InMotion vs SiteGround: A Comparison Review for Bloggers

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Before you can start your blog, there are a few technical steps to take care of first. One of these is to find a name for your blog. Once you have a name, it’s time to invest in web hosting so that you can build your blog and launch it to the world.
It can be tough to work out which web hosting company is the right one for you. There are hundreds out there, all with different offers to attract you to sign up with them. Here at StartABlog123 we’ve created a collection of comparison reviews to help you understand the features and how each web hosting company performs against another.

InMotion vs SiteGround

In this review, we compare InMotion and SiteGround — two popular, long-standing hosting companies which are focused on delivering a high quality premium service at an affordable price.
We’ll compare the two companies on three different key areas — performance and reliability, plans and pricing, and customer support — followed by a summary designed to help you choose between them.
Here are our thoughts on the hosting battle between InMotion vs SiteGround.

Performance and Reliability

When it comes to your website, you want it to be online, always available, and quick to load. The reliability of your hosting company and its servers is key — a website that doesn’t load or loads slowly can be off-putting for visitors.
In this section we compare the reliability and performance of InMotion and SiteGround.

Data Centers and Technology

InMotion and SiteGround are both U.S.-based companies, with data centers located in the U.S. SiteGround has additional data centers across Europe and Singapore, which can be attractive if your target audience is located in these areas. If you can, opt for a host which has a data center close to your audience — this can mean that your blog loads slightly faster for your readers.
Both SiteGround and InMotion offer high quality hosting, with data stored on SSD drives for faster and more reliable performance. This is something that’s included for free within your hosting package, making it a more attractive offer compared to a web host which doesn’t offer this faster technology.
InMotion hosting customers can take advantage of an additional technology designed to speed up your website or blog, known as Max Speed Zone. This is available on their VPS hosting and Business Class plans only, starting at close to $29 and $7 per month, respectively.


One of the most important reliability factors for web hosting companies is uptime. This refers to the amount of time that the server is online, and therefore the time that your blog is available for people to access.
Most web hosting companies offer an uptime guarantee, as they recognize how essential it is to keep their customers’ websites online. InMotion and SiteGround both offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, giving you peace of mind that they care about the reliability of their service. In testing, both companies have a similar uptime score — which is great news.

Page Speed

Another key performance factor for web hosts is speed, specifically page speed. This refers to how quickly your website is displayed to visitors and it has been proven to matter — research suggests that 53 percent of people will leave a webpage if it takes longer than three seconds to load.
In test conditions set up by other bloggers, InMotion scored a page loading speed of 1.7 seconds. SiteGround scored very similar results, loading in 1.68 seconds. These are great response time scores and mean that either web hosting company won’t let you down when it comes to speed.
InMotion vs SiteGround: A Comparison Review for Bloggers

Packages and Pricing

After comparing InMotion and SiteGround on their reliability and performance, you can see that they both offer a similar high-quality service.
Although both web hosts are affordable, there are some differences in their pricing and the packages that they offer. In this section we’ll take a look at the different web hosting products you can choose from, which type of hosting we recommend for bloggers, and where the two companies are different.

Variety of Hosting Plans

Both InMotion and SiteGround have a range of web hosting solutions for bloggers and business owners of all sizes.
For most bloggers, the entry level plan with any web hosting company should give you enough space and functionality to launch your blog and keep it running smoothly. For larger or more established blogs, you may want to consider a higher level hosting plan — like dedicated server or virtual private server (VPS) hosting, both of which offer additional stability and greater storage space.
Both web hosting providers also offer a Managed WordPress hosting solution. This is similar to the affordable shared web hosting we cover in more detail below, but has the added benefit of done-for-you automatic updates. This is a great option if you don’t want to get involved in the technical side of running a blog.

Affordable Web Hosting

SiteGround and InMotion are both affordable web hosts, so you can start a blog today for under $10 per month. That’s an exciting prospect, especially if you’re on a budget.
Let’s compare the entry-level and most affordable plans from InMotion and SiteGround.
InMotion’s most affordable plan is “Launch,” part of their Business Hosting suite of plans. With this plan you’ll get a free domain, the ability to host two websites, and unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email. You’ll also get free a free SSL Certificate thrown in, which is essential for bloggers who want their audience to feel secure knowing that their data is safe. The Launch plan is currently available for $6.39 per month.
SiteGround’s most affordable hosting plan is “StartUp.” This plan allows you to host one website, with 10GB of disk space and unmetered traffic. This plan also includes free SSL, thanks to Let’s Encrypt — a popular SSL certificate solution. The StartUp plan is currently discounted at $3.95 per month (usually $11.95 per month).
While the SiteGround plan is heavily discounted it doesn’t have the same level of flexibility as the comparable plan from InMotion. With all of the plans above you’ll need to sign up for a year or more, and pay for your services yearly.

What’s Included

The entry level plans from both SiteGround and InMotion offer a great starting point for your blog. They come with all the functionality and features you need to build a successful blog — including a content management system, email management, and admin access.
Most importantly, both web hosting companies offer our favored content management system (CMS) for bloggers — WordPress. It’s easy to install WordPress with both InMotion and SiteGround, and you can do this within a few clicks. If WordPress isn’t for you, don’t fear — you can also easily install an alternative like Joomla.
While we always recommend a fully-featured content management system for bloggers, both hosting companies also offer a free website builder.
Both web hosting services offer the same standard features on their shared hosting plans, like admin access through cPanel control panel, the ability to create backups, email accounts, and more.
InMotion vs SiteGround: Comparison Review for Bloggers


So far, so good — both SiteGround and InMotion score highly in the services that they offer. But what happens when something goes wrong? A good web hosting company has a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service and technical support team, ready to help you with your website if you need them.
In this section we take a look at the customer support and technical support for both hosting companies, and also whether they offer a money-back guarantee.

Customer Service and Tech Support

Like all great web hosts, InMotion and SiteGround both offer comprehensive customer and technical support. You can get in touch with a support team member quickly and easily, often 24/7, in a way that suits you.
InMotion offers customer support through live chat, phone, support tickets, email, and a customer support forum. There’s also a huge range of tutorials, video guides, resources, and a knowledgebase full of information and how-to guides.
SiteGround also offers a great range of customer support options. You can hop onto live chat, raise a support ticket, or reach the support team by phone. There’s also a range of tutorials, webinars, and helpful guides on technical issues and troubleshooting.
SiteGround also features a profile on each of their support team members on their website, so you can get to know the person who is helping with your query. This is a nice touch, and really brings that person-to-person aspect into the customer support journey.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantees are a popular feature with web hosting service providers. Investing in a web host can feel like a big commitment, especially if you sign up for a year or more in advance. To help alleviate any fears, hosting companies offer these guarantees so that you can go elsewhere if the service doesn’t meet your expectations.
InMotion and SiteGround both currently offer a money-back guarantee. SiteGround’s money-back guarantee is limited to 30 days, which is standard for web hosts, and applies to all shared hosting plans. InMotion customers who sign up for one of the specified plans for six months or longer can enjoy a 90-day money-back guarantee, an industry leading scheme that beats the competition. This extended guarantee may be enough to encourage you to try InMotion’s services over SiteGround or another provider.

Which Should You Choose In the InMotion vs SiteGround Battle?

With both companies offering a high quality service at a similar price and with similar levels of support, they are on an even playing field. This can make deciding between them more difficult, and come down to a feature or two that you may prefer.
Here we’ve shared some of the highlights from both companies to help you decide which is the right web hosting company for your blog.

Reasons to Choose InMotion

InMotion could be the best choice for you if you want to:

  • Take advantage of their Max Speed Zone service, which can make your website and email up to six times faster
  • Host more than one blog on the starter plan
  • Make the most of unlimited storage space and unlimited email storage
  • Have the security of a longer money-back guarantee period

Reasons to Choose SiteGround

SiteGround may be the best web host for you if you want to:

  • Pay less per month for the first period, as it’s highly discounted
  • Go with a web host that is larger, more well known, and with cutting edge features
  • Pay monthly, which is available on cloud hosting and dedicated server plans
  • Migrate an existing blog to a new web host for free (available on GrowBig and GoGeek)

Alternatives to InMotion and SiteGround

If you’ve decided that neither InMotion or SiteGround are the web host for you, you might be interested in our comparison reviews of other hosting companies. In these web hosting reviews we compare two hosts and their features to help you find the right host for your blog.
Browse our web hosting comparisons including: SiteGround vs Bluehost, Namecheap vs GoDaddy, Bluehost vs GoDaddy, and Bluehost vs HostGator.

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