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In the world of affiliate marketing and lead generation, landing pages are key. I remember the extremely annoying process to create landing pages back in the day. First you would need to design a site/page in HTML, format all of the links and images, then upload it to your site and lastly, add any type of tracking platform you might be using at the time.

As you can imagine, this was quite a tedious task. It was much like the process of creating a website or blog before WordPress was created — a manual and coding process.

The good news is that landing pages are now more advanced than ever before, while also being easier than ever to set up. There is also little to no need to actually touch a line of code in the process.

Instapage is one of the top landing page builders on the internet today, and they’s helped pave the way for making landing page creation a breeze. In this review I’ll be walking you through some of the many benefits to using landing pages within your blogging and marketing efforts.

Instapage – How to Create Landing Pages with Ease

When it comes to landing page creation, you have a lot of options. Everything from the type of data you want to collect, the style of pages you want to launch and also the way you are going to design, launch and track any results from such pages.

Instapage has an all-in-one landing page solution where all of this can seamlessly be done through one platform. Customers have had so much success with Instapage, that on average it’s not uncommon to see a 25% increase in conversions versus your current landing page set up.

At it’s core, Instapage was created to make the concept of building landing pages easy, while also offering complete customization and tracking features in the process. This allows for site owners, bloggers, affiliates and brands of all sizes to create landing pages to fit whatever needs they might have.

For the average person, the idea of creating a landing page might seem quite complex or confusing. The good news is that there is no longer a need to ever touch a line of code, download software or even create custom graphics. All of this has been thought out and put in place to anyone can create the perfect landing page to fit their marketing needs.

Features of Instapage include:

  • conversion-ready templates
  • landing page builder
  • lead generation system
  • optimization / analytics
  • client management tools
  • and more

To see everything Instapage has to offer, take a few minutes to see how easy it is to actually create a landing page through the short video below.

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Why Instapage is Great for Existing Bloggers

As mentioned earlier, the concept of landing pages is nothing new. While they are commonly used in marketing and lead generation, to think they aren’t needed in the blogosphere would be a huge mistake.

Landing pages are now being used by some of the most successful bloggers in the world today to increase mailing list signups, set up registration pages for webinars and also offer access to paid courses.

With most bloggers already having a mailing list in place, it’s important to note that Instapage will seamlessly integrated with platforms like MailChimp, Aweber and GetResponse — while also having the ability to connect with other email marketing, CRM, webinar, analytics and other platforms as well.

You can see a full list of integrations here, and how connecting Instapage to such accounts can help further increase ROI and results across the board. And again, there is no messy code to deal with… you just need to log into your account and connect it with any other applications or services you might already be using.

Creating Your First Instapage Landing Page

The easiest way to accomplish or learn anything, is to simply get started. Instapage makes this process quite easy, as you can create a free account on their site and start looking through all of the templates and features they have in place.

To get started with your first landing page, you have the option to create one from scratch or choose from over 120 pre-designed landing page templates.

More often then not, it’s usually best to go with one of their pre-designed templates and then customize it to fit your needs. Not only is this faster, it will also provide you with a base template that has already proven to convert well.

After selecting a pre-designed theme, you will then be sent over to the landing page builder where you can fully customize it to your needs.

WYSIWYG Landing Page Builder

Nothing is easier to use than a WYSIWYG editor, which is what you will have access to from within your Instapage account. There is never a need to touch a line of code, as you can simply click on different areas of your template design, then customize them in any way you like (color, text, images, location, shapes, sizes).

In short, if you can use a mouse, you can design a landing page.

Working inside the landing page builder is also quite easy and fast to learn. Once you click on a specific area, it will have a a few lines around it (and corner dots), which allow you to modify it as needed through the edit box (shown above).

In addition to simply editing your landing page, Instapage users will also have access to more than 5,000 fonts (through Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit), and over 33 million royalty-free stock photos from BigStock. With these two options in place, there is no reason for you to ever run out of landing page split testing material.

While we keep mentioning the benefit of not needing to touch a line of code… what if you needed to? For advanced users, Instapage has custom code options in place for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript use. These can come in handle for marketers who want to set up retargeting advertising, pre-populating form fields or adding in addition multi-step form processes.

Unlimited Potential. One Low Monthly Price.

If you wanted to hire a custom designer to create a unique landing page, it would likely cost you a couple hundred bucks. You would also then need to upload it to your server and connect it with a tracking solution as well. In short, sometimes it just isn’t worth it when there are better solutions in place.

With Instapage, you will have unlimited access to everything they have to offer (in the form of creating pages, getting visitors or adding domains). Depending on the plan you go with, you will have access to more advanced features and tracking.

To see a complete breakdown of the differences between account levels, be sure to check out the Instapage pricing plans. The main differennce between the $39/month basic, $69/month professional and $149/month premium plans is in the some of the specific features included.

For example, if you want access to unlimited A/B split testing, you would want to go with the Professional plan. The Premium plan will give you unlimited access to everything Instapage has to offer, while still costing you under $130 a month.

Also mentioned earlier, Instapage is free to join — which means you can create an account, build a few landing pages and still not even have to submit a credit card. This gives you access to everything you need to see if it’s the right choice for your business or blog.

Instapage Affiliate Program

Just how the article started with the mention of affiliate marketing, it will end that way as well!

Instapage (like many other great services) has an affiliate program of their own. With so many site owners and bloggers already using the service, it only makes sense to offer them some form of compensation when recommending it to their audience.

You can see highlights and payouts of the program below.

  • Earn 50% revenue share on the first month
  • Earn a 30% lifetime revenue share
  • Weekly automated payments
  • Get a referral link
  • Personalized marketing material

No matter how or why you are generating leads online, you can always do better when creating and split testing landing pages of your own. Instapage has made this process extremely easy, affordable and effective.

Take the time to give them a try and see how you might be able to lower costs and increase conversions today.

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