contentContent is king.

I’m sure you’d have heard that several times if you’ve been a blogger for anything more than a day. People keep on emphasizing the important of great content and how it can help you build a successful blog. Even those who hardly get results from writing “great content”.

When it comes to “content being king” you need to know that the phrase “content is king” isn’t as conclusive as it seems. In fact, that statement can be very confusing and deceitful that it has made a lot of new bloggers quit because they can’t just get their “great content” to work for them.

Mind You…

I’m not trying to dispute the fact that great content rocks, and I’m not trying to disagree with those successful bloggers who have preached it over and over again. I have gotten a lot of great results by focusing more of my efforts on delivering great content but I’d also like you to know that great content isn’t the magic formula to building a successful blog.

When you try to examine the fact that content is king you also need to realize that so many kings can coexist. If every content you were to see online is great then no content is indeed great.

You also need to consider the fact that there are millions of bloggers (or at least thousands in every niche) competing for the attention of the same set of readers so no matter how great your content is there will still be someone with better content. I’m not trying to use that to discourage you, instead, I’m trying to educate you on how to better position your content and leverage your circumstances to get better results from your content.

While some people’s content are so exceptional that it is bound to succeed, yours probably isn’t, so I hope the tips below will help you get more results from your content.

Presenting Your Content

While the concept of unique and great content is very common online it is important for you to know that there is nothing entirely unique in the blogosphere. Every single blog post you read is an entirely different version of what you read before and every single blog you read is an entirely different version of another blog. The reality with most of the successful blogs you read isn’t that they are presenting entirely different and unique content – it is that they are making their content look so. As dumb as that may sound, it is the reality.

Writing successfully in today’s world isn’t about looking for the most unique points to write about, but making your content presentable. You need to let your audience know why they are not wasting their time reading your content, why your content is “entirely different” from the other content they have or would read and why your content will be worth the time of their friends. You need to be able to present your content in a way that your readers will naturally digest it, in a way that will stir up their emotions and in a way that they will waste spend their time reading it without even knowing they are doing so.

A lot of what makes your content presentable has to do with your blog design, some have to do with your formatting and some have to do with the tone and simplicity with which you write the content. It’s all about understanding your audience and tailoring your content towards them.

Your Content Needs the Right Exposure

This is the final bit of it.

The reality is that great content is useless without the right amount of exposure.

Every single article you write needs momentum to succeed. That is why that ‘poor’ article goes viral on that big blog and that great article on your blog doesn’t bring results. Your great content won’t bring results on its own. It needs people to push it. It needs others to spread the word and you need to do everything you can to spread the word.

Guest blogging. Video marketing. Blog commenting. Article marketing. SEO and any other techniques you can lay your hand on. Don’t ever take any advice that tells you to focus on content alone and ignore marketing seriously. While ignoring marketing might work for some talented bloggers, it probably won’t work for you and you will just keep on living that myth. Do as much marketing as you can to ensure every single article you write gets enough traffic to go viral and you’d be amazed to see what results you can get.

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