Is Google Blog Search broken and full of spam?

Google is top dog when it comes to indexing speed but their index is chock full of spam.

The above quote is from Bruce Clay’s blog, in a post written by Lisa Barone.

I thought I’d give it a quick test for a term I coined, Gateway Blogging.

Google Blog Search results for gateway blogging. I just looooove being number one in the SERPS!

Ask blog search results for gateway blogging. Not number one as of now 😉 but I’m on the first page, at least.

Ice Rocket search results for gateway blogging. Hmm… I’m nowhere to be found. I guess that means Ice Rocket is no good! But wait… if you do an exact phrase search for gateway blogging, well, then I’m all over the page.

I have to confess I hardly ever use a blog search engine, but if you’ve been disappointed in Google Blog Search, here are a couple others to try:

Ask Blog Search
Ice Rocket

Perhaps my experience is atypical, but from where I’m standing, Google Blog Search performed the best (if you’re number one in the results, that’s what that means, right?).

What has your experience been with Google Blog Search? Does it seem spammy to you?