They are able to provide this quality service because of the efficient servers and the hosting plans they offer. InMotion hosting is especially suited to large size businesses, and what follows gives you a good idea of the features and resources they offer:


  • Uptime server Guarantee of 99.9%
  • CPanel Provides Easy Control
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support

There has been some talk that InMotion has some issues with its sales chat system, and we do not free that is a major problem that we should dwell on or prevent anyone from experiencing the wonderful quality service the host has to offer. Several Upgrade Options Available Free Site Builder Spam and Email Protection.

We at Daily Hosting will look into these complaints to see how the host is progressing with a resolution.

Current InMotion Rates

  • $5.95 monthly for two years
  • $6.95 monthly for one year

InMotion Hosting Review

We are in agreement with the reviews given by many of the hosting industry’s reputable professionals. They have stated again and again that InMotion hosting is a very reliable hosting provider and possibly the most in demand host online today.

InMotion receives its rave reviews for several reasons and what follows gives information on some of them:

Affordable Hosting Charges – (InMotion Review)

The technical support the host offers to its clients has an advanced quality to it that is not available from any other hosting company online.

The hosting rates of InMotion vary from $3.00 a month to $6.95.

They provide hosting plans for businesses that include unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

InMotion Data Centers (InMotion Review)

Much like Google that has its own data centers that allows that company to successfully utilize its databases to index websites according to the value their websites provide, InMotion also uses its own data centers to help the host maintain its own databases.

Green Hosting (InMotion Hosting Review)

InMotion has embraced the going green movement as have a number of other organizations today. Clients are looking towards those hosts who are involved in green technology, and it only makes good business sense for InMotion to get involved also.

Free Website Builder

Here InMotion scores high marks for providing a top of the line free site builder product. The site builder is very easy to use even by someone who is not very technically inclined. It creates websites that have a professional look to them and it has become a popular feature among all its offerings.

The host has even become known well known by its business clients because of that one feature in its hosting plan. So any business owner looking to design a fast website without paying an arm and a leg for it, the website builder by InMotions will do the trick.

It just goes to show that with a few good tools and a little persistent, you can create your own great looking website.

Overall when we attempt to sum up InMotion as a hosting company, we think of their website builder that creates amazing websites, they application of green technology, and their own powerful data centers.

InMotion will make the perfect web host choice if you are in the market for affordable prices, and reliable hosting services.

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