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How To Create Instagram Collab Posts & How It Helps Your Brand

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The new Collab tool on Instagram has made working together much easier and smoother for everyone, whether they are content producers or company owners.

Now, Instagram users can quickly and easily co-author Feed posts and Reels. Creators and companies are now more discoverable than ever, thanks to the inclusion of both usernames in the post header.

This post will cover how to create an Instagram collab post, its benefits, and tips to get the most out of it.

What Is A Instagram Collab Post?

An Instagram Collab post is a unique way of Instagram marketing that makes use of a single, jointly made Feed Post or Reel that simultaneously appears on two different profiles.

A single individual publishes the article and asks a second person to contribute. When they agree, both accounts share the post and all its comments, likes, and shares.

Remember that you can only have one other collaborator in each post in addition to yourself.

How To Create Instagram Collab Posts + Reels?

Instagram collabs are quite simple to implement and can help your company significantly.

Are you prepared to use this function for yourself? Start by performing the following easy steps:

Step One: Choose the photo or photos you wish to use for your Collab post first.

Step Two: Once you’ve chosen them, choose the next option to view your post settings.

IMG 7747

Step Three: Click “Invite Collaborator” after selecting “Tag Persons.”

IMG 7749

Step Four: Next, look up the user with whom you wish to collaborate.

Step Five: After choosing them, click the checkbox to confirm.

Similar to Feed postings, collaboration on Reels uses the Reels tab rather than the standard post tab for posting.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the Instagram Collab tool for Reels:

Step One: Record and edit your Reel as usual.

Step Two: Make sure you’re satisfied with your Selection by choosing preview.

Step Three: Choose “Tag People” from the sharing menu by tapping Next.

IMG 7751
IMG 7752

Step Four: Choose the person you wish to tag by clicking “Invite Collaborator.”

IMG 7753

Step Five: When finished, publish your Reel and tick the box to confirm your collaboration. Your collaborators will be notified when your post has been published and can choose whether to accept or reject your invitation.

How To Approve A Collaboration On Instagram

You cannot collaborate on a post another user creates until you accept their request.

This is what you need to do:

Step One: You will receive a request from someone asking to work with you on a feed post or Reel in your DMs.

Step Two: It’s just a matter of pressing “Accept” to share the material with both of your audiences.

Tips For Creating Instagram Collab Posts

You will learn tips to make Instagram collab posts in this part and maximize collaborations for your brand.

Sync Up With Content Producers and Influencers

Collabs posts are a terrific method to synchronize your brand’s Instagram presence with the influencers who are supporting you.

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular among social media marketers since 2019.

In order to emphasize this crucial aspect of your marketing efforts, use Instagram Collab posts.

IMG 7762

Please keep in mind that Instagram Collabs do not substitute for a branded content designation.

Even if your creator account makes use of the branded partners option, you must still clearly identify your sponsors in order to comply with advertising laws.

Make Instagram Collab Posts With Other Brands

Instagram Collab posts naturally fit brand collaborations.

Through group promotions, two brands can combine their resources.

This gives them a wider audience than any one marketing campaign could ever hope to achieve.

IMG 7760

Collaborations between related brands can enhance the appeal of your freebies and prizes.

See your engagement grow when you pair your product with a related brand. Make sure you and your collaborator are as visible as possible by using Instagram Collabs.

Additionally, you can work together across all facets of your brand’s online presence.

Collab Posts Should Mention Contest Winners

Include Instagram contest winners in your Feed to convert user engagement into the content.

Promote participation by demonstrating that actual people are winning your contests. Connect with the individuals who want your goods by tagging contest winners in a Collabs post.

Bring Attention To User-Generated Material

Social marketing already heavily relies on user-generated content. Collabs elevates the benefits it offers to a new level.

Trust-building with your audience is essential for effective social marketing. Gaining that trust is made possible by the appearance of authenticity that posting user-generated content gives.

IMG 7756

When your audience produces material for you, give them credit to increase the content’s credibility with other users, and it encourages interaction as well.

Who wouldn’t want their favorite company to mention them?

The Advantages Of Collaborative Instagram Posts

With the help of the Instagram Collab tool, you can collaborate with another company or creator to share your content with their audiences as well.

Collaborative posts are a quick and effective approach to increasing the audience for your material, which can result in the following advantages:

Increase Your Level Of Engagement

You’re more likely to receive more likes, comments, saves, and shares when your post is sent to two different audiences. This is a wonderful strategy that maximizes content interactions and raises engagement.

IMG 7757

Instagram’s algorithm is now more likely to promote you by increasing the visibility of your other posts and accounts when it notices greater engagement on your profile.

In conclusion, utilizing the Instagram collab function is a tried-and-true method of raising engagement, increasing your work’s visibility, and attracting potential clients’ attention.

Promotes Greater Brand Transparency

When you enter into a collaboration, especially when a brand or influencer uses influencer marketing, sponsored content, or paid advertisements, your audience wants to know.

Instagram followers may quickly learn whose accounts you are collaborating with by seeing your Instagram Collab posts.

IMG 7755

This openness is essential to winning over your audience’s trust, particularly if you or your collaborator received payment to write this collaborative piece.

You may inform your audience of how you create content even before they tap into your post to discover who is tagged and whether this is a paid advertisement by clearly labeling your partnership posts.

Expand Your Audience

You effectively reach your collaborator’s audience as well as your own by using Instagram collaborations.

This can significantly increase the level of engagement from your audience and enhance your visibility, allowing more people to see your profile.

IMG 7759

Also, you won’t have to spend money on paid social media marketing. You’ll be able to get a significant return from your collaborative content while working with other accounts on quality material and without going overboard with your marketing expenses.

Keep Your Posts Unique

Instagram collabs posts can help you make fewer duplicate posts while working on a project with a collaborator, such as an influencer or another content provider.

When two users publish identical images or Reels, they effectively compete with one another for more views.

With Instagram collaboration posts, both parties get all the interaction—likes, comments, shares, and saves—in a single post.

The reporting process is simplified as a result, and you can instantly check how your posts are performing without having to ask your collaborators for metrics.

Because the Instagram algorithm won’t identify your material as duplicate, you’ll also keep the Instagram mods happy.

Get More Subscribers

It’s common knowledge that it’s much easier to trust someone you already know, like, and trust

when they give their recommendation.

People are considerably more likely to open on your profile and press the “follow” button when you appear in their feeds with the official endorsement of a brand, or creative they are currently following than if you merely appeared at random on their Explore page.

Building credibility and trust is only one of several strategies for increasing your Instagram following.

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Wrapping Up

The expanding creative economy depends heavily on collaborative posts.

Instagram’s Collab function will save you time and is incredibly useful, whether you’re pushing a YouTube collab video, a fresh design collab, or praising a company you love.

Brands need to reconsider their social media strategies as these alliances take center stage in social media strategy.

We hope this post inspired and provided you with some ideas for incorporating Instagram Collab posts into your social media marketing plan.

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