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An in-depth Keyword Insertion plugin review to help you rock website earning with accurate keyword optimization.
Inserting keywords into your WordPress website content is vital for your SEO. With our Keyword Insertion Plugin review, you can understand the purpose of this tool and implement it in your website to reach the best of search engine rankings.
This is one of the most user-friendly WordPress plugins and one of the most powerful.
Hello friends, if you have been left wondering whether Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress would appear scam or legit to you then the article written below would be quite helpful to you.
Read our Detailed Keyword Insertion Plugin Review for WordPress, for all the details.
It is the quality of customer services that have succeeded in making Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress the most chosen product amidst various other similar ones.
User feedbacks have all been supporting this idea. It is claimed to be the best product in its field, and it is strongly recommended.
It doesn’t matter whether you are an advanced user or a new beginner – Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress would be helpful in serving the needs of any user using its concise format and easy-read structure. For possessing more detailed information, it is asked to you to continue reading this article.
Recommendations and customer reviews are offered to you by us so that it could be easier for you to understand the features of this plugin with much ease. If this product has been used by you before, then it is requested to send your feedback as it would be quite grateful for us to share them with other readers.
The analysis that is brought to you is about Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress is for all the users. It can appear in your mind as just another scam; hence it is recommended to go through the reviews below before you make any decision.
Therefore, you could easily verify the reliability of the product. Your feedback are also welcomed to make our analysis richer and help newcomers.
In addition to a critical evaluation, a rating to Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress is also given our expert team to indicate its relative merit.

Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress in Detail

This is a mathematical product that is often searched by you. This is how it should be done. It can be used really well by you. If you are searching, you need to take care of the satisfaction warranty that is offered by Keyword Insertion Plugin and a refund would also be available to you if you are not satisfied.
So, let’s read in more detail about the cash back offered later on.

Keyword Insertion Plugin Review : How It Works?

This WordPress plugin works by capturing the exact key phrase from top search engines and dynamically placing it into your content through Shortcodes or a template tag. You can use it as many times on your website as you want and you won’t have to worry about anything.
When you use the WordPress Keyword Insertion Plugin, you can put the key phrase in the paragraph text, link text, a bullet list, in quotes, in headlines or anywhere else you prefer.
It’s 100% customizable and captures keywords from all the top search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.
The plugin will grab the keyword phrase used to find your website and insert it right into the text. The key phrase goes into a spot where you have inserted the template tag or the Shortcodes. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, all you have to do is customize it to your needs.
You will be able to use the Keyword Options panel to set up the right keywords for your pages and to identify both template tags and Shortcodes. Since Google AdWords has allowed the use of Dynamic Keyword Insertion for quite some time, it’s pretty easy to see that Google understands how this works and how powerful it can be.
The Keyword Insertion Plugin allows you to increase your conversions on all types of landing pages, sales letters and pages, lead generating websites, direct response websites, regular blog content and much more!
When you add dynamic key phrases used to find your site to the page the visitor lands on, they are more likely to buy or take action. This makes it easy to increase your conversions fast.

Why Buying Keyword Insertion Plugin is a Win-Win Situation?

A full protection is offered to you with two months Money Back Guarantee.
8 Weeks Funds Back Guarantee would also be keeping you safe. Therefore, the purchase of yours is risk-free and offers complete safety for you.
In case if this plugin is not liked by you, or for any other reasons your Money will be returned to you in 8 weeks without any questions being asked.
As it can be seen, there is nothing for you to lose here, it is recommended for a trial. In case the product is not liked by you, your funds will be returned without you running from pillar to post.
The Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress has been working by capturing the exact keyword or key phrase a search engine user has used to find the site of yours.
Then, the plug-in allows you to Dynamically insert that keyword anywhere whether it is desired by you to use Shortcodes or template tag!
It can also be used UNLIMITED number of times by you within your site.
You can use it within headlines, normal paragraph text, link text, bulleted lists, number lists, quotes and more. It is totally customizable.

Following search engines can be used to capture the keywords:

  • # Google Search
  • # Yahoo Search
  • # Bing Search

….plus other search engines!
Keywords can be captured from organic and pay-per-click searches also.

So What Exactly Does the Keyword Insertion Plugin Do?

The keyword or key phrase is simply grabbed by the Plugin from a search engine, and dynamic insertion is allowed anywhere on the page or the post of yours. It is recommended to have a look at the sample image below as an example:
In the above picture, the keyword is grabbed by the Plugin and placed into an affiliate link, H2 headline, or into the main paragraph of your WordPress post.
How nice it would appear to you while watching your Affiliate links containing the EXACT keyword that your niche user is using to search for it.  This plug-in can achieve all this and much more

How to Use the Keyword Insertion Plugin?

The Keyword Insertion Plugin can be easily installed and used. As a matter-a-fact, if you have ever installed and used a WordPress plugin then there would be NO Problems for you while using it! It is entirely friendly for the Newbies.
After you purchase the plugin, then you will be taken to a page where the plugin can be downloaded by you.  It is just needed to be simply uploaded to WordPress and then activated.
Once activated, a link called “Keyword Options” would be found in your admin area. It would appear something like the image below
When the Keyword Options page is received by you, your usage of the Keyword Insertion Plugin is needed to be setup.
It is requested to have a look below at the image of the Keyword Options panel:
The first use of the plugin will be set up by you. For our sample above, you will set up a keyword instance as Shortcodes for our WordPress post.
Simply a name is needed to be given in the Shortcodes Identifier box (this is for your use only), and then Default Keyword Text is required to be provided. Then the green plus sign should be hit.
After you hit the green plus sites, the keyword is saved automatically, and you get Shortcodes that you can insert into your post or page. Isn’t it easy?
Next, the Shortcodes that the plugin has created for you is needed to be copied. Then the page or post will be opened to you where you want to use this and paste it into the site.
Now whenever this page or post is visited by someone from a search engine, on the Shortcodes those keywords are displayed that are used by the user to search the page or post. If the user is not available from a search engine, then the Default Keyword Text setup will be displayed.
The above two images both are appearing from the same WordPress post, but both are depicting two different keywords depending on where the user has come from. Either the user has come from searching you from the search engine or some other source.
The Power of Dynamic Keyword Insertion is well understood by Google.
Advertisers are allowed by the Google AdWords program to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in pay-per-click ads. Do you want to know why? Because the text and links that match what people were searching for are clicked by more people!
The same appears true on the WordPress pages or posts of yours. Your affiliate links, AdSense ads, and other links will be clicked by more people if the text matches EXACTLY what they were looking for.
It would be allowed to you to let you do just that by The Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress. It is ideal for increasing conversions on:

  • # Product sales letters and sales pages
  • # Pay-Per-Click landing pages
  • # Content sites for Google AdSense
  • # CPA affiliate sites
  • # Direct response marketing websites
  • # Lead generation websites
  • # Plus much more!

Basically, if traffic is monetized by you from search engines, this plugin can help IMPROVE YOUR CONVERSIONS!

Keyword Insertion Plugin Review: Recommended Features

They are:

  • # Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress can be considered quite flexible, feature-packed product that’s also extremely easy to use, which means it’s more likely to be used.
  • # The quality of content has enhanced immensely.
  • # It’s completely portable, means the plugin works perfectly on a smartphone, thumb drive, or any other portable device and also runs on any Windows PC.
  • # 100% Money back guarantee.
  • # The plug-in is very simple to work on thus saving your both money and time.
  • # It is also quite open and user-friendly.
  • # Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress by far can be viewed as one of the best products that have been tested in this category.
  • #  It can be operated quite easily; it is personally hated by me, anything that is very complicated as if made for the experts’ sake.

You may wonder at this point what the developer is about to charge for such a powerful and useful plugin. As it is mentioned by me earlier, the plugin is NEVER released before.

Reviewing The Cost

For just $37, you can get the most out of your WordPress website by adding the Keyword Insertion Plugin to your arsenal.
Most website owners only need one sale to make this worth it and with increased conversions; you’re likely to get more than just one sale.
When you order, it doesn’t matter the time of the day; you can download the plugin immediately.
This will allow you to install it immediately, get it set up and start using the plugin on your WordPress website without delay
Since you can use this plugin on all your WordPress websites for just $37, it’s well worth the cost. You can even use it on the sites of your clients and transfer it to those that buy a website from you.

Why Buying now is the best option Available?

In the near future, the developer would sell this plugin for at least $77.00.
However, for a limited time, the plugin plus bonuses can be bagged by you for the amazingly low price of just $47.00 no, $37.00!
Hence, you have read correctly, this awesome plugin packed with excellent features is available to you at the lowest cost of $37.

At the End

Thus, if you think you can use this plugin to your advantage, then grab it right away while the price is low!
The cost is very small for the power of the Keyword Insertion Plugin for WordPress.
If you want to increase conversions and make more money from your WordPress website, get the plugin and start using it immediately. What did you think of our Keyword Insertion Plugin Review? Leave feedback for us.

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