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Knitting Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2022]

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Knitting blogs are a hobby for some but can be a source of income for others.

They can be a perfect combination of a hobby and a day job.

There are knitting blogs for nearly every niche.

Whether you’re looking for patterns, clothing ideas, or the current trends in the knitting world, inspiration is everywhere.

Learn here how to start a blog and the steps toward creating a knitting blog that can be profitable.

The Best Knitting Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Knitting Blogs for Patterns and Techniques

What Is a Knitting Blog?

A knitting blog is any blog that focuses on the knitting world.

It will have posts, tutorials, patterns, or reviews about knitting tools and products.

These blogs can be rife with tips and innovative ideas, including motivations for starting your own blog.

What Does a Knitting Blogger Blog About?

A knitting blogger can cover a wide range of topics.

However, they can vary depending on the knitting blog’s niche.

A knitting blog usually covers a few specific types of blog posts and topics, including patterns, knitting tips, crocheting, and product reviews.

Free patterns are the most popular type of knitting blog post.

Patterns and tips can drive tons of traffic to a knitting blog, especially patterns for pop culture icons, characters, or stuffed animals.

Some holiday or decorative items can also be perfect additions to a knitting blog and bring in many visitors.

What Is Included In a Knitting Blog?

You can find tons of information on a knitting blog, including tips, tutorials, patterns, knitting trends, product reviews, and pictures.


Patterns are blueprints for completing a project.

Knitting patterns will use a lot of abbreviations, terms, and phrases that may confuse beginners.

However, patterns are very lucrative parts of a knitting blog.

These posts drive traffic to websites and blogs and incentivize readers to buy patterns or products from the blog owner.


Tutorials are vital components of a knitting blog.

Many knitting blogs draw in readers by offering quality content that shows them something they can use.

Some tutorials are simple and maybe only long enough to show a reader how to do a single type of stitch or make a swatch.


Listicles and tip lists can be essential for creating a profitable knitting blog.

Many knitting bloggers create simple lists describing the best strategies for specific knitting projects.

These tips can include anything from the proper way to hold your needles or the best yarn to use.


Reviews are necessary parts of any knitting blog.

Reviews offer readers the advantages and disadvantages of certain products and how these products contribute to the reader’s knitting advancement.

Many knitting bloggers will review books, tools, techniques, and yarn to show their top choices and why those choices are the best.


Techniques are an integral element for a lucrative knitting blog.

They can refer to how to do stitches, knitting styles, and how you hold the yarn.

The correct knitting technique can mean the difference between a smooth finished product or a lumpy, uneven one, assisting beginner knitters for success.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Knitting Blog

These other elements help enhance a knitting blog and make it more robust.


Pictures are significant to any blog, but a knitting blog is nothing without illustrating how something is done or the result.

They are a great way to show attractive patterns or direct others on how to perform some complicated stitching work.

Images can invoke trust for the blog owner from readers.


Videos are vital for online tutorials or showcasing techniques and methods.

Without videos, a knitting blog may suffer from fewer views since these videos can show how the blog owner performs stitches or how a stitch is formed.

Videos can drive traffic to a blog and help it thrive.


Quotes are a lesser vital component of a knitting blog, but it is still something you may see a lot on knitting blogs.

These quotes can be a motivating element for readers.

These quotes usually pertain to creativity and may be larger than other content on the page to draw attention.

Book Recommendations

Book recommendations are not as vital to a knitting blog as they may be for other blogs.

However, a knitting blog might include endorsements for knitting books, including targeted patterns.

There is no shortage of knitting books to recommend to readers, whether you want to make socks, sweaters, or baby items.

Types of Knitting Blogs

Although there are many knitting blogs, there are five types of knitting categories.

Most knitting blogs offer help, tips, and tutorials to assist others in advancing their skills.

Knitting Blogs for Beginners

Knitting blogs for beginners focus on the most basic techniques.

They cover fundamentals and help learners get more comfortable with tools, techniques, and methods.

This hobby requires plenty of yarn, which can get tangled and make it hard to remember what tool goes where and how to wrap the yarn.

Knitting Blogs for Patterns and Techniques

Some knitting blogs manage to get all their traffic by providing patterns and techniques people want.

Some knitting blogs may focus on making stuffed animals or baby items, two popular and lucrative genres.

These blogs do best by offering patterns and techniques in pop culture icons or friendly characters.

Knitting Blogs for Crocheting

Crocheting is a crafting hobby that is very close to knitting.

While knitting uses two knitting needles, crocheting will use a hook you use to pull loops through other loops.

Crocheting is different from knitting, but these two hobbies can share tools and techniques.

Some patterns may require some knitting and crocheting.

Knitting Blogs for Knitting Trends

Knitting is ancient, but the trends and techniques used are ever-changing.

Knitting trends can change quickly, and trends prevalent in the early 2000s are now considered vintage styles.

Some knitting blogs are exclusively dedicated to following the most recent and notable styles in the knitting world with tutorials, tips, and patterns.

Knitting Blogs for Hipsters

The hipster aesthetic appeals to many people who know how to knit and want to knit their wardrobe.

This specific niche may not get as much traction as the other knitting blogs.

However, hipster knitting blogs are popular among young people just learning how to make homemade items for themselves.

Do Knitting Blogs Make Money?

Knitting blogs are only one of the different types of blogs that make money in numerous ways.

They can be financially lucrative, and bloggers can make good money running their own knitting blogs.

These blog posts can drive more traffic to a blogger’s website, storefront, or Etsy page and bring in sales revenue.

In addition, bloggers can get paid for ads and collaborative endorsements from retailers.

How Do Knitting Blogs Make Money?

There are a few ways that knitting blogs can make a good chunk of money.

Usually, a knitting blog runs a storefront selling knitted products or equipment.

Some knitting bloggers might use affiliate links where they receive a sales commission.

In addition, other knitting bloggers offer company endorsements as ads.

How Much Do Knitting Blogs Make?

Some small knitting blogs might make as little as a few hundred dollars.

However, some knitting bloggers have made tens of thousands of dollars from blogging, posting pictures of projects, and operating storefronts.

The amount may depend on how much time you invest into the blog and which endorsements you include.

Products to Promote and Sell on a Knitting Blog

There are plenty of products that a knitting blog might advertise and promote on its platform.

Knitting bloggers usually promote their websites and products.

However, aside from selling on Etsy, a knitting blogger might engage in an affiliate program where they get a cut of proceeds from purchases made through their affiliate link.

Knitting bloggers might also sell their patterns and promote them on their blogs with a link to their website or storefront.

A smaller number of knitting bloggers might have a link to their knitting tools and equipment.

Selling your own knitting tools is less common, but it is still one product that knitting bloggers can sell and promote on their blogs.

Best Knitting Blogs: 25 Examples

The best knitting blogs have nearly everything you can think of, including patterns, tutorials, techniques, and tips.

Knitting blogs usually fall into one of a few different categories, but each category comes with its benefits.

These blogs have a little bit of everything, even though they fall into a niche category.

How Many Knitting Blogs Are There?

There are thousands of knitting blogs on the internet.

Naturally, the number of knitting blogs reflects the 45 million Americans that know how to knit.

The most popular knitting blogs offer information, patterns, and discussions.

These blogs usually focus more on the hobby and less on the money-making aspect of their blog.

Knitting Blogs for Beginners

Knitting blogs for beginners have everything you will need to get started knitting.

These blogs may have plenty of pictures, videos, and learning material to help you get started crafting the most fun and exciting dolls, sweaters, and decor.

They focus on simple stitches and easy-to-complete patterns for success.

Nimble Needles

Nimble Needles is the perfect beginner knitter blog.

screenshot of the nimble needles homepage

This blog has everything from stitch information to patterns and tutorials.

Nimble Needles also includes a page for its wool and tools, with recommendations for the best knitting items.

You can view and purchase items through affiliate links to the YouTube channel and storefronts.

The Twisted Yarn

The Twisted Yarn is another beginner knitting blog that includes pictures of finished products and yarn they produce.

screenshot of the twisted yarn homepage

This blog post also hosts tutorials and patterns they offer to their readers.

It includes colorful photos of available patterns from camera cases to bench seats and everything useful and fun in between.

Modern Daily Knitting

Modern Daily Knitting focuses on the more trendy and modern looking that knitting can offer without getting too complicated.

screenshot of the modern daily knitting homepage

This blog is perfect for beginners looking for a chic and city-life look.

You can find inspiration for your next project and other niches, like movies or holidays, that incorporate knitting.

Patty Lyons

Patty Lyons is a perfect place to learn how to knit with a well-known expert in the field.

screenshot of the patty lyons homepage

This blog has everything, including knit-along content and resources to learn knitting without the fuss.

You can purchase her book, book a virtual or in-person tour, and find inspiration on the ways of knitting.


Unraveled is a beginning knitters blog by Ravelry, a known platform that offers patterns and resources for learning knitters.

screenshot of the unraveled homepage

This blog has everything from inspirational photos to knitting patterns.

It can put all your favorite knitting information in one place to search for patterns, follow designers, and participate in Q&A sessions.

Knitting Blogs for Patterns and Techniques

Knitting blogs that focus on patterns and techniques usually include all the information you may need but likely won’t include any beginner information.

You may need to look up what some abbreviations and stitches mean, but they also offer knitting patterns for every level, whether beginner, intermediate, or expert.

Just Be Crafty

Just Be Crafty is a perfect blog for those looking to adopt a few new patterns and techniques to their knitting.

screenshot of the just be crafty homepage

This blog has dozens, if not hundreds, of patterns that are easy to read and understand.

It includes knitting and crochet information and links to a YouTube channel for inspiration.


LoveCrafts has a stunning and wide array of free patterns that you can download and use to create your own products.

screenshot of the lovecrafts homepage

There are over three thousand patterns on this website, many completely free to download and print.

There is an online community to join, along with How To tutorials for inspiration.

Gina Michele

Gina Michele has a self-titled blog with dozens of free knitting patterns for women, men, kids, babies, and home decor.

screenshot of the gina michele homepage

There is also a subsection on the Gina Michele website for holiday items that can spruce up your home.

It includes videos and tutorials to complete the projects and a community to share your work.

Mama in a Stitch

Mama in a Stitch is a knitting blog with everything from knitting tutorials and videos to free patterns.

screenshot of the mama in a stitch homepage

You’ll find yourself downloading some of the best modern knitting patterns to try with a few clicks.

It offers a pattern shop and a premium membership for additional patterns, ad-free and categorized for easy searching.

Purl Soho

Purl Soho has dozens of free knitting patterns with a chic and cozy look.

screenshot of the purl soho homepage

These knitting patterns show you exactly how to make the product and give short abbreviations of the stitching you’ll need to learn.

It includes colorful photos of completed projects so you know how the finished project looks.  

Knitting Blogs for Crocheting

Knitting blogs that focus on crocheting may have more viewers than those focused on only knitting since crocheting can be a little easier to do and engage with.

These blogs will likely have plenty of patterns, techniques, and abbreviations lists to help crocheters learn how to craft anything they desire.

Amigurumi Today

Amigurumi Today prides itself on providing quality content without charging too much for the patterns.

screenshot of the amigurumi today homepage

This blog offers nearly every pattern for free online and only charges to download the PDF.

You can join as a member for premium patterns, interact with the online community, and view tips and tricks.

Crochet Spot

Crochet Spot is another perfect blog for crocheters and crafters alike.

screenshot of the crochet spot homepage

This block has plenty of free patterns to try, but more content is available with a premium membership.

Learn about the popular abbreviations, how to change colors in a project, and finish off ends with their many tutorials.

Whistle & Ivy

Whistle & Ivy is the blog to browse for modern crochet designs.

screenshot of the whistle & ivy homepage

This blog offers some of the most stunning crochet holiday decor and free patterns.

Browse holiday choices and explore the tips for your next project.

They offer a premium membership that makes hundreds of patterns available for you to download.


Moogly is a cute mommy-turned-crafting blog that boasts crocheting, knitting, and world domination knowledge.

screenshot of the moogly homepage

This blog offers plenty of free patterns and photo and video tutorials for crocheters everywhere, regardless of experience.

It includes newsletters, giveaways, reviews, and other crafter’s storefronts in the community to find inspiration for your next project.

Petals To Picots

Petals To Picots focuses on offering high-quality crochet patterns that capitalize on a cozy feel.

screenshot of the spruce knitting homepage

These patterns are always well-made and guarantee a product that will look good in any home.

They provide helpful resources, including abbreviation tools, yarn weight details, hook sizing charts, and measurement conversions to make it simple to get started.  

Knitting Blogs for Knitting Trends

These knitting blogs focus more on what is happening in the knitting world and what trends are currently the most popular.

For example, these blogs may include listicles of the most fashionable knitting patterns in the current decade and what can help you generate revenue on your knitting blog.

The Spruce Knitting

The Spruce Knitting is a titan of keeping up with knitting trends.

screenshot of the spruce knitting homepage

This blog offers information on the newest trends and popular topics in the knitting community.

Projects include time estimates, the necessary supplies, and step-by-step instructions for creating your items.

There are helpful tips and videos to finish your project right.

Tin Can Knits

Tin Can Knits follows along with the most popular knitting patterns and trends, making them the perfect blog post for those interested in keeping up with how the knitting world changes.

screenshot of the tin can knits homepage

You can browse patterns and purchase books directly from the website.

Master techniques using their free teaching materials and support articles.


NobleKnits has a varied collection of knitting information, inspiration, and patterns.

screenshot of the nobleknits homepage

This blog constantly offers information on the newest styles and patterns for babies, children, and adults. You can browse patterns for accessories, toys, clothing, and more.

They offer online tutorials, guides, classes, and tips to complete the perfect knitting project.

Little Cotton Rabbits

Little Cotton Rabbits is a UK-based blog that offers trendy, cozy knitting information with plenty of pictures.

screenshot of the little cotton rabbits homepage

This blog enjoys following knitting trends and showing information on the newest designs.

You can purchase patterns through her Etsy shop to finish your own project and find inspiration with other crafting links available on the blog.

Knitted Bliss

Knitted Bliss is a perfect place to look for hand-knitted and chic clothing.

screenshot of the knitted bliss homepage

This blog loves to spotlight modern and trendy knit items.

It focuses on sharing modified knitting patterns for unique projects, crafting ideas, and life as a knitter.

You can also find lifestyle links for recipes and other crafts to try.

Knitting Blogs for Hipsters

Knitting blogs for hipsters are less common than others.

However, this blog niche still gets plenty of attention and monthly readers.

Blogs for hipsters usually focus on what knitting patterns, styles, and techniques can help achieve hipster looks without wasting too much time or involving too much fuss.

Brooklyn Tweed

Not only does Brooklyn Tweed offer plenty of free patterns, but they make their yarn.

screenshot of the brooklyn tweed homepage

This blog is rife with resources, product information, and yarn options for the trendiest hipster.

They include tutorials for many popular stitches.

You can shop for beginner knits, patterns for the household, sweaters, hats, and more.

Fringe Association

Fringe Association is a perfect blog to keep in the loop about the most hipster knitting patterns and styles.

screenshot of the fringe association homepage

This blog has a whole how-to page and plenty of patterns to browse.

It also includes terrific photos showing the finished projects and links to details on creating your own knitted items.

Olive Knits

Olive Knits is a knitting blog that keeps up with many different genres, one of those most popular being hipster items.

screenshot of the olive knits homepage

They offer patterns, classes, and a community of knitting enthusiasts to share your passion for yarn with.

You can join a workshop, purchase a book, and become a member for monthly bonuses.

Zen Yarn Garden

Zen Yarn Garden is a place to learn, but it also offers plenty of information on the future of the knitting world and what items are the most popular as times change.

screenshot of the zen yarn garden homepage

With guides on techniques and tips for creating the best projects, you can explore everything there is to know about knitting.


ImagiKnit is a blog for knitting that includes plenty of learning materials and trendy hipster patterns.

screenshot of the imagiknit homepage

This blog is rife with tons of cute and cozy information.

You can purchase knitting kits, receive a free pattern every Friday, and explore the current trending items in the knitting world.

How to Become a Knitting Blogger

Becoming a knitting blogger can be simple and usually doesn’t require much time, attention, or fuss.

You should set up your blog with the right niche and determine what you want your blog to achieve.

Knitting blogging is all about having fun and sharing your knitting adventures with the world.

Determine the Direction of the Blog

The first step to becoming a knitting blogger is to determine what direction you want your blog to move toward.

You may have an idea, but you’ll need to do keyword research to uncover opportunities that could help boost your platform and how you want to be viewed by your readers.

Select a Niche

When you decide what direction you hope to take your blog, you’ll need to pick which category to write in.

Figuring out how to choose the right niche can be challenging for beginner bloggers, but working in one section can help you focus on one topic and be successful within that topic.

Select a Name

Coming up with a blog name can be difficult, especially since it will be nearly permanent.

However, this is one of the best parts of the process.

Choosing a name is an exciting and fun part of your blogging journey since it can showcase who you are and what your blog centers.

Select a Blogging Platform

The next step in the process is deciding on which blogging platform to choose.

The many different blogging platforms available will each have advantages and disadvantages.

So browse through a few choices to decide which platform works best for you and your blogging needs to match your knitting blog goals.

Register a Domain Name

Next, you’ll need to find the best domain registrar for your blog.

Some registrars will have better deals than others, but you may not need as many services that some offer.

You’ll need to evaluate your needs and decide on a registrar with everything you need without breaking the bank.

Get Web Hosting

There are plenty of places you can host your website and blog, although we suggest managed WordPress hosting.

WordPress and other web hosting alternatives will come with plenty of customizable options for your blog and make your blog stand apart from the rest.

This way, maintaining your knitting blog is hassle-free.

Build the Blog

There are a few things you need to build up your blog.

These essential elements include customization and deciding which themes, plugins, and essential pages you need for the best knitting blog possible.

Remember, a well-planned blog will bring the traffic you want that could provide you with revenue later.


Themes help make your blog visually appealing to your readers.

Many viewers may not stick around to read your content without a good-looking presentation.

Learning how to install a WordPress theme can be challenging, but with time and patience, you can customize your theme to make it mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.


WordPress plugins are essential for improving the performance of your blog and ensuring that you will have a good-looking site and a positive, user-friendly experience.

Some plugins can even help your blog rank higher with search engines for its SEO keywords, making it a lot easier to find in the industry.

Essential Pages

Picking the essential pages for your blog is necessary for success.

Your essential pages should be located in an easy-to-see spot that viewers won’t have to look too hard to find.

Essential pages in a knitting blog can include contact information, an about page, and an archive for blog posts.

Produce Content for the Blog

The bulk of your work as a knitting blogger will be creating content for your blog.

Producing your content will take planning but a fun portion of the work.

Here, you’ll be able to discuss whatever topics you desire within your niche and explore them at length to engage your audience.

Launch the Blog Publicly

Launching a new blog can be challenging and nerve-wracking, but it is the next logical step when you have some content to post.

Get your blog ready for the public by double-checking everything you have set up and ensuring it is user-friendly and easy to navigate on all digital devices.

Promote the Blog

Promoting your blog may be the most difficult part of getting your blog off the ground.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to promote a blog.

You can use social media platforms to help gain attention for your blog and use word of mouth to help get more of an audience.

Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

Knitting is an art form and a hobby that may appeal to specific people.

Whether artsy or crafty, there are plenty of blogs you can view for more inspiration.

Art blogs, blogs for housewives, or blogs meant for women over 50 are perfect companions for knitting blogs.

Art Blogs

Knitting and art are in the same artistic category, so those who enjoy knitting may also enjoy art blogs.

Knitters and artists can get inspiration from each other’s blog types, primarily since art replicates reality.

Knitters may want to knit something from an art blog, and artists may find artistic inspiration from knitters.

Blogs for Wives

Being a wife can be challenging, but these blogs run by well-known wives can be another source of inspiration for a knitter or for those who enjoy knitting blogs.

Additionally, many knitters are housewives or mothers who want to boost their home life and make their space feel more cozy and comfortable.

Blogs for Women Over 50

People who enjoy knitting blogs may also enjoy blogs for women over 50 years old.

There is a lot of overlap between those who enjoy knitting and women over the age of 50.

People who draw inspiration from everyday life will get plenty of ideas from these blogs for older women.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are the most asked of those who wish to start their knitting blog and how they can be successful in their quest.

What Knitted Items Sell Best?

The best-selling item will depend on your platform, but several items usually sell better than the rest.

Beanies, hats, blankets, and baby items usually beat out every other knitted object on sale.

Can I Make a Living Knitting?

Yes, many knitting bloggers make a good income from their blogs and use this income as their living wage.

You may also host a storefront or website where you sell products or host ads to make extra money.

Affiliate links and other collaborations can help make more money from your blog.

Final Thoughts

Making your knitting blog can take some time and patience, but it may be a lucrative and exciting adventure that helps you be crafty while assisting others.

Most knitting blogs are targeted at beginners and hipsters, focusing on patterns and techniques or discussing crocheting.

Knitting for a living is possible when creating your knitting blog and using it to springboard your website, storefront, affiliate links, and ad collaborations.

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