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Interior Design Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2022]

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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Interior design blogs create engaging content about making a home or space more enjoyable or functional.

From new trends to life hacks to DIY designs, interior design blogs inspire readers on how to improve their homes and make old spaces feel usable in new and creative ways.

Everyone has a different approach to interior design.

With varying styles and inspirations, interior design blogs are a space to share unique ideas, build an engaged community, and discuss all things interior design.

Ready to learn more about interior design blogs, see top-notch examples, and learn how to make money as an interior design blogger?

Continue reading for everything you need to know.

The Best Interior Design Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Interior Design Blogs for General Design

Interior Design Blogs for Architecture

Interior Design Blogs for Commercial Spaces

What Is an Interior Design Blog?

An interior design blog has dedicated content about the topic of designing and decorating a home.

Common topics found on interior design blogs include inspirational home decor, recommended interior design products, DIY home decor designs, and home design trends.

What Does an Interior Design Blogger Blog About?

Interior design bloggers write about anything to do with how to make indoor spaces more beautiful, functional, or both.

Bloggers who write about interior design discuss current and past design trends to inspire homeowners to purchase products or contract design services.

Interior design bloggers also create content about styling homes, building the home of your dreams, and finding ways to maximize the functionality of spaces.

What Is Included in an Interior Design Blog?

Interior design blogs heavily feature content related to home design and decor.

Successful blogs feature high-quality content, details about the blogger, past work, an online store, and social media handles.

Let’s discuss in detail some of the things you’re likely to encounter on the best interior design blogs.

High-Quality Content

From the moment someone visits an interior design blog, they’re looking for quality.

Why would someone trust you with designing their home if you have a poorly designed website, low-quality photos, and unengaging content?

High-quality content showcases the quality of work you do or the quality of the work that inspires you so that visitors are more likely to book your services or buy from your affiliate links.

An About Me Page

Whether someone is welcoming you or your design techniques into their home, getting them to trust you is an essential step for an interior design blog.

Adding an About Me page to your website is a place to show off your personality, credentials, and what styles inspire you most.

This essential page is how website traffic turns into satisfied customers and loyal followers.

A Portfolio of Past Projects

Just like visitors are intrigued to learn more about you, they’re also likely to seek out some photos of your past work.

For example, most interior design blogs have a portfolio section with a photo slide of past projects.

Portfolios are especially common for blogs that market design services.

A Shop

Many interior design blogs have an online store selling home decor products.

An interior design shop includes items that fit the blog style; these products might be made or designed by the seller or affiliate links.

Social Media Handles

Interior design blogs always have affiliated social media accounts to market their content and engage with followers.

For example, apps like Instagram and TikTok, which feature images and videos, work together with text content to discuss interior design topics.

Other Things That You Can Find on an Interior Design Blog

Below are a few other things often featured on interior design blogs that you can use for inspiration when deciding your blog’s direction and design.

A Logo

Most blogs, interior design or not, feature a logo so that visitors recognize your website’s branding.


Beautiful spaces are meant to be shared, so interior design blogs often also feature a recipe section for get-togethers.

A Search Bar

Search bars enable visitors to find information on a specific topic in seconds for a better user experience.


Some design bloggers also host a podcast or collaborate as guest speakers to discuss interior design topics in greater detail.

Types of Interior Design Blogs

Below are some different types of blogs that make money talking about interior design.

Interior Design Blogs for General Design

These blogs are for anyone who wants to spruce up a space and needs inspiration for general design projects.

Interior Design Blogs for Architecture

Interior design blogs focusing on architecture are especially useful to audiences’ building a new home or making renovations.

Interior Design Blogs for Modern Trends

 Keeping up with trends to stay one step ahead of the bandwagon is the aim of interior design blogs for modern trends.

Interior Design Blogs for Vintage Styles

While some prefer modern styles, interior design blogs for vintage styles focus on past home decor trends.

Interior Design Blogs for Commercial Spaces

Making a workspace look professional, functional, safe, and stylish is the aim of interior design blogs for commercial spaces.

Do Interior Design Blogs Make Money?

Yes. Interior design bloggers can make good money writing about home decor and selling products related to interior design.

How Do Interior Design Blogs Make Money?

Interior design blogs make money in several ways.

Firstly, many interior designers use internet traffic to contract their services and make money by redesigning clients’ homes.

Another way interior design blogs make money is by selling products on their website.

Product sales are sometimes unique items made by the designer, ebooks, or affiliate links to other stores with home decor products.

Affiliate links pay a small commission to the website every time a sale is made through the link.

Finally, ad hosting is another way that interior design blogs generate income.

How Much Do Interior Design Blogs Make?

Interior design blogs can earn nearly $100,000 a month, but newly established blogs will see less revenue when beginning.

Affiliate sales and ad hosting are the most popular ways of earning money from an interior design website.

Affiliate sales pay a commission for sales made through posted links.

From push pins to rugs to lamps to marble slabs, interior design bloggers can earn revenue from various sources based on the affiliate programs they sign up for.

Products To Promote and Sell on an Interior Design Blog

Interior design blogs have an amazing platform to sell or promote a wide variety of home products.

Since these blogs are a place to inspire others to decorate their homes, interior design blogs can recommend certain products to their audience that suit the blog’s style.

Interior design blogs commonly promote furniture like coffee tables, light fixtures, lounge chairs, and more.

These big-ticket items make for good affiliate links since the manufacturer arranges all shipping details.

Household accessories like stylish planters, statues, candles, and throw pillows are also popular products to promote.

Visitors will also find rugs, one-of-a-kind decorative objects, or personalized design services, such as initialized jewelry or memorial items for pets.

Best Interior Design Blogs: 25 Examples

Interior design blogs are a great way to earn income and write about interesting topics related to making spaces more beautiful.

Below are the 25 best interior design blog examples, each one brimming with motivations for starting a blog.

How Many Interior Design Blogs Are There?

There are millions of interior design blogs to take inspiration from.

Some are websites of practicing interior designers, others post content from their favorite designers, while others post DIY projects for sprucing up the home.

Interior Design Blogs for General Design

Interior design encompasses many things, so many bloggers focus on general design topics and have different subsections for varying niches.

Below are some of the top-rated interior design blogs that discuss general design.


Decoist is a popular interior design blog that went live in 2009.

a screenshot of the decoist homepage

Today, this website sees nearly 315 thousand viewers a month.

This general interior design blog posts listicles and blog posts with design inspiration for every room of the home.

From dorm rooms to home offices, Decoist is a great place to check out different niches within interior design.


Designboom is an online magazine and blog that focuses on general design topics.

a screenshot of the designboom homepage

This popular interior design blog sees around 1.8 million monthly visitors.

Content on Designboom includes blog posts about luxury homes, cool furniture or home decor, and interesting office spaces.

The Spruce

The Spruce is a successful blog that covers general home, lifestyle, and design topics.

a screenshot of the spruce homepage

This popular website went live in 2017.

Today The Spruce website gets around 32 million visitors per month.

Visitors will read content about current home interior trends, DIY home decor, and awesome products to use in the home.

This site also has tabs for home improvement, gardening, and decor.

Style By Emily Henderson

Style By Emily Henderson is a popular interior design blog that covers a large spectrum of general design topics.

a screenshot of the emily henderson homepage

Explore the many sections of this blog, including a section with design tips for each room in your home.

Henderson started this blog in 2010, and it features content like shopping guides, business tips, and lifestyle topics like food, fashion, and beauty.

Eye Swoon

Eye Swoon by Athena Calderon is a general design blog that sees monthly traffic of over 22 thousand visitors.

a screenshot of the eye swoon homepage

This design blog discusses interesting topics with inspirational photos and text.

Eye Swoon features blog posts about decorative furniture, current design trends, and shopping guides.

Eye Swoon also includes content related to interior design, like recipes to serve guests and skincare products to keep all exterior spaces looking their best.

Interior Design Blogs for Architecture

Architecture covers topics around designing and constructing buildings.

While interior design blogs typically focus on indoor spaces, architecture blogs discuss exterior and interior features of buildings.

Find inspiration for interior design blogs that discuss architecture from these top-rated blogs below.

My Move

My Move is a well-known blog that has a section for content about interior design and architecture.

a screenshot of the my move homepage

This blog went live in 2018 and now sees around 2.1 million monthly visitors.

Topics covered in this blog include which design style is best for you, architecture trends, minimalist home designs, and more.

This website uses affiliate links, ad hosting, and sells services to generate income from its high volume of traffic.


Dezeen is a highly-ranked design blog and magazine that covers several niches, including interior design and architecture.

a screenshot of the dezeen homepage

Dezeen went live in 2006.

Today, Dezeen reaches over three million monthly readers.  

The blog features inspiring content of architecture viewers can visit in real life.

The blog articles on Dezeen discuss architectural designs from around the globe and how those designs can make an impact on a larger social scale.

This Is Paper

This Is Paper is a blog and digital magazine that went live in 2011.

a screenshot of the this is paper homepage

This popular blog focuses on interior design and architecture topics to inspire and educate.

This Is Paper shares stories from designers, photographers, and architects to promote cool designs, new ideas, and up-and-coming designers or architects.

Architectural Record

Architectural Record is a subscription-based blog with posts about news in the architectural field, up-and-coming architects, and inspirational photos of architecture.

a screenshot of the architectural record homepage

Readers can access several articles before being prompted to subscribe to read more.

This website also recommends products or materials to incorporate into designs.


Contemporist is an interior design and architecture blog that went live in 2007.

a screenshot of the contemporist homepage

Today, Contemporist sees web traffic of around 445 thousand monthly visitors.

This inspiring blog covers various interior design and architecture topics.

Contemporist features articles with interesting homes built to suit their surroundings, award-winning architecture, and more.

Interior Design Blogs for Modern Trends

While some things never go out of style, trends are always changing.

Meaning bloggers with interior design blogs for modern trends won’t have a hard time finding things to write about.

Below are some of the best interior design blogs for modern trends to inspire your content or design layout.

My Scandinavian Home

My Scandinavian Home is an interior design blog by an ex-pat living in Sweden.

a screenshot of the my scandinavian home homepage

This popular interior design blog shows off modern trends in Swedish homes with captivating photos and captions.

With around half a million monthly visitors since first starting in 2011, My Scandinavian Home is a successful interior design blog for modern trends.

Italian Bark

Italian Bark is a go-to blog for modern trends in the interior design field.

a screenshot of the italian bark homepage

Not only does Italian Bark predict upcoming trends, but it inspires them by working alongside designers and manufacturers.

Italian Bark helps companies produce objects that work with upcoming trends, so both the consumer and manufacturer get what they need from the sale.

Italian Bark features useful blog posts about macro trends, news stories, color trends, and more.

Carla Aston Designed

Carla Aston Designed is the blog from interior designer Carla Aston.

a screenshot of the carla aston designed homepage

Her blog discusses various themes around interior design, including modern trends.

Her blog sees web traffic of nearly 115 thousand monthly visitors who read content about current trends, ways to decorate, products to splurge on, and more.

Authentic Interior

Authentic Interior is a well-known interior design blog with tons of content about design trends.

a screenshot of the authetic interior homepage

Visitors to this site will find posts with takeaways from design conferences, current furniture trends, color trends, and more.

This popular website also posts content about well-designed hotels, interior design products, and breathtaking photos and descriptions of interior spaces.

Occa Design

Occa Design is a famous interior design blog that speaks about modern trends in the design world.

a screenshot of the occa design homepage

Occa Design was founded in 2003 and has since been an excellent place to find design inspiration.

This popular blog focuses on interior design trends in the hospitality industry.

Visitors will find plenty of content about restaurant interior design, hotel and inn design trends, and more.

Interior Design Blogs for Vintage Styles

Find inspiration for vintage trends for home decor.

These blogs discuss ways to make new products look vintage, how to utilize vintage pieces in the home, and inspirational posts about vintage designs.

Penny’s Vintage Home

Penny’s Vintage Home has tons of inspiration for adding a vintage look to interior spaces.

a screenshot of the penny's vintage home homepage

This interior design blog for vintage styles uses pastel colors, seasonal decor, and vintage finds in its posts.

On Penny’s Vintage Home, readers will find content like DIY vintage mantle decorations, vintage centerpieces, and remarkable photos of vintage interior designs.

Kelly Elko

Kelly Elko is an interior design and vintage style blog that sees monthly website traffic of nearly 17 thousand visitors.

a screenshot of the kelly elko homepage

This vintage-style blog features posts about vintage homes, organization tips, recipes for hosting parties, and seasonal vintage decorating tips.

Visitors will also find free printables and exterior design tips like how to grow a vintage-inspired garden.

My Old Country House

My Old Country House is a vintage-style blog that began with blogger and interior designer Lesli DeVito revamping her farmhouse from the 1880s with modern updates while staying true to the vintage style.

a screenshot of the my old country house homepage

This popular vintage-style interior design blog shows the transformation of Lesli DeVito’s home, shares DIY tips for vintage decorations, and design inspiration for all rooms of the home.

The Vintage Roundtop

The Vintage Roundtop is a vintage-style blog with interior and exterior designs for home decor.

a screenshot of the vintage roundop homepage

Visitors will take inspiration from vintage and antique pieces as well as posts on how to DIY a vintage look on newly purchased items.

Popular blog posts on The Vintage Roundup include how to shop for vintage pieces, highlights from antique shows, and guest blog posts from various interior designers.

Jane Richards Interiors

Jane Richards Interiors is a popular interior design blog with content about vintage styles and products for readers to recreate vintage looks in their homes.

a screenshot of the jane richards interiors homepage

This blog has a large storefront section with various vintage-style pieces like wallpapers, light fixtures, home decor, and more.

Jane Richards Interiors is a fantastic blog to gather inspiration on how interior design blog posts can result in sales.

Interior Design Blogs for Commercial Spaces

Interior design isn’t just for the home; commercial spaces benefit from functional and beautiful designs too.

These five blogs below focus on interior design topics for commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, and famous corporations.

Office Snapshots

Office Snapshots is an interior design blog that shows off some of the best commercial spaces around the world.

a screenshot of the office snapshots homepage

This popular blog features content about offices inside Harvard, Twitter, and various companies with enviable interior designs in their workspaces.

Office Snapshots sees monthly website traffic of over 300 thousand visitors.

Work Design Magazine

Work Design focuses its content on beautiful and functional commercial spaces.

a screenshot of the work design magazine homepage

This blog features tips and tricks for office decor and current trends in commercial space design.

Visitors will read blog posts about ways to design offices to promote better attendance, sustainable aesthetics, useful products for workspaces, and more.

Elsy Studios

Elsy Studios designs customized interior spaces for businesses.

a screenshot of the elsy studios homepage

This interior designer of commercial spaces is based in Denver but posts inspiring content about past projects.

Visitors have access to recent news about the commercial design industry, before and after posts, and helpful resources for designing beautiful offices.

Office Designs

Office Designs is an interior design blog for commercial spaces that sees web traffic of over 20 thousand monthly visitors.

a screenshot of the office designs homepage

This popular interior design website focuses on product reviews for various items for the office as well as professional design services for businesses.

Kaper Design Co.

Kaper Design is an interior design blog for restaurants.

a screenshot of the kaper design homepage

This popular blog features content about the various industrial projects Kapier Design Co. has completed, with detailed blueprints and stories around each project.

Readers also enjoy regular posts about design trends.

How To Become an Interior Design Blogger

Your style and take on interior design topics give you a unique perspective to write about.

If you’re ready, follow the steps below to learn everything about how to start a blog.

vector graphic showing an illustration of interior design elements, with the words

Determine the Direction of the Blog

To determine the intended direction of your blog, figure out where you want your blog to be in a few years from now.

Maybe the blog is a platform to attract more in-person clients.

Perhaps the blog is aimed at bringing in the big bucks from affiliate sales.

When starting, do keyword research to uncover opportunities for creating content.

Keywords give bloggers intel into what customers are curious about.

Select a Niche

Select a niche within a broad topic to better target your content to engaged readers.

Keyword research is one of the best tools for figuring out how to choose the right niche.

A niche narrows down your topic focus, but be mindful not to have too narrow of a niche; otherwise, producing content years down the line could be like pulling teeth.

Select a Name

Coming up with a blog name is vital because this is how visitors will know your content.

Selecting a name comes with a few hurdles.

Firstly, your name needs to be original and not used as a domain name already.

Secondly, the name should be recognizable and hint at your niche or the bloggers’ name.

You also want to like your blog name because rebranding down the line is a pain.

Plus, you should love hearing and typing your blog name since you’ll soon be promoting your content.

Select a Blogging Platform

There are many different blogging platforms available for interior design blogs to use.

A blogging platform features templates or features to custom design websites.

Choose a blogging platform with the features you need.

For example, some blogging platforms are free but have limited features.

Other blogging platforms require monthly subscriptions but include a wide array of features to maximize your efficiency, loading speeds, and sales.

Register a Domain Name

When choosing your blog name, keep in mind that you can’t use it as a domain name if it’s already registered with someone else.

Check your blog name on the best domain registrar to ensure no one else has taken it.

Once you get the green light, follow the prompts to buy the name so that another blogger cannot use it.

Get Web Hosting

Web hosting is essentially paying rent for your little space on the internet.

Web hosting puts everything you’ve created on the blogging platform in front of viewers.

Some blogging platforms include web hosting services, or you can buy hosting services from a third party.

We suggest managed WordPress hosting if you’re looking for the best web hosting service provider.

Build the Blog

Now that you’ve made the planning and back-end efforts to get your blog set up, it’s time to build the blog.


Install a WordPress theme to choose the layout of your website and how it shows up on viewers’ screens.

WordPress and other blogging platforms have several themes to choose from to personalize your site.


WordPress plugins add features like a storefront, video uploading, SEO tools, and more.

Explore which plugins are best for your blog and add them to your site.

Essential Pages

Create the essential pages for your blog first.

Essential pages include an about me page, a stellar homepage, a portfolio, and service pages or a storefront if you have something to sell.

More pages can always be added later, but these essential pages create a good first impression to visitors so that they continue coming back to your content.

Produce Content for the Blog

The fun part of creating a blog is creating content for your blog.

Now that you have everything set up, you can begin creating blog posts.

Before launching your blog, have at least ten to 15 blog posts prepared so that you can release a steady stream of content without stressing yourself out.

Launch the Blog Publicly

Launching a new blog is as simple as clicking a button once your website is ready to go live.

Promote the Blog

Take advantage of all the ways to promote a blog by using social media, collaborating with other brands, and optimizing your content for search engines.

First, promote your blog to close friends and family as you gain a social media following.

Be sure to consistently post new content and promote it to continually attract traffic.

Similar Blogging Types To Check Out

If you’re new to blogging and interior design isn’t your expertise, check out these similar types of blogs.

Design Blogs

Design blogs highlight the works of any kind of designer, so they’re best for you if you have a passion for the field.

Design blogs discuss common topics in a particular design field, from interior to website design.

Topics include tips for success, techniques, and answers to FAQs.

Content in a design blog also includes inspirational designs and high-quality photos.

Style Blogs

Style blogs talk about fashion, makeup, design, and home style.

They are a good fit for anyone who loves to dress up and look fabulous.

Instead of writing about interior design specifically, style blogs feature content like style tips, ways to style a home, and current trends.

Many style blogs have multiple tabs for various niches within the style blog category.

DIY Blogs

DIY stands for do it yourself. DIY blogs feature content about cheap ways to recreate expensive or stylish looks with elbow grease.

Common topics featured on DIY blogs related to interior design include cheap ways to style a home, DIY furniture, and easy home renovations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about design blogs below.

What should I write in my lifestyle blog?

Lifestyle blogs feature content on how to make life better.

There are many niches within the lifestyle category, so bloggers can touch on topics like:

How to decorate homes for a less stressful environment
Organization tips
Life hacks
Motivational posts
Personal finance tips for financial freedom

Who is the most famous furniture designer?

The most famous furniture designers include names like:

Le Corbusier
Charlotte Perriand
Florence Knoll Bassett
Frank Lloyd Wright
Charles and Ray Eames
Marcel Breuer
Vico Magistretti

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a solid understanding of what interior design blogs are and how to make an awesome blog for yourself follow the steps above and start making a content plan and epic website design.

Let your unique voice and style influence your home and the homes of those who engage with your content.

Earn money as an interior design blogger and engage audiences with your take on the style, trends, life hacks, and DIY projects.

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