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Best Investing Podcasts: 15 Examples

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Investing podcasts are a popular choice among those interested in boosting their financial stability.

Making an investing podcast can be challenging, and finding a podcast that suits your needs can be time-consuming.

However, these 15 examples can help you understand more about investing, stocks, real estate, and more.

Read on to learn more about the best investing podcasts.

What Is an Investing Podcast?

An investing podcast is a podcast that discusses everything about investments.

Typically, an investing podcast will have a central topic or theme.

There are many topics an investing podcast can center around.

For example, many investing podcasts stick to explaining daunting concepts for beginners or teach others how to get started with stock investments.

Many investing podcasts on the internet will teach you everything you need to learn to be successful.

What Does an Investing Podcaster Talk About?

An investing podcaster will discuss investments the most.

These podcasters are knowledgeable about investments, stocks, and real estate investing.

Some podcasters may have plenty of tips and tutorials on investing properly.

Podcasters may also have long discussions with industry professionals that come on the show as guest speakers.

Additionally, the podcaster may turn to the audience for anecdotes and stories about investing.

What Is Included on an Investing Podcast?

An investing podcast will include many things, including advertisements, comparisons, tips, tricks, tutorials, and interviews.

You’ll never be bored listening to the right investing podcast because they are similar to personal finance blogs and have tons of information.

Other Things You Can Find on an Investing Podcast

You can find many things on an investing podcast, including tips and tutorials.

However, some may be surprising.

  • Books Recommendations: Finding a podcast about certain topics can be difficult, and finding a book can be even harder. Many investing podcasts will recommend the right books for listeners who want a deeper understanding.
  • Tips: Many may use podcasts as a marketing tool for their services, but many only want to spread information to listeners. These podcasts are rife with tips and helpful techniques.
  • Tutorials: Many investing podcasts will have tutorials on how to start and contribute to portfolios and stocks.
  • Definitions: An investing podcast is full of jargon that can be tough to understand. The right podcast will define these terms.

Types of Investing Podcasts

There are three main types of investing podcasts, including those for beginners, real estate enthusiasts, and stock investors.

Each type of podcast will cover different topics.

  • Beginner Investing Podcasts: Beginner investing podcasts are all over the internet, and most are free. These podcasts seek to help new investors understand the industry.
  • Real Estate Investing Podcasts: Real estate investing podcasts cover everything someone will need to know about investing in real estate.
  • Stock Investing Podcasts: Stock investing podcasts are among the most common and will likely cover a wide range of stock market information, news, and insights.

Best Investing Podcasts: 15 Examples

Investing podcasts are plentiful on the internet.

These podcasts discuss a wide range of topics, including how to get started, stocks, and real estate.

Listeners will find these 15 examples informative and inspirational for their journey into investing podcasts.

How Many Investing Podcasts Are There?

Anyone can start an investing podcast, meaning there are plenty on the internet.

However, the most popular investing podcasts are hosted by experts who have many years of experience in the field.

Choose among the hundreds of investing podcasts available to ensure you get the most accurate tips and information possible.

Beginner Investing Podcasts

Beginner investing podcasts are those that discuss the challenges associated with starting.

These podcasts are rife with advice, tips, and tricks on how to begin investing.

The Investing For Beginners Podcast

A screenshot of the investing for beginners podcast homepage

The Investing For Beginners Podcast attempts to take all the complicated aspects of the stock market out of investing.

This podcast offers lessons on how to invest properly and discusses everything a beginner should know before dipping their toes into investing.

Follow this podcast to grow, develop, and learn about investing from the ground up.

Get Started Investing

A screenshot of the get started investing homepage

Get Started Investing is all about helping beginners tackle the barriers that make investing difficult and allowing them access to all the basic information they should know before investing.

This podcast seeks to make investing easier by breaking down all the scary technical talk and making the process more appealing to everyday investors.

Millennial Investing

A screenshot of the millennial investing homepage

Millennial Investing is a podcast by Robert Leonard and Rebecca Hotsko and talks about everything related to investing and financial stability.

This podcast is a go-to for the best tips and tricks on how to use side hustles and personal development to invest in your future.

Beginners will find the explanations easy to understand on this podcast.

Smart Money Podcast

A screenshot of the smart money podcast homepage

Smart Money Podcast is run by NerdWallet and helps answer some of the top questions about investing and making the best financial decisions to help keep your family afloat.

This podcast covers a wide range of topics, including investing for beginners.

You can find answers to tons of questions you may have about investments with this podcast.

Easy Peasy Finance for Kids and Beginners

A screenshot of the easy peasy finance for kids and beginners podcast homepage

Easy Peasy Finance offers tons of personal finance information, including the best tips for beginners who want to get into investments.

This podcast seeks to take complex and daunting concepts and break them down so everyone can understand how to get started.

Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Real estate investing podcasts focus on the real estate industry and how you can invest in property to enhance wealth.

Investing in Real Estate With Clayton Morris

A screenshot of the investing in real estate with clayton morris homepage

Investing in Real Estate is hosted by Clayton Morris who takes a razor-sharp focus on providing the best information about real estate investments.

Listen to new episodes three times every week to ensure you know everything about how real estate investing can help you earn passive income without much fuss or concern.

Wealthy Investor Podcast

A screenshot of the wealthy investor podcast homepage

Wealthy Investor Podcast is an ideal place to look for information on how to use real estate to make passive income.

This podcast is hosted by Robert Davila and offers interviews with industry experts, analysis of complex topics, and stories from those who have spent years investing in real estate.

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

A screenshot of the bigger pockets real estate podcast homepage

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is among the largest and most popular real estate investment podcasts on the internet.

These podcast episodes dive deep into the world of real estate investing, including interviews with experts and analyses of the best opportunities to invest in.

These podcast hosts are also authors of best-selling investing books.

Real Wealth Show: Real Estate Investing Podcast

A screenshot of the real wealth show real estate investing podcast homepage

Real Wealth Show is a podcast about how listeners everywhere can follow some steps to invest in real estate and make tons of passive income.

This podcast will also discuss other tips on how to be financially stable and build a portfolio that will help you land yourself in the best market positions.

The SFR Show

A screenshot of the SFR show homepage

The SFR Show is a podcast compiled of industry professionals who want to share their experience in real estate investing to help others achieve financial stability and wealth.

This podcast discusses everything from property management to portfolio creation.

Tune into The SFR Show for insights about crafting your first steps in real estate investing.

Stock Investing Podcasts

Stock investing podcasts will discuss the stock market and which stocks are the best to ensure the largest payout later.

Stock Market Investing With Giovanni Rigters

A screenshot of the stock market investing with giovanni righters homepage

Stock Market Investing is a podcast that discusses everything related to investing in the stock market.

The host, Giovanni Rigters, discusses every topic in easy-to-understand terms and makes beginners feel relaxed while presenting the information.

This podcast is one of the best places to learn about stock market trends and tutorials.

Invest Like The Best

A screenshot of the Invest like the best podcast homepage

Invest Like The Best is a podcast that discusses a lot of topics in the financial realm, but the most common topic on the show is the stock market.

This podcast can offer insights from stock market veterans who know what the trends should and can look like.

Consider listening to this podcast to learn how you can best invest your time and money.

Stocks & Coffee With The StockGeek

A screenshot of the stocks & coffee with the stock geek homepage

Stocks & Coffee is a podcast run by a hedge fund expert with years of experience in the field of finance.

This podcast will go over daily market news and insights about the current stock trends.

Get the latest information by tuning into Stocks & Coffee and decide what you should invest in today.

Planet Money

A screenshot of the plannet money homepage

Planet Money is a podcast for all things economics, but the hosts often give plenty of information and insights on stocks and investing like a pro.

This podcast is run by NPR, making it one of the most authoritative podcasts for investing on the internet.

Money For the Rest of Us

A screenshot of the money for the rest of us homepage

Money For the Rest of Us is a podcast that discusses financial topics, including stocks and investments.

This podcast seeks to help share information on how everyday people can use the stock market to make money and live financially securely.

Tune in to learn from the host, J. David Stein, a money manager and Chief Investment Strategist.

Similar Podcast Types To Check Out

Investing podcasts are similar to finance podcasts, those targeted toward men, and those seeking to share educational resources.

  • Finance Podcasts: Finance podcasts will discuss financial topics as a whole, covering everything you need to know to boost your finances.
  • Podcasts for Men: Podcasts for men are those that talk about topics targeted toward men, including diet, exercise, mental health, career advice, and relationship advice.
  • Educational Podcasts: Educational podcasts seek to help others understand topics that may be unfamiliar.

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers can help you figure out which investing podcasts to listen to and how to start investing.

vector graphic showing an illustration of investing podcasts

What is the #1 investing podcast?

The number one investing podcast is We Study Billionaires, but this podcast is broad and may not cover essentials for beginners.

Is $5k enough to start investing?

Any amount of money is enough to start investing in small stocks.

Consider using only $10 on penny stocks to begin your investing journey. $5,000 can be enough for a significant investment.

Wrapping up

Investing podcasts can help listeners learn more about investing, making passive income, and the real estate industry.

Listening to one of these 15 examples can help you learn how podcasts are structured and how to make your own.

Investing podcasts are similar to finance podcasts, men’s podcasts, and educational podcasts meant to enhance knowledge and quality of life.

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