Sometimes we’re completely oblivious to what’s going on–either around us or with our own selves. This happened to me yesterday; Monday to be exact, since by the time you read this, it’ll be days later.

I spent about 10 hours at the computer. I don’t recommend that very often. But as I mentioned in an earlier post, The Learning Curve, I spent most of the time weeding through Aweber (I don’t have any awesome tips at this time) and setting up a special report for people who want it–part of building the list.

It was only AFTER 10 hours that it dawned on me–it was my day off. Is that insane? Well, not really. I’m finally taking the plunge to work on building a great blog, so I don’t mind putting the time in. And it actually beats the heck out of wasting my time in front of a TV. I could have read a good book, which I highly recommend over a TV any day of the week, unless it’s an NCIS marathon; the only show I will watch these days. But your choice of programs could be different.

So you’re wondering why I didn’t have any grand plans since its summertime in the states. Well, the truth is, I hate the heat, and since I live in the south–we have heat. So, staying indoors and doing something productive was more up my alley. This fall, I may not work so much. The point of that analogy is; whichever season is your least favorite is the best one to buckle down and get some work done so you can play on your off-season.

Building a blog, a career, and being successful takes hard work. Sometimes it’s awhile before the work pays off, but it will. This means you need to give up some free time and get busy doing it.

When it dawned on me that I had spent my off day working, I remembered a post titled, You Need to Make Sacrifices to Make it as a Blogger.

One excerpt reads:

You really have to put the hours in to build a successful blog. I’ve seen many people claim bloggers like John Chow and Shoe Money simply got lucky but in reality, these high profile bloggers work their butts off day in day out.

Yes, you do need time off to recoup, but in the early stages you need to put as much time as possible to get to the stage where you can enjoy the freedom of being a successful blogger. That means you need to work on your days off from time to time, just don’t forget some fun time too.