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Instagram Niche: Why This Is A Great Niche, Examples Of Success & More

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Marketing a brand is straightforward if you have a pre-established audience, but what do you do if you’re starting from scratch?

While it may be impossible to generate followers from a personal website alone, there are numerous other measures you can take—for example, Instagram Niche.

The Instagram niche is an excellent way to find and attract your target audience.

Plus, it can be pretty lucrative if you play your cards right.

If you want to learn more about utilizing the Instagram niche in your business strategy, keep reading for a guide on why this is a great niche, some prime examples of success, and much more.

What Is the Instagram Niche?

The Instagram niche is a specific category or topic with a small yet dedicated group of followers on Instagram.

While these audiences aren’t as big as ones for generalized subjects, there are many benefits in appealing to a niche.

First of all, there’s less competition.

You’ll have much better luck selling your products or services to a group of people if you’re not constantly being pushed aside by a grandiose number of competing businesses.

Secondly, there’s much more interpersonal engagement amongst these communities and, thus, more opportunities to create a loyal following.

It’s strategic to place yourself at the center of a niche, especially if you think it has the ability to grow in the future.

Finally, your niche is full of people ready to buy.

By being a part of the niche, they are intrinsically interested in your product (assuming you’re targeting the right niche), and you’re much more likely to see high conversion rates.

Type of Sites Within the Instagram Niche

There are many different types of sites within the Instagram niche, but here are a few of the most popular:

1. Lifestyle

DIY, How-to’s, and home projects are some of the best niches for bloggers.

Their immense popularity can be attributed to the fact that they provide creative applications and solutions to problems in everyday life.

Anything you could possibly want to know how to do is probably laid out step-by-step in a lifestyle blog somewhere out there.

2. Beauty

Beauty blogs and product reviews have always had a steady place on the internet.

Instagram specifically is the perfect place to establish a beauty brand since 96% of beauty-based businesses are avid users of Instagram.

3. Health, Fitness, and Wellness

Health and fitness sites are also incredibly prominent around the web and fall nicely into a particular niche on Instagram.

It’s not surprising that this topic is so popular since there is a constant stream of health concerns and obesity epidemics plaguing the world.

As society begins to adapt to more sedentary lifestyles, these sites are guaranteed to stay around and flourish for quite a while.

4. Fashion

Like beauty sites, there’s no shortage of fashion sites either.

It’s no secret that people are always striving to look their best, whether it be their skin or their clothes, and it’s probably why these types of websites do so well.

Unsurprisingly, Instagram is one of the best places to market to the niche.

It has an even higher rate of business usage than beauty, with an astonishing 98%.

5. Traveling

The travel niche isn’t as big as the other ones listed here, but it has one of the most dedicated followings behind it.

Unfortunately, with the recent pandemic, this niche saw a steep dip, but it’s rapidly recovering and seeing an exponential amount of growth.

Is the Instagram Niche Profitable?

The Instagram niche is highly profitable.

Actually, it’s one of the most profitable business endeavors out there.

Since advertising to an Instagram niche costs so little to start up and has high-profit potential, it’s an exceptional low-risk, high-reward marketing tactic large corporations and personal brands use alike.

There’s no reason not to use the Instagram niche.

Especially given how much money bloggers make – it’s definitely not something you should skimp out on.

How Much Does the Instagram Niche Pay?

Asking how much the Instagram niche pays is kind of like asking how much a business makes in a year.

There are just so many different niches, profit strategies, and brand sizes that it’s impossible to answer this question with a number relevant to everyone.

That said, the top brands and influencers can earn millions of dollars a month, and even a lesser-known business can turn a decent profit with minimal effort (this is, of course, excluding large, billion-dollar corporations who made their wealth elsewhere first).

If you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t expect to make 12 million in your first year, but that doesn’t mean you won’t make an amount well worth your time.

You have to stay on track and choose a profitable niche.

Is the Instagram Niche Good For Marketers?

The Instagram niche is one of the most effective digital marketing tools out there.

There’s no other platform that can give you as much of a bang for your buck (except Facebook) as Instagram.

For any product or service, there’s a group of people on Instagram a marketer can reach out and sell to.

After all, there are thousands of different niches to work with, and social media is the fastest and most efficient way to engage with them.

Is the Instagram Niche Good For Affiliate Marketing?

Instagram is prime real estate for affiliate marketing, regardless of which niche your brand falls into.

Instagram affiliate programs are incredibly profitable and capitalize on the audience’s trust in a particular account.

If you’ve accumulated a lot of followers and you consistently engage within your community, you’ll find there’s a lot of money to be made from Instagram affiliate marketing.

Is the Instagram Niche Good for Dropshipping?

Similar to affiliate marketing, the Instagram niche is perfect for dropshipping.

The social media platform is an easy, cost-efficient method of attracting customers and can reliably function as the basis for your dropshipping company.

High-Performing Products & Services in the Instagram Niche

There are tons of high-performing products and services that fall into an Instagram niche, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one with a sizable following.

The trick is to allocate a target audience with a track record in whatever you’re promoting.

Products That Perform Well in the Instagram Niche

Product-based brands thrive in the Instagram niche because communities are so tightly knit, and there’s often high demand for their products.

The following are some notable niche products that perform exceedingly well in their industries:

1. Beauty Products

Since the beauty niche is such an integral part of Instagram and beauty blogs are all around, there’s a massive market for beauty-based products.

Lotions, conditioners, face masks, exfoliators, and soaps; there’s never been a shortage of consumers for these products.

It’s why beauty businesses can flourish so effortlessly on Instagram and why it’s one of the fastest-growing niches around.

2. Clothing

Apparel is among the highest-selling product categories on the internet and is tremendously flexible in application.

Of course, the fashion niche isn’t the only group that makes a profit from selling apparel.

Sure, it’s the niche that has the highest profit margin from clothes sales, but there are a wide variety of niches that sell clothing even though it’s not their main focus.

For instance, numerous brands and influencers merchandise attire with their logos, custom designs, and art and can make a pretty penny while doing so.

3. Online Courses

Do you excel at something so well that you would consider yourself an expert in the craft?

Well, if you have the credentials to back yourself up and a group of Instagram followers who’ll listen to you, then you might want to consider selling an online course.

Online courses can cover any subject imaginable and are high-yielding money-makers when done right.

They’re not hard to set up and are quintessential for any niche with something to be taught.

Notable Brands in the Instagram Niche

Looking for some specific examples of brands in the Instagram niche? Here are a few of the most successful ones:


Whoop is a fitness-tracking product and membership program that helps users achieve their health goals.

The Instagram account consistently shares tips and product updates with the brand’s followers, which has reached a sizable number over the years.


Hudabeauty is a beauty-makeup brand founded by makeup blogger Huda.

Hudabeauty has one of the largest followings in the beauty niche on Instagram and posts multiple makeup tutorial videos daily.

The owner has been featured in Forbes as a “top creator” and has since branched out to numerous business ventures.


Gary Vaynerchuk is a well-known Belarusian-American entrepreneur who uses his Instagram account to teach general business and marketing techniques.

Vaynerchuk speaks to the general audience of the business niche, but novices and brands that haven’t established themselves might have trouble reaching such a broad group.

Instead, it’s better to tackle niche categories within the business niche and build a following that way.

Services That Perform Well in the Instagram Niche

Businesses that provide a service also have the capacity to generate loads of prospects that convert to sales through Instagram marketing.

Here are some exemplary service-oriented brands that make excellent use of the Instagram niche.

Software Services

If you have a company that provides software solutions, then Instagram is ideal for marketing within your niche.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, you’ll have easy access to any consumer base you desire and generate some quality leads to your main site.

Digital Marketing Businesses

To become a digital marketing service, you’ll have to display your skills and market your own brand first.

Whether your company revolves around creating strategies or specializes in making connections between businesses and influencers, an Instagram niche is the best place to start.

Landscaping Companies

Instagram niches aren’t just for digital-based services; even localized businesses like small landscaping companies can make good use of the social platform.

It’s an excellent way to reach out to your community and establish small-town connections in a manner that’s much more efficient than hanging up flyers.

Popular Affiliate Programs in the Instagram Niche

A majority of profits made from the Instagram niche come from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can help you monetize your content and opens the door for various networking connections.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular affiliate programs:

1. Shein Affiliate Program

The Shein affiliate program is a straightforward clothing affiliate service where select affiliates promote the company’s clothing on their social accounts and make commissions off of sales.

This is an excellent program for Instagram accounts in the fashion niche, and it’s super easy to apply.

2. Rakuten Affiliate Program

If you’re looking to acquire some affiliate partners or sponsors but don’t know where to start, the Rakuten affiliate program specializes in actively finding affiliate opportunities for a wide array of content types, businesses, and influencers.

Rakuten is one of the biggest names out there, and if your goal is to connect with customers, then you’ll want to consider their program.

3. Wayfair Affiliate Program

The Wayfair affiliate program is a popular home decor program run by the Wayfair company.

When you sign up for this program, you’ll primarily be marketing furniture, appliances, outdoor decorations, and other interior design products.

Many lifestyles and parenting blogs make use of this program, and it turns out it’s one of the highest-paying affiliate programs out there.

4. Chewy Affiliate Program

If you couldn’t tell by the name, the Chewy affiliate program deals in pet-related products and services.

The company has connections with thousands of familiar brands, which allows them to be quite flexible when it comes to the animal/pet niche.

5. Airbnb Affiliate Program

And last but not least, the Airbnb affiliate program solidifies itself as a top pick for travel-based Instagram accounts and blogs.

This program has a higher commission percentage than other affiliate programs, but this is understandable since hotel referrals are typically harder to come by.

Instagram Niche Ideas

The point of utilizing an Instagram niche is to find one you’re comfortable with.

It should be a field where your expertise lies and something you enjoy.

If you’re having trouble during the brainstorming process, here are a few ideas to get the gears turning:

  • Music reviewer for a certain genre
  • Weight-loss and exercise advice
  • Skin-care routine blog
  • Tips on parenting

Examples of Successful Instagram Niche Websites

And here are a few examples of niche websites:

  • Depositphotos: a website that has a large library of stock photos and videos. The Instagram account is used to gain exposure for their main site by posting beautiful sample pictures on a regular basis.
  • Girleatworld: a travel-food blog that provides readers with useful traveler’s guides and recommends great places to eat worldwide. The owner uses Instagram to captivate users with an array of unique foods and cultural backgrounds, which consistently rakes in a lot of likes. The website’s popularity is in large part due to the traffic generated from the Instagram niche.
  • Camila Coelho: an entrepreneur whose website hosts a blog about fashion, beauty, and travel. Coelho has also released numerous products, and her entire brand is based on Instagram, which she uses as a crutch to bolster and expose her main sites.

What to Avoid in the Instagram Niche

These are a few things you should try to avoid when using the Instagram niche:

1. Going too Broad or Specific

Your objective is to be found. Going with too broad of a niche to the point where you’re trying to market to everyone is a waste of effort.

Likewise, if you try to condense your brand to a niche so specific that it only includes a couple of hundred people in the entire world, you won’t have very much luck either.

2. Not Using Keywords

To ensure your content is optimized to build a niche website, you’ve got to do keyword research for your niche.

Without proper keyword usage, your findability goes down, and your followers don’t have a reliable way to search for you.

3. Leading Followers to an Impromptu Website

The Instagram niche goes far beyond just Instagram.

There’s a lot you have to watch out for, including website mistakes.

If you direct your audience to an unfinished site that’s hard to navigate, you’ll lose a good chunk of your following AND your credibility.

4. Choosing the Wrong Instagram Niche

One final piece of advice: make sure you’re choosing the right blogging niche.

If you go after something simply because it’s profitable, you’re going to have a bad time.

Make sure it’s a niche you enjoy and one that’s suited to your needs.

Similar Niches Worth Checking Out

The Instagram niche isn’t the only niche out there.

Covering a variety of niches improves your chances of success.

There are tons of equally profitable niches for you to explore and experiment with, such as:

1. YouTube Niche

The YouTube niche is a group of video-based content creators on the YouTube platform.

Many personal channels, businesses, and marketers use this website to promote and monetize their brands through the video-sharing service.

2. Gaming Niche

The gaming niche is perfect for bloggers and content creators alike.

Much of this niche specializes in video game-related content such as news, reviews, articles, gameplays, trailers, and more.

3. Luxury Niche

Luxury niches are groups that promote expensive, high-end products or services to a select group of people.

Many of the most successful luxury brands, such as “Gucci” and “Mercedes,” are known by the general public but have a small consumer base by comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions around the web:

How do I find my Instagram niche?

Research hashtags and communities based on keywords within your selected niche.

You’ll also want to scout out potential competitors and keep track of trends on the platform.

How much do 1,000 followers make on Instagram?

A good rule of thumb is that 1,000 followers equate to $10 once you reach 100,000 followers.

Before that, your follower base is too small to provide a consistent flow of income (though this is also dependent on the niche).

Final Thoughts

The Instagram niche is a powerful tool you can employ to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website.

It’s something every brand, blog, and influencer should look into since it’s exceedingly cheap and covers essentially every topic on the planet.

If there’s a niche with a decent following, there’s profit to be made.

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