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InterServer Free Trial: Length, What’s Included & How To Extend

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InterServer is a web hosting service provider with features like Virtual Private Servers (VPS), design tools, and a wide array of storage servers.

The InterServer free trial gives users access to web hosting services to enjoy the VPS services virtually free of charge for 30 days.

Learn more about the InterServer free trial, features you can test, and answers to FAQs below.

Is InterServer Free or Paid?

InterServer is a paid web hosting, domain registration, and VPS service provider.

The free trial costs $0.01 to activate, so users cannot apply for the free trial multiple times.

Web hosting with InterServer starts at $2.50 per month, and domain registration is $7.99.

Linux and Storage VPS services start at $6 per month, while Windows VPS services start at $10 monthly.

Storage prices range from $3 to $42 per month based on your storage needs.

Does InterServer Have a Free Trial?

Yes. InterServer has a free trial that allows users to test the storage and VPS services before paying for a monthly subscription.

The InterServer free trial costs new sign-ups $0.01, which covers the first 30 days of using the platform.

How Long is the InterServer Free Trial?

The InterServer free trial lasts 30 days or one month from your sign-up date.

Users have 30 days to utilize the flexible hosting platforms and learn the features to determine if it’s the right fit for their needs.

Does InterServer Require a Credit Card to Activate a Free Trial?

Yes, InterServer requires users to enter their credit card information when signing up for the free trial.

InterServer asks for credit card information to avoid users creating multiple accounts and abusing the free trial program.

Your credit card will get charged $0.01 upon signing up for the free trial with InterServer.

How Much is InterServer After Free Trial?

After the 30-day free trial, InterServer costs depend on your usage needs.

Prices for the cloud virtual private servers or storage-optimized virtual private servers range from $3 to $96 per month, with several pricing options in between.

Windows VPS hosting costs $10 to $160 per month, depending on your storage, CPU core, and memory needs.

What Comes With the InterServer Free Trial?

The InterServer free trial includes one month of use of a 1GB RAM virtual private server for one cent.

With the free trial, users can enjoy more than 450 cloud apps, cloud hosting services, fast loading speeds, and more.

Features You Can Test With a Free Trial

The InterServer free trial has several features new users can test.

For example, notable features include web hosting, adding cloud apps, customer support, security features, and lightning-fast loading times.

Below we’ll discuss these features in more detail.

1. Web Hosting

InterServer offers an affordable web hosting service that supports WordPress and various other web design platforms.

Before signing up for month-to-month web hosting, you can test InterServer web hosting with the 30-day free trial.

2. Cloud Apps

There are over 450 cloud apps compatible with InterServer.

Users who’ve signed up for the free trial should explore the various apps and get acquainted with features that boost efficiency and add customizable features to websites.

3. Customer Support

InterServer has a 24/7 customer support team ready and willing to assist all users with the InterServer platform and its features.

If you have any questions, users can email, call, or live chat with a representative.

Alternatively, InterServer has lots of resources and blog content with FAQs and support content.

4. Top-Notch Security Features

InterServer uses virtualization platforms like KVV, Virtuozzo, Hyper-v, and Openvz for the best security practices.

Whether you pay for a subscription or use the free trial, all InterServer users will enjoy its security features.

5. Lightning Fast Loading Times

InterServer boasts lightning-fast loading times to ensure a better user experience for visitors to your website.

Users with a free trial can test the loading times to ensure it’s up to speed.

InterServer Free Trial Limitations

The InterServer free trial has several limitations that users should keep in mind.

The free trial includes 1GB of RAM, so users who need more RAM will need to pay an additional fee.

Users can always use the free trial and upgrade to more RAM after the 30-day period has expired.

Windows VPS services are not included with the InterServer free trial.

Is InterServer Customer Support Included With Free Trials?

Yes. Customer support is included for all InterServer users.

Friendly customer service representatives are ready to chat 24/7 via live chat, Facebook chat,

How to Claim an InterServer Free Trial

  1. To claim an InterServer free trial, visit their official website and log in with a valid email address.
  2. InterServer will reach out with a verification email. Follow the prompts from the email.
  3. Select your payment method. Users have a choice of using a credit card or a Paypal account. Some are required to verify their payment method before moving on to the next step.
  4. Go to the VPS tab on the top menu and select Order.
  5. Fill in the necessary fields with order details.
  6. Enter the coupon code TRYINTERSERVER to change the price to $0.01 and click Next Step.
  7. Begin the free trial.

How Do I Get The Most From My InterServer Free Trial?

To get the most for your InterServer free trial, use the platform consistently and take advantage of all the features and apps available for free trial users.

How Can I Make My InterServer Free Trial Longer?

The InterServer free trial lasts for 30 days and cannot get extended.

Users must enter their email address, website information, and payment details to verify their identity when signing up for the trial.

Users cannot sign up for the free trial if any of the data is already on file.

Does InterServer Automatically Charge Users After the Free Trial Ends?

Yes. Without adjusting the settings, InterServer will automatically charge users once the free trial expires.

Users will get charged the adjusted monthly fee for all services they ordered when they purchased the package at the penny discount.

That being said, it’s easy to adjust the payment settings so that auto-charge is disabled before charging the monthly fee.

Simply go to the top menu bar and select Billing.

Then, click Update Personal Information and change your bank details.

Can You Cancel InterServer After Free Trial?

Yes. You can cancel an InterServer subscription during or after the free trial as long as you adjust the payment settings.

By disabling auto-charge, your credit card won’t accrue charges for unneeded services.

Once the billing details are updated, simply stop using the account to end the subscription.

Or contact a customer service representative to terminate the services immediately.

How to Cancel an InterServer Free Trial

Users can easily cancel an InterServer free trial by disabling auto-pay.

After logging into your InterServer account, visit the top menu and select Billing > Update Personal Information.

In this tab, you can update your credit card details, disable auto-charge, and update any other necessary information.

Once your account is inactive over the next billing period, your website will lose its hosting services.

Alternatively, you can email, call, or live chat with a customer service representative to cancel your account immediately and express your feedback.

How to Remove Card Details From InterServer

To remove your credit card details from InterServer, contact customer support via chat, call, or email.

Request all credit card details be removed from InterServer’s databases and follow any prompts customer service may require from you.

Is InterServer Worth Paying For?

Yes. InterServer is worth paying for if you want fast loading speeds, flexible web hosting services, security features, website design templates, cloud storage, and more.

InterServer is an a la carte service that allows users to only buy the services they’ll need based on their website’s traffic and size.

This valuable web hosting platform is a one-stop shop for everything you need to buy a domain, host it, and keep it running smoothly.

InterServer has tons of resources for new and advanced users and a 24/7 customer service team ready to help with any questions to maximize your time on the platform.

What To Expect From an InterServer Subscription

When you sign up with InterServer, you gain access to features like:

  • Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage
  • Global Content Caching
  • Full Website Control
  • Free Website Migration
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • SitePad Website Builder
  • Managed Support
  • High-Performance Storage
  • Remote Backup Service
  • Self-Healing Hardware

Since InterServer offers users the choice to subscribe to the services they need, every user will have a slightly different experience with InterServer.

However, users can always expect top-notch customer service, fast loading speeds, and secure platforms every step of the way.

What is a Free Alternative to InterServer?

Wix is one of the best free alternatives to InterServer.

Wix offers cloud web hosting services, easy-to-create website design templates, and an array of valuable features to make websites run smoothly.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Interserver, Wix offers use of their platform for free.

However, the free plan has many limitations.

For example, free Wix pages host advertisements, and there are limitations to customizability and analytics features.

Wix has several paid plans that allow users to select which pricing options and services best suit their budget and website needs.

Other Ways to Save on InterServer Pricing

After you enjoy the $0.01 discount on InterServer, check out these other ways to save on InterServer pricing.

InterServer Promo Codes

The only way to enjoy the InterServer free trial is to enter the coupon code TRYINTERSERVER when purchasing your VPS.

InterServer Discounts

InterServer has a wide array of discounts available for bundled services when purchasing services for the first time.

For example, users will receive a discounted rate for domain registration when signing up for a hosting plan.

InterServer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials

InterServer often has holiday sales, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials.

These discounts and promos change year-to-year, so keep an eye out for specials around holidays.

Is There an InterServer Student Plan?

Yes. InterServer has a student plan for college students looking for website hosting services.

When students sign up to InterServer with their college email address, InterServer credits the student’s account for one year of free web hosting services.

Other Free Trials to Check Out

Discover other free trials similar to InterServer worth checking out. Determine which service provider is the best for your needs with options like WP Engine, Flywheel, and HostGator.

  • WP Engine Free Trial: The WP Engine Free Trial gives new sign-ups a 60-day trial period and four months of WordPress web hosting services for free.
  • Flywheel Free Trial: Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting platform. Users who sign up for the Flywheel free trial receive 14 days to explore the site and take advantage of its features. New subscribers are also eligible for two months of web hosting services for free.
  • HostGator Free Trial: HostGator offers similar services as InterServer, with different types of web hosting, design pages, VPS, app hosting, and more. The HostGator Free Trial allows users access to HostGator services for 45 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to FAQs about InterServer below.

Does InterServer have cPanel?

Yes. InterServer has pricing plans for services with cPanel.

Choose from various options like VPS with cPanel, dedicated servers with cPanel, and standard web hosting with cPanel features.

Where is InterServer based?

InterServer is an American-based company headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, since its founding in 1999.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have all the details about the InterServer free trial, sign up for the 30-day program and begin building an epic web presence.

From domain registration to VPS to secure cloud-based storage options, InterServer gives users nearly endless options to maximize the speed and success of their websites.

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