Is It Worth Buying SEO Hosting Services to Build a Blog Network?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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If you’re considering building a blog network, you may need SEO services. There are plenty of ways to build backlinks and get better SEO. A blog network is a powerful strategy, but it must be done right. Getting set up across seo hosting services that specialize in getting you unique ip’s.

What is SEO Hosting?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) hosting is the means by which a website is hosted across many instances of “Class C” IP addresses. It’s often used for somebody owning multiple websites or somebody building a blog network for better SEO.

What is a “Class C” IP Address?

Without getting too far into the information technology-side of the explanation, it basically works like this: search engines use four different classes of networks, one being Class C. By setting up IP address across multiple instances of a Class C network, you can theoretically manipulate a search engine’s algorithm by connecting a variety of owned IP addresses assigned to different sites of the same network. This may boost a site’s Alexa ranking and overall search ranking.

Most search engines are unable to figure out whether or not these sites are all owned by one person or multiple people. This does bring up the conversation of ethical behavior. The use of SEO hosting to grow a blog network has many friends and many foes. However, both sides of the argument make many valid points.

The Two Faces of SEO Hosting

If it sounds complicated and a little underhanded, then the aforementioned paragraph served its purpose. Moderation is one thing; but solely using algorithm-based marketing techniques are not considered a viable long-term solution, since search engines, such as Google change their algorithms quite often. Sooner or later, there is the possibility that Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines will figure out how blog networks are built and how to detect them.

Some marketers and webmasters are organic purists, while others prefer to use all techniques available to the developer. Those who value paid and organic growth over ruthless SEO tactics believe that creating natural, evergreen content is the most important component for consistent, long-term growth.

This is a great strategy, as the natural building of links to evergreen content will ensure you never have to worry about any type of penalty. However, it can take months, if not years to really gain high ranking with a 100% organic strategy.

Overall, it depends on the individual industry, company goals and previously conducted research to actually determine whether or not this method is right for your website. It’s definitely not a method to be used by beginners or those who do not understand SEO management.

A Dividing Opinion among Industry Professionals

Most experts and analysts agree that major search engines discredit multiple backlinks from Class C (and even some Class B) Networks. Therefore, SEO hosting is probably not the best choice for long-lasting growth. However, if this strategy is used properly and contains the right mix of links, it can be a very powerful way to achieve sustainable results.

Regardless of the type of methods you choose to use for your website, it’s important to have a plan. Whether you choose to build a blog network with SEO webhosting or you prefer to let backlinks build naturally, putting a plan in place will help you build for now and for the future. Make sure your SEO plan suits your specific needs, and then, implement the plan.

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