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Why You Should Be Using Instagram DMs To Boost Your Business

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Direct messages sent between Instagram users, either individually or in groups, are known as “Instagram DMs.”

Buyers, brand partners, influencers, and everyone in between may all be reached personally through this method of communication.

Making certain people feel seen and supported is one way that Instagram’s messaging tool, when used effectively, may help your brand forge deep bonds with your customers.

In this article, we will show you how to make the most of your Instagram DMs, scale your brand and reach more people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe to DM Someone On Instagram?

End-to-end encryption ensures that your messages and calls are secure from the time they leave your device until the recipient’s device receives them.

Nobody, even Facebook, can see or hear what is delivered or discussed during this delivery.

Is an Instagram DM Private?

Using the platform, you can interact openly and securely with subscribers, mutual users, and other Instagram users.

The app has a private messaging option that you can use without following or being followed by the other user, and only the receivers can see these messages.

Does Instagram DM Always Show Seen?

The fact is that read receipts on Instagram cannot be turned off.

The sender will be informed if you choose to read a direct message or a message request, and the recipient will be informed as well.

Can Someone See My DM If They Don’t Follow Me?

Sending a message to someone who isn’t following you will show up in their inbox as a request.

Your message will get in the recipient’s inbox if you send it to an individual who does not follow you but has included you in their friend list.

What Is Instagram DM?

Users can communicate with one another inside the Instagram app using the free DM feature.

Although Instagram being present since 2010, private messaging wasn’t made possible until December 2013, when the platform’s direct messaging feature was released.

To interact with another user, you must either comment on their images or tag them in a comment on some other image. Sending messages, photographs, links, clips, stories, and updates via DM is now possible.

How Can I Respond To Instagram Messages?

Knowing how to use Instagram DMs is one of the important parts of using Instagram.

The Instagram mobile app makes it simple to send and receive DMs.

Start interacting with followers and clients by following these steps:

The first step is to launch the Instagram app on your phone and select the paper plane or messenger icon in the upper right corner of your feed.

IMG 7735

Whether or not you’ve changed your Instagram account to link with Facebook’s Messenger determines whether or not the messages icon displays there.

You’ll see the paper airplane if you haven’t linked your Instagram account to Facebook Messenger. You can access all of your conversations in the Direct Messages tab.

IMG 7736

The list will start with any unread, direct messages at the top.

IMG 7737

To reply to an unread message, tap on it and use the Messaging bar.

IMG 7738

You can also send anything through a DM directly from the app if you choose.

Sending posts, reels, or stories to another person or brand is possible through direct messages.

To send a text to another person in a private message, click the messenger button when you see it. Your forwarded content will show up in the recipient’s Direct Messages tab.

How Can I Remove Instagram DMs?

How do you erase conversations and messages from Instagram? In reality, it is rather simple! Open your Instagram DM first.

The next steps depend on what you want to delete from your Instagram DM inbox and how much you want to delete.

IMG 7739

Let’s say you accidentally sent a message, or it has numerous mistakes, and you want to retract it.

You would only need to tap and hold the message to delete it, followed by the “Unsend” option.

IMG 7740

The “Unsend” option really deletes the message for both you and your receiver, making it appear as though it never even appeared.

In fact, if luck is on your side, you may be able to cancel a message even before the intended recipient reads it.

Instagram Messenger allows you to delete whole chats instantly. This implies that instead of having to delete messages individually, you will only need to do it once for each conversation.

That takes less time than having to delete each message individually. You are just going to remove your copy of the chat; the other party will still be capable of viewing their copy.

What Makes Instagram DMs A Good Business Tool?

Instagram’s direct messaging function is much more than meets the eye.

There is much more you can do for your businesses with Instagram than merely posting or uploading videos.

In the US, businesses already use Instagram to increase their clientele and reach by over 71%.

Do you want to know how to expand your brand on Instagram with direct messaging? See how it can assist you in achieving your business objectives by reading on.

1. Create Relationships With Customers

You can listen to feedback from your customers effectively via Instagram DM.

And when you answer, it shows them you care and is paying attention.

Now that is a relationship-building activity.

Every great business opportunity or cooperation is just a message away on Instagram because it is full of creative people and businesses.

So, it would be better if you proactively established contacts via DM and swiftly answered inquiries from others.

2. Provide Customer Services

Customers can conveniently contact businesses via Instagram DM to voice their concerns and ask questions.

They might be curious about the new product you just released or think the service technician you sent was not very competent.

It’s possible that they are unable to get through to your phone support team or that they just find Instagram to be more appealing, especially if they spend a lot of time there.

Being active on Instagram can help you improve your customer service skills.

In the long run, it increases customer loyalty and retention and makes it easier to answer questions quickly in informal settings rather than having to write lengthy emails.

3. Conversion and Lead Generation

To continue generating more and higher-quality leads, you must be proactive in communicating with your loyal supporters.

Their willingness to offer you business increases as you show them how much you value them.

Influencer marketing is a different avenue for generating revenue that is rising in popularity.

Instagram has a large number of influencers in many different fields.

Simply look for someone who is a member of your market and has a temperament compatible with your company.

The Instagram DM feature creates a direct communication channel between marketers and influencers.

Influencers frequently display messages like “DM for collaboration” and other similar phrases in their profiles as invitations to brands to collaborate.

4. Expand Your Industry’s Network

Those running multimillion dollar enterprises or attempting to launch new operations can be found in large numbers on Instagram.

Like-minded individuals can connect on Instagram and assist one another along the way.

Individuals that operate in related industries frequently follow one another, form friendships through private messages, and work together to share and support one another’s projects.

It gives them a forum to address challenges they face frequently and come up with innovative solutions.

Hence, if you find yourself in a bind, you can utilize Instagram to network with people in your sector who can impart their knowledge to you.

5. Increasing Client Loyalty

Instagram DM assists you in cultivating a devoted client base that sticks by you through thick and thin, from delivering more precise and faster support to recognizing fans.

You are on the correct path if folks can message you just as readily as they can message a buddy.

The only thing left to do is give the value they anticipate while responding swiftly and sympathetically.

Create experiences they won’t forget if you don’t want them to forget about you.

Customer satisfaction with a firm determines 95% of customers’ loyalty to it.

6. Engaging With Instagram Stories

With over 500 million users daily, Instagram stories are one of the most widely used platforms for connecting with potential clients.

People are more likely to interact and reply when you include a clear CTA in your Instagram stories.

Such replies are delivered to your DM inbox.

Instagram DM, therefore, enhances your Instagram stories approach and facilitates contact between you and your client.

Guidelines For Sending And Answering Instagram DMs

One of the best ways to use Instagram for business is by interacting with your followers and answering their direct messages.

Here are some crucial suggestions to bear in mind before you start communicating via Instagram DMs.

Enable Instagram DM Notifications

You must be active to engage your fans and keep them interested in your brand.

But you need to be made aware that messages are being sent to you in the first place to be responsive.

Starting by constantly checking your DMs is a smart idea, but you should also set up notifications to ensure that you are aware of all new Instagram DMs your account receives.

IMG 7741

Make sure the From Primary and Requests checkbox is selected under Messages in Settings > Notifications on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

IMG 7742

By doing this, you can be certain that your brand will be informed of any incoming DMs.

IMG 7743

Always Acknowledge New Messages

If that volume is huge, it may not always be feasible to respond promptly to every direct message your brand receives.

However, it’s a good practice to at least let the customer know you received their communication.

In this approach, your customer won’t experience quiet even if your team cannot answer right away.

This promotes a bond between the user and your brand.

Also, it enhances customer service by letting customers know when to anticipate speaking with your company.

Brand Voice

Every action and post you make on the platform—including your messages and retorts—is associated by your followers with your brand’s voice.

An abrupt or useless direct message would be off-putting if your captions or remarks are typically upbeat and friendly; this would probably discourage a consumer from carrying on the conversation.

When writing your message replies, keep in mind to be genuine and approachable by demonstrating to your consumer that they are speaking with a real person who is interested in learning about their experience with your brand.

Maintain clear communication and refrain from employing jargon.

Examine The Instagram Message Requests

You should also double-check your message requests to make sure no customer messages slipped between the cracks.

IMG 7744 2

Requests are private communications sent to you by accounts you don’t follow.

If this is the first time you have dealt with a customer, this implies that the majority of their communications will go into the Requests tab.

Ensure Message Requests is enabled under Messages and Calls to begin receiving all DM requests.

Send Quick Follow Up Messages

Don’t keep your consumers waiting; if you’ve previously let them know that you’ve read their message, respond immediately.

It’s even preferable if your response comes sooner than you originally anticipated.

In particular, if the message is unfavorable, the quicker your brand can respond, the better.

When a customer complains to a business via social media, 42% anticipate a response within an hour.

Taking too long to respond to a consumer can cause them to become disinterested or, worse, lose faith in your company.

To ensure clients feel supported and heard, always promptly respond to questions or requests.

Quick And Clear Responses

Someone who contacts your company directly expects a prompt response.

Respond to DMs from your clients right quickly, whether with a brief acknowledgment or a rapid reply.

Use concise sentences and write in a manner that’s simple to read.

All of this makes it simpler for customers to pinpoint the solution to their questions.

More Instagram DM Features

Even though Instagram DMs might seem similar to other messaging apps, it is actually pretty advanced when you consider all the communication features it offers.

There are many more opportunities inside these inboxes than most people realize because sending an Instagram DM online has so many advantages.

  • Respond while browsing: Instantly respond to a message without leaving the Instagram Home feed.
  • Immediately share with friends: By tapping and holding the share button, you can share material instantly without leaving your Instagram Home feed.
  • Send a quick message to friends: By holding down the share button while tapping, you can share items without leaving the Instagram Home feed.
  • See online users: At the top of your email list, you can see who is available for a chat.
  • Send a song: Deliver a 30-second song preview using Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify connectors, which is coming soon.
  • Sending whispered messages: By adding “@silent” to your message, you can send messages to pals without alerting them.
  • Theme change: Change the theme to the new lo-fi chat theme.
  • Quick polls: Make a poll in a group chat to ask your friends questions.

What Are Some Instagram DM Restrictions?

vector graphic showing an illustration of Instagram dm

You must have assumed up until this point that Instagram DMs were solely fun and innovative, but that is only partially accurate.

Although using Instagram DMs for business is a fantastic idea, several technological issues may make it difficult to interact and communicate with your customers.


Instagram only allows private profiles to send direct messages.

Even if you have a public profile, until the recipient accepts it and starts a conversation, your message to a private Instagram user will only appear on the “Requests” page.

Message Size

Instagram doesn’t allow for lengthy messaging.

You are limited to 1000 characters in your SMS message.

If your message is lengthier than this, you must edit it before sending it.

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Wrapping Up

The use of Instagram DMs for marketing purposes is still egregiously neglected. When used effectively, they may help you generate leads, win over followers’ loyalty, and foster a sense of community.

The importance of personalizing each and every communication you send should not be overlooked.

Your followers will be able to discern whether or not your message is truly intended for them, despite the temptation you may feel to send pre-written messages to their DMs.

Instagram direct messages will transform into a fantastic venue for interaction and connection after you learn to offer tailored value to each of your followers.

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