The rise of the Internet has certainly lowered the barrier to entry for starting your own small business, but there can still be several complications when it comes to selling both physical and digital products. Offering a solution for a complete eCommerce website is IzzoNet online store software. This is so much more than just a shopping cart solution; it’s a complete online store, ready to make you some serious money.

A Complete E-Commerce Solution

While some other competitors may offer you a site builder and an e-cart, IzzoNet goes a lot further. There is a fast and easy-to-use store builder to start, but you also get SSL security, full web hosting, drop shipping integration, customer management, shipping management, social media marketing, anti-fraud mechanisms, brand management, and so much more.

It really is an online store in a box, complete with a wealth of eCommerce marketing tools. There is the social media aspect, as mentioned above, but you also get a feature for sending promotional emails to your list, a coupon creation tool to generate more sales (plus the ability to upload your coupons to coupon sites), and the ability to upload your products to several shopping engines like eBay and Amazon. That’s huge increased exposure with very minimal additional effort on your part.

Store Templates and Design Options

Before you can start selling products, you need to design your site. While full HTML access to tweak the web design as you see fit is coming soon, IzzoNet also comes with a huge library of free eCommerce templates to get you started.

You can simply use these templates, customize with your branding, and upload your products, but there are many design options available to you too. And you don’t need extensive CSS or HTML knowledge to do it, since there is an easy drag-and-drop interface with unlimited website widgets. Depending on your plan, you also have access to free pictures and many product display options. There’s even a logo maker and digital watermarking.

A Wealth of Features

The Izzonet eCommerce solutions really are complete. The platform offers you a fully secured online store, back with built-in SSL and anti-fraud security to go along with your secured shopping cart and integrated payment solution. The online store comes fully search engine optimized, while still giving you the ability to add even more value.

While there is a great web-based supplier relationship management (SRM) system in place here too, IzzoNet can also be configured to let you skip the physical inventory and go with a drop-shipping model instead. This includes the ability to provide your suppliers with unique logins, as well as the abiility to track the shipping of your customers’ orders.

Other notable features include multiple language support, live chat, mobile integration, and barcode creator. Soon to be added are a landing page generator, LinkedIn integration, auto affiliate manager, online reputation management, and even the ability to let you sell on Twitter.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not all of the above-described features are available on all of the plans, so you’ll want to have a closer look at the five pricing plans to see which one best suits your needs. The other major difference is, while they all provide unlimited bandwidth, they come with varying amounts of image hosting space.

The prices shown here are if you sign up on a month-to-month basis. There are significant savings to be enjoyed by prepaying for some period in advance: if you prepay for one year, you get three months free. If you prepay for two years, you get one year free. There is a definite convenience factor here, as you get all your design, marketing, hosting, admin, inventory, and all sorts of other e-commerce needs handled in one place.

IzzoNet is currently offering a 15-day free trial. There are no hidden fees, no setup fee, and no credit card required.