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By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

We have completed our JustHost review and found that this hosting company pays attention to two features of its hosting business that has resulted in giving it a competitive edge.

The main focus of JustHost company is to provide shared hosting plans along with reseller hosting. So, if you are a webmaster who wants to work right away but is stuck between his wallet and career choices; then this the option for you.

JustHost is especially for people who find it troublesome to manage too many tasks with less money. The company offers you so many discounts and money back offers that you will ultimately cave in, and these offers aren’t limited but ’anytime’ offers.

JustHost Review: Company Background

Just Develop It group established JustHost in the year 2008. This company is the brainchild of a well-known UK entrepreneur Chris Philips. It has proven to be yet another successful idea from him.

Dot5 is his yet another invention that helped gain the reputation that he’s been living up till date. The sale of Dot 5 brought him fame in the Internet world, and he went further by striking a deal with the US-based Endurance International Group for JustHost. .

EIG is, of course, the owner of BlueHost, iPage and many other web hosting businesses.

The headquarters is located in the UK, US and Australia with all hosting activities centred on an Illinois data center.

The company had pledged in the past to support green environment; hence, the ‘Go Green’ program came into existence. But, since then, little has been mentioned by the company regarding their motive.

JustHost Review: Why Should You Choose it?

If you are a small businessman, an entrepreneur or just a blogger who has recently started working with hosting, JustHost is perfect for you. If you are completely new to this world of hosting and web services and find it risky to spend money on other expensive web hosting services who don’t even offer you enough features, choose JustHost.  And I will tell you why in detail below:

Some of the Many Features Offered Include:

  • Free Domain on Sign-Up
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited Gigs Transfer
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • No Hidden Fees
  • CGI, FTP, Perl, Ruby, PHP,

In addition to these features, the host provides a responsive customer support service on a 24/7/365 basis, very secure servers, affordable prices, and top of the line hosting service.

These features are what the average client is looking for all wrapped up in a very affordable hosting fee.

We are glad to announce that we have just added JustHost to our list of top 10 web hosting companies.

They provide a very cheap service and they are possibly the fastest growing company in this niche industry.

JustHost Review: Hosting Packages

The web host guarantees that it offers plenty of space required by its customers to get their work done. Although, JustHost does limit your subdomains, storage space and MySQL database.

JustHost offers you data transfer which is unlimited but unfortunately doesn’t pay much attention to speed and performance of your website.

Computing and Memory are the major things that play a vital role in affecting the loading time of your website. JustHost doesn’t usually give you a fair warning regarding your reaching the threshold but rather you will realize it when your website is either slowed down or moved. In fact sometimes you are also asked to upgrade your plan.

The moment you find out that your website has now starting to reach its limit, you can always choose to switch to upgrading fewer limits and higher resource allotments along with other features that the company offers.

JustHost Review: Hosting Price and Plans

JustHost has two main offerings for that are:

  • #1 Just Plan
  • #2 Just Plan Premium

Well, if you look at these two options closely you will realize that there isn’t much of a difference between the two as they are offering you almost the same features be it regarding disk space that is unlimited or the bandwidth.

I know what you are thinking -there has to be some difference between the regular and the premium! Well, the only difference you will spot here is the fact that premium offers you more ‘free for life’ domains option than the regular plan offers.

When you are using the premium offer, you are given ownership of three free domains but as a regular basic plan customer, you will be provided with only one free domain. If you are a new person waiting to enter the new world of hosting here are your prices set:

  •  #Just Plan is for 24 months with pricing of 4.45$ per month
  •  #Just Plan Premium is for 24 months with pricing of 6.95$ per month

If you notice here, you will see that if you choose their Just Plan Premium, you have three free domains that will last a lifetime by paying hardly 2.50$ extra! This strategy has successfully helped them attract many users.

Like mentioned before, they keep many offers on the table from time to time, therefore, their prices are never the same. It won’t be much of a shocker that you go back to their website and see different prices because when the article was written these were the prices then but seeing their continuous change in price range due to their ongoing promotions, the prices must have been changed depending on when you choose to read this article.

With this host, service is offered at just $3.45 monthly. We have come to the conclusion that you will always get the value you pay for. From the surveys and research, we have found that whenever a service is offered at a cheap price, that service will suffer as a result.

We realize that JustHost is working to revamp its service offering, but we have heard complaints about the company and we feel that we need to report these as well as the good features about the host.

Current Prices:

$3.45 monthly – 3 years of service
$4.95 monthly – 2 years of service
$5.95 monthly – 1 year of service

Special Sale Price:

Just $3.45 monthly

We have observed a number of newcomers to the hosting arena over the years and found Just Host to be the most noteworthy in recent times. They are fairly new to the marketplace and are very affordable.

JustHost Review: Help and Support

JustHost offers you twenty-four hours support all through the week. You can enquire with their executives anytime of the day using live chat or even emails.

When we faced a problem, we opted for a live chat. Although, it took us a while to get connected to them once we were connected it hardly took a couple of minutes for us to get an appropriate solution and we were back on track.

The company hasn’t left small details like video tutorials that help you learn step by step what you need to do and how to do to get started. Be it managing your email accounts, redirecting web pages or even installing WordPress they will help you with everything.

For that matter, the company has also introduced articles in their help centers that help you with things like how to create a website, an email account, using your SSH (secure shell) and how to change your primary domain.

JustHost Control Panel Options

When we first started, we honestly did not face any problem as the layout is very simple and easy to use. JustHost will give you options like creating your website using content management systems like Drupal and WordPress. You can even opt for their website builder.

The starter plan offers you complete control over your website; hence, making you the person taking all the decisions related to your website designing and development.

SSL stands for secure socket layer and will help you add those special features like accepting credits cards or adding carts to ease your customers in shopping. Not only this, you can get your business running more efficiently by advertising your blog or business out there with the credits of advertisement gouge to the company.


SSL and SSH are good choices when it concerns security. JustHost offers you both. Not only this, you are also given the backup servers, so if anything goes wrong at any time, you can easily retrieve your data. For data retrieval, you have to do is call the tech support and they will take care of the rest.

JustHost Review : The Advantages


They are :

  1. # Entry level package that offers unlimited domains.
  2. # Customers can opt for optional dedicated IPs. So, if you plan on running an eCommerce store, this purchase will prove to be really valuable while purchasing SSL certificate.
  3. # The un-resistible offer of unlimited bandwidth.
  4. # Quick and easy use of their cPanel, for both veterans and novice.
  5. # Anytime money back guarantee, which I believe is the best.


According to the recent promotions, brand new dedicated and VPS packages have come up.

JustHost Review : The Disadvantages

If you choose to go with chat options rather than submitting support tickets, we believe you should be ready for some long hours of waiting. We say long hours because first of all, you have to be in the queue for 20 mins just for getting into a chat room, even a real queue wouldn’t take that long.

The reluctance on company’s side to guarantee you with uptime is certainly bothersome. When we first started using it, we found it rather depressing when our site used to be down.. From their side, there isn’t a very good commitment towards improving it, being completely honest.

JustHost Review: Refund Policy

Every time we review hosting companies, we generally like to pinpoint a feature or characteristic that sets each host apart from the others. In the case of JustHost we found that they offer to refund the full cost of hosting, forever, if the client is not satisfied with the service.

Most hosts will provide just a 30 or a 45 days’ refund period, but JustHost goes up several notches with its unbelievable offer. The company must be aware of the complaints on its service. We feel convinced that they have great faith in their service, so as a result, they are trying to show the value they are putting into its improvement, and we can certainly not fault them for that at all.

Free Domain On Sign-Up

The company provides a free domain to each client on sign-up, and also offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. In the majority of cases, the businesses that sign-up for hosting will only use one domain name for their business website, so to get that domain free on sign-up is a good deal for them.

The savings to them may be just $10, but for a business on a very tight budget, any money saved is a good thing. We can understand that very well.

However, if a business owner adds a couple of additional domains to his hosting account and installs sites on them, he can quite easily brand the business name and the business owner’s name in the bargain. In this way, prospective customers of the business can conduct local searches on the owner’s name and the company’s name and be directed straight to the website.

It would be good to ensure that all visitors will find useful and valuable information they have been seeking when they land on the site.

If they do not, it will take them just a few seconds to decide that they are at the wrong site, and they will quickly move on to another site.


We will conclude that JustHost is a company that provides good value to its clients and if you are in the market for a host that improves its processes continuously, offers affordable hosting and provides responsive customer support, then you should certainly check out JustHost.

We hope our JustHost review proves useful to you.

by Brett Helling
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