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Is Blogging Making You Feel Nervous?



Are you out of blogging ideas?

You may not admit it. But I can sense you feel nervous.

You’ve started your blog and written some articles. Nobody is reading those articles. Or, few people read it yesterday. Your blog readership is almost close to zero.

You’re starting to question your judgement. You’re thinking maybe you should do something else and quit blogging.

It’s like blogging doesn’t seem real. It’s like people who say they make money blogging aren’t really making money blogging.

You’ve got to keep the roof over your head. You can’t waste time doing something you’re not sure about.

Some people call themselves professional bloggers, but your mind is starting to tell you that you’re not one of them.

You’ve never written a book before. Your mind tells you that you’re not even a pro writer.

You’re not a full-time freelance writer. And you don’t have any publishing experience.

You feel confused and lost. You don’t know what to do.

Now, listen up! This article is for you.

You think you’re not a professional blogger?

I don’t think so. You can blog as long as you have feelings, experience and knowledge you think will be useful to your next-door neighbor.

And please forget about the term “pro blogger” because I don’t know any professional blogger. Even a guy working in a clothing store may call himself a pro blogger because he comes home and post his rants on Tumblr for his friends to see.

It’s just like when you say you’re a professional YouTuber. There are many people who claim that title. What they do is put the camera up and starts saying whatever enters their minds.

Back in the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties, there aren’t anything like a professional blogger or professional YouTuber. But today, we have them.

Darren Rowse. You know him?

When Darren began blogging, he had no idea of what he was doing. He was only curious learning how to blog while sharing what he learned. Simply put it like this: he was an expert while he was actually learning.

His blog continues to grow and it turned into a raving community with hundreds of thousands of readers spread across the world. Today, people call Darren a pro blogger.

Was he a pro blogger when he started?

No! He wasn’t.

So what’s your excuse?

As long as you believe in yourself and you’re ready to work hard, nothing can ever stop you from building a blog that makes thousands of dollars per month. Not even Google, Bing or Facebook constant algorithm changes can stop you.

The only thing that can stop you is YOU. Note that!

So what should you do when blogging is making you feel nervous?

Pick Your Niche And Unique Angle

Chris Ducker calls himself the Virtual CEO. In fact, his book “Virtual Freedom” is now an Amazon best seller. “Virtual Freedom” has sold over 30,000 copies and racked up to 663 customer reviews on Amazon. What an incredible feat for Chris.

chris ducker

Chris created a tiny niche for himself. Who would have thought of “Virtual CEO” or “Virtual Freedom” as a niche?

Chris talks about being an internet marketer, a web entrepreneur, a digital nomad who works less and achieve more. Who wouldn’t want to be those things?

If you want to pick a niche for your blog, pick a competitive, lucrative niche but make sure you approach it from a unique angle.

Chris blog still blog those topics that have been done to death: Internet marketing, Productivity, Motivation, Entrepreneurship. But he writes them with the Virtual CEO angle in mind.

Like when I started my blog, I knew it’s my aim to teach beginners how to blog. There are many blogging blogs out there. But I want to approach mine from a different angle. I want to talk to a few people. I want to talk to people who want to leave their boring day jobs and become self-employed. My blog wasn’t made for anybody.

Maybe you’re thinking about venturing into the fitness niche because you have some experience about fitness. What do you do?

You don’t just say your blog is about fitness. There are lots of fitness blogs out there. You’ll be fighting a losing battle competing with those authority fitness blogs.

You have to approach it differently. You can say your blog is about fitness for fashionistas. This is like combining fashion and fitness on your blog. Do I see anybody currently doing this? No!

Picking a unique angle sets your blog apart from the competition. This is what you should do when you’re just starting out in blogging.

Learn SEO

Many of the big sites receive the majority of their traffic from search engines. Even which is in the top 200 websites of the world according to Alexa still receives the majority of its traffic from search engines.

SimilarWeb tells me that 77% of traffic comes from search engines. That’s a huge number.

search traffic of

Search engines remain a big traffic driver. You have to learn SEO if you want to succeed on search engines.

With SEO, it will be a lot easier for you to achieve your dreams and turn your blog into a real business.

The first step to learning SEO is to forget about targeting keywords in every post you publish on your blog. Your goal should be to create value for the visitors.

The next thing to do is to ensure that your blog is set-up the right way. The below video should help you.

The next thing is to learn how to build good links to your blog. Jon Cooper wrote a comprehensive list of ways to build links here. I recommend you read the post if you really want to learn how to build links.

The next thing is to learn how to make good use of social media.

Search engines are starting to pay more and more attention to social media activities. Although search engines won’t publicly admit that social shares are ranking signals, various studies conducted by reputable SEOs have shown that social shares do influence search engine rankings.

So, you should learn how to make good use of social media. Social Media Examiner has an extensive guide that will tell you what you need to know to make good use of social media.

You also have to learn how to find and target long tail keywords that most of your competitors ignores. Neil Patel wrote a fact-packed article that will teach you how to get thousands of monthly visitors from search engines targeting the long tails.

You have to keep learning how SEO works. Moz has an SEO guide titled “How to Rank: 25 Step to Master SEO Blueprint”. I recommend you read this article.

Blogging can definitely help you quit your boring job. But you have to take the right steps. The instructions outlined in this article should get you started and moving in the right direction.

In addition to that, I recommend you don’t quit your day job yet because it will put a lot of unnecessary pressure on you.

What are the blogging challenges you’re experiencing right now?

Tell me your answers and other views, using the comment box you’ll find below.


Michael Akinlaby is a Freelance Writer and SEO Consultant. He's the founder of RankRain, a marketing agency that specializes in Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

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What Are 2 Surefire Ways to Get Dependable Blogging Help?



Some bloggers ask for free help routinely. I figure the success rate seems low for this approach because few successful bloggers have ample time to answer questions for free. Drilling deeper, few successful bloggers have time to offer in-depth, thorough answers to blogging questions. Perhaps you receive an answer but the answer cannot be in-depth, robust and a rich solution to your question-problem, in virtually all cases.

What about other methods to get blogging help? I identify two surefire ways to get blogging help.

1: Buy it

Invest money in blogging help. Access dependable, proven help instantly in the form of an eBook, course, audio book or coaching. Paying money for help is the quickest way to access a rich solution because you download the course or speak to the coach in relatively rapid fashion; unless the coach seems booked for weeks. Even then; just buy their eBook for an appetizer before the coaching session. Instant help. Dependable help too. Never resist buying help for fear of spending money. Invest in your blogging education to become informed, calm and confident in your blogging journey. Few bloggers buy help. Most ask strangers for help. Do you know if a stranger on Quora knows their blogging stuff? Take no risks. Invest money in dependable blogging help. Money you invest in your blogging education now leads to greater traffic and profits returns during the long haul.

Investing money in blogging help offers you blogging wisdom; you gain the experience of investing money with an expectation the financial investment will pay off in exponential terms over the long haul. Resist urges to devour as much free blogging content as humanly possible. Due diligence cross currents arise clinging to this strategy. One blogger advises doing one thing, another a different school of thought. By week’s end, 345 blogging strategies litter your mind, confusing you into analysis paralysis and due diligence failure. Buy a good course. Buy a good eBook. Work from there.

2: Help Bloggers Generously

Help bloggers generously to get proven help. Works like a charm. Simple; retweet posts, Facebook Share posts and comment genuinely on blogs. Link to bloggers on your blog. Link to bloggers on social media. Be as helpful as possible. Cut the strings. Release expectations. Bloggers appreciative of your service tend to befriend you. Blogging buddies offer fellow blogging buddies oodles of proven, dependable help because we care for our friends. We want our friends to succeed as much as we want to succeed; our friends get special treatment.

I have received invitations into exclusive tribes, guest post invites and a library of helpful blogging strategies from my beloved blogger buddy network. I befriended these awesome folks by helping them freely for a sustained period of time without asking for anything in return. Bonds form. Blogging buddies connected. We helped each other by sharing beneficial strategies, tribes and other concepts to multiply our blogging success.

Put your desires to the side guys; help generously to make this tip work powerfully. Trust in genuine, generous blogger outreach. I often share how I only pitched 2 people during my 6 years running Blogging From Paradise and scored over 13,000 back links. Being helpful seems like an awesome way to get proven help.


Are you an aspiring blogger? Buy my eBook:

11 Proven Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

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Blog Writing Techniques: 5 Tips



Writing intimidates most new bloggers.

Even veterans shudder at the prospect of writing and publishing posts sometimes.

Cut through the fear of writing to become a skilled writer. Following specific tips eases writing anxiety into a calm, confident energy. I write like I breathe. But I had to follow these tips diligently to develop writing skills.

Writing is your chief blogging skill to develop. If you write well you blog well.

Follow these 6 tips.

1: Write in a Word Document Daily

Write 500 words or more in a Word document daily. Hone and own your #1 blogging skill through the #1 way to develop the skill: write your butt off. Practice diligently. Practice patiently. Blogging becomes easier if you practice writing daily because advertisers, readers, clients and customers seek skilled writers who impress. Write 500 words daily. Trash the document to detach from your writing. No one becomes skilled without practicing the skill. Write about your niche. Write fiction. Write whatever but just write.

2: Read Skilled Authors

Read skilled authors. Expose yourself to serious writers. Up your writing game through osmosis. Reading skilled authors gives you shining examples of how to write. I tighten up my writing after reading novels by pros like Lee Child, George R.R. Martin and James Patterson. Icons offer you excellent examples for how to write cleanly, clearly and crisply.

Note; skilled writing bloggers do the trick too. Read top bloggers to adopt their ways. Write in your voice but mimic certain elements employed by skilled bloggers to up your writing game too. Read for 30 minutes or more daily. Skilled writers seem to be voracious readers. Read frequently. Practice writing. Write well.

3: Write Short Sentences

Craft short, punchy sentences to make an impact through your writing. Write crisply. Short, concise sentences grab your reader’s attention span. Imagine following a type writer. Eyes follow words until the “ping” sound; eyes travel to the next line. Short, clear sentences allow posts to flow with grace and purpose. Writing short sentences also respects your reader’s time as long, bloated sentences waste folk’s time. Why say it in 45 words if you can say it in 10?

4: Use Frequent Paragraphs

Apply paragraphs liberally to your blog posts. Paragraphs break up your posts in sufficient fashion. Run on sentences confuse readers. Boring readers never seems to be a smart idea. But using frequent paragraphs helps readers latch on to your work because you move their eyes North-South in effective fashion. Format your blog post in page turner fashion. Use frequent paragraphs to write effectively.

5: Alternate Formatting to Promote Flow

Observe one of my recent blog posts:

Notice how I use:

  • H2 tags
  • bold text
  • bullet point lists

to promote flow through the blog post. Skilled bloggers write with contrast in mind. Readers enjoy following alternative text formats because just reading plain text words leads to snoozing; not a good thing. Change formatting routinely through your blog posts. Use headers, bullet point lists, bold text and italics text to draw readers to your posts. Think flow. How do you let posts flow freely? Changing formatting provides necessary change ups to keep your readers on their cyber toes.

Blogging is writing-focused. Never forget this simple, powerful blogging truth. Skilled writers make a seismic impact online. Everybody else fades into the shadows. No blogger needs to be incredibly skilled – like a Blogging Hemingway – to make a successful impact. Writing in your one a kind voice does the trick nicely. Toss in key tips for blog post formatting and you will write skilled enough to succeed online.


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5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes That Even Experts Make



biggest blogging mistakes

Are you not getting the desired results for your blog?

Well, don’t worry too much. The best bloggers, after all, have made lots of mistakes along the way — and sometimes, they’re still making them!

Then again, just because they’ve made mistakes doesn’t mean you need to make them as well. What you can do at this point is beware of what these mistakes are.

So in this article, let’s look at the five biggest blogging mistakes that even experts make. This way, you can learn from other people’s mistakes. And hopefully, you can do better.

Striving for Perfection

In blogging, you’ll find yourself continually rewriting and updating old posts. It’s mostly because new information has resurfaced. And sometimes, it’s also because you stumbled upon errors in your posts.

Either way, that’s okay. It’s understandable to be scared of making a mistake. But you know what? It’s not the end of the world.

Wanting matters to go flawlessly during the first go is good. It means you want to start on the right foot.

But you have to give it up. And focus on getting something out there.

Just be active. Take it from 70% of bloggers who make over $50,000 a year.

Remember, it’s better to get something done even if it’s rough on the edges. Just understand and accept that the need for perfection can slow you down. And it may also prevent you from moving forward at all.

Choosing Profit over Passion

Focus on a blog topic you feel strongly about. And don’t just do it for the money.

That way, you can keep the discussions coming. At the same time, you can still hold on to that sparkle in you.

Let’s set things straight, though:

Getting compensated for your writing is excellent. But if you’re playing for the long haul, it’s a different story.

Once you realize you’re writing about a topic that bores you, earning money won’t matter. And over time, you won’t have the heart to continue blogging.

So write about something you’re passionate about. Don’t fret about the money. If you focus on your passion, the money will come rolling in as you go.

Suffering from “Shiny Object Syndrome”

shiny object syndrome - biggest blogging mistakes

Do you turn to the allure of another project instead of completing the one you’re currently working on? Then it looks like you’re suffering from the Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS).

It’s a disease of distraction. And it’s out to get those with high motivation such as entrepreneurs and those with similar mindsets.

If you have SOS, you tend to crave new things. And while craving for the latest developments is good for business, it can work against this goal.

You know how a small child chases after a shiny object? And you know how he immediately loses interest in it the moment he catches it? Then he would drop it like a hot potato and begin chasing after a new shiny object.

Well, that’s the entrepreneurial equivalent of the disease. And if you go by with it as you venture into blogging, you’re not going to walk away with the best results. What you should do instead is to focus on your current task.

Going for Cheap Tools

There’s nothing wrong with using free tools to help you get started with your blog. But they will bite you in the ass if you depend on them too much.

Remember, blogging is an investment. And eventually, you have to shell out cash for tools that will help your blog in the long run.

For instance, you need to set up your blog on the right web host. The decision of which host to choose when setting up your blog is essential. Your choice can make or break your blog’s success.

So don’t base your decision on a host’s cost. Instead, focus on the resources that this host can provide.

Skimping on Guest Posts

Think that you should always publish your best content on your blog? Well, you need to rethink it.

The thing is, publishing top-notch articles as guest posts is a “more crowded” way to go. The visitors on the site where you submitted your post can see your work. As a result, it raises your visibility and exposure. And because it can further increase your online reach, you would want that.

Plus, you can build your readership this way. If your submitted post is beloved by a site’s many visitors, you can begin counting them as your fans.

Final Thoughts

Making mistakes is terrible. But it would help if you got over them. What’s important is how you deal with your mistakes.

The way I see it, you shouldn’t let your fear of making a mistake get the best of you. Instead of giving in to anxieties, you should do something about the problem. If you sit there, nothing will happen. But if you get up, something good and promising just might come knocking on your door.

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