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Best Interesting Podcasts: 15 Examples For 2023

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There are thousands of different types of podcasts out there.

With all those choices, it can be hard to figure out which ones are genuinely good and which are a total waste of time.

If you try to listen to all the podcasts out there, you’ll spend a lot of time slogging through boring or low-quality podcasts.

To avoid that, here is a list of the 15 best interesting podcasts from 2023.

What Is An Interesting Podcast?

An interesting podcast does more than give the facts about a subject.

The host will make you feel as if you are the one they are talking to and can make any topic seem fun and engaging.

A podcaster who is a good storyteller can find a way to make anything seem like a fun topic.

What Does an Interesting Podcaster Talk About?

One of the things a podcast must have to make it interesting is a host that cares about their subject.

If someone makes a podcast about the latest hit TV show to gain an audience for their website and brand, they will not put much of their passion into it.

What Is Included In an Interesting Podcast?

When a host can bring on guests that know more about the subject than they do and open up the discussion, it makes the podcast interesting.

Other Things You Can Find On an Interesting Podcast

Not all of the best podcasters have a history in radio or broadcasting.

Here are some things to look for when looking for an interesting podcast.

  • Unique Material: The most interesting podcasts will present new information uniquely and engagingly. Finding an entertaining podcast is just as important as finding an interesting one.
  • Hosts That Stay on Topic: At times, a host may drift off topic with their co-hosts which can take time away from talking about what brought you to listen. A good podcaster steers the bus back onto the road.
  • Sound Quality: Nothing can be worse than listening to a podcast recorded with bad equipment. Those shows can be difficult to listen to over time.
  • Consistent Releases: A podcast that releases new episodes consistently shows some promise of being interesting. If you know the host is getting enough engagement to motivate them to continue doing it, there may be something there you will like.

Types of Interesting Podcasts

The most interesting podcast will be the one that you connect with the most or are the most interested in.

Deciding what kind of podcast you’re looking for is a good place to start.

  • Interesting Podcasts To Listen to at Work: The best interesting podcasts to listen to at work will keep you engaged and help the time pass, but they won’t distract you from your work.
  • Interesting Podcasts for Young Adults: Many interesting young adult podcasts will be about issues that are relevant to that age group, celebrity news, or fictional audio dramas.
  • Interesting Podcasts for Adults: One of the best things about being an adult is developing new and unique interests. From music to science, you’ll be able to find a podcast that interests you.

Best Interesting Podcasts: 15 Examples

If you need to find your next interesting podcast, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

How Many Interesting Podcasts Are There?

There are tens of thousands of podcasts you can listen to on Android or listen to on an iPhone.

However, they’re not all the most interesting.

It may take some work to find a podcast that interests you.

Interesting Podcasts to Listen to at Work

When you are at work, you may feel like you need something to break the monotony of your day.

Sometimes, listening to music will do the trick.

However, there are a lot of podcasts out there that can engage your mind and help make the workday melt away.

1. Start With This

screenshot of the start with this homepage

This podcast by the creators of “Welcome to Night Vale” is for people with creative minds.

Start With This” gives you book and TV show recommendations and writing prompts to work on later.

2. Serial

screenshot of the serial homepage

Mysteries are among the best podcast categories, and the most interesting mysteries are real-life cases.

Serial” is the podcast that started the true crime trend back in 2014.

Each season of the podcast focuses on a different serial killer case.

3. Levar Burton Reads

screenshot of the levar burton reads homepage

Many adults got into reading because of Levar Burton and his work with children and literature on the TV show “Reading Rainbow” in the 1980s Now, Burton is back in “Levar Burton Reads” to continue reading to the same people that heard him all those years ago.

4. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

screenshot of the dan carlins hardcore history

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History” takes a deep dive into the history books that will not only appeal to the most learned student of history but also make history accessible to others.

5. You’re Wrong About

screenshot of the you're wrong about homepage

In “You’re Wrong About,” journalist Sarah Marshall is a journalist looks back through myths and historical events and tells us why they have been miscast in our imagination.

Interesting Podcasts for Young Adults

Young people want to listen to things that are going to engage them.

They want to learn, be entertained, and find out about the things going on in the world.

Here are some of the best podcasts to listen to for young adults.

1. Stuff You Should Know

One of the longest-running and most successful podcasts is “Stuff You Should Know.”

The show gives listeners a history lesson or a science lesson every week.

With subjects ranging from El Nino to silly putty, you will learn how something works in an informative way with each episode.

2. Welcome to Night Vale

screenshot of the welcome to night vale homepage

If you like the creepy and the weird, you will want to check out “Welcome to Night Vale.”

This long-running podcast features updates on the weird goings-on in a town where supernatural things are common.

3. TED Talks Daily

screenshot of the ted talks daily homepage

You’ve heard the “Welcome to my TED Talk” joke when someone explains something.

TED Talks Daily” presents some of the most informative and inspirational stories on a variety of topics.

4. Mortified

screenshot of the mortified homepage

Every teenager goes through some cringeworthy embarrassing moments.

Mortified” makes them feel like they aren’t so alone.

Listening to the worst moments someone else lived through could make you feel better about what worries you.

5. Dear Hank & John

screenshot of the dear hank john homepage

There may not be two men who understand teenagers and young adults more than Hank and John Green.

On this podcast, they answer questions from their audience about science, life, and how to be a good person.

Interesting Podcasts for Adults

After work, you want to unwind.

There are plenty of podcasts out there that will help you do that.

Here are some of the best adult-oriented podcasts available.

1. Two Bears, One Cave

screenshot of the two bears one cave homepage

You have probably heard the comedy of Tom Segura and Bert “The Machine” Kreischer.

Did you realize they were best friends? Tom and Bert discuss entertainment, comedy, sports, and life.

It is not safe for work, so be sure your earbuds are secure when you download “Two Bears, One Cave.”

2. How Did This Get Made?

screenshot of the how did this get made homepage

If you’ve ever watched a terrible movie and wondered how anyone could have made it, then this is the podcast for you.

On “How Did This Get Made”, Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas dive in and try to figure out how some of the worst movies ever made got the green light.

3. Consenting Adults

screenshot of the consenting adults homepage

If you have questions about different types of adult relationships and how they work, “Consenting Adults” has answers.

After 40, many couples try out new things like open marriages and ethical non-monogamy.

This podcast looks at some of those choices and how they work in a modern relationship.

4. Adult Meets Disney Podcast

screenshot of the adult meets disney podcast homepage

You may have experienced Disney parks as a kid.

But did you know Disney has much to offer as an adult vacation place? Find out the best way to take a Disney Cruise, what the best Disney park restaurants are, and when is the best time to fulfill your Star Wars fantasy in “Adults Meet Disney.”

5. Captain GameShow

screenshot of the captain gameshow homepage

John Irons loves puzzles, wordplay, and trivia.

Each week on “Captain GameShow,” he brings on three contestants and puts them through the wringer of games he has concocted, like Rhyme Casting, Slow Balls, and Groot Sings the Hits.

Similar Podcasts Types to Check Out

Here are some other types of interesting podcasts you may enjoy if you’re looking for a new listen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top questions people have about the best interesting podcasts of 2023.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a brain thinking with the big block text

What is the #1 most interesting podcast?

One of the top podcasts available is “This American Life,” a show that NPR releases weekly.

Every episode gives an inside look at parts of the world that do not get much attention.

What is the #1 podcast topic in the world?

People are looking to podcasts to give them a dose of their daily information.

News and celebrity interviews are always at the top of that list.

True crime is also popular, and hosts release many new podcasts on that topic daily.

Wrapping Up

With the popularity of podcasts, finding one that will give you the information you want can be daunting.

If a host is not knowledgeable about a topic, it may not be an interesting listen.

Find shows with consistent episode releases and check out the reviews online to find an interesting host covering the topics you like to hear.

Regardless, any podcast can be interesting if it’s about something you enjoy.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll start your own interesting podcast one day.

Happy listening!

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