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Landing Page Inspiration: 9 of the Best



Whether you’re just starting out as a blogger or have been doing so for years, having great landing pages is extremely important – this post aims to give you enough landing page inspiration to take your blog to the next level! Done properly, landing pages can increase the rate of conversion amongst your readership, encouraging them to read more content, buy a product, or take meaningful action after they have arrived at your site.

To understand a bit better how these pages are designed, and why they’re such a crucial component when drawing in new visits and turning them into conversions, it’s worth looking at several examples. Amid the thousands of landing pages online, there are seven that stand out among them as the most effective, and best designed, making them perfect examples for those new to the concept.

1. Shutterstock


Two key questions answered by a good landing page are “who?” and “how?” The goal of these pages is to encourage new visitors to become customers, largely through a product or subscription purchase. This is the goal of Shutterstock’s landing page, which features a call to action, encouraging customers to view plans and pricing, above the fold. It next explains what the company is, what they offer, and what makes them different from the competition. By defining their business and boldly encouraging new visitors to become a part of it, the company’s landing page is easily one of the best.

2. Buzzstream


Beyond merely defining a company and encouraging new customers to take part in its products, a good landing page should include testimonials from those customers who have already purchased a product or subscription from the site. This can be seen on BuzzStream’s landing page, which features two customer tutorials that build rapport with new visitors. Each testimonial comes from a different type of “typical” customer helped by BuzzStream and, when pared with the company’s large call to action at the top of the page, it makes the landing page an effective way to increase customer conversions.

3. MK Relocations


I wanted to give an example of how local business can create great landing pages – MK Relocations, in my opinion, do this brilliantly. In an attempt to bring in the exact right customers for future sales, the company has developed its landing pages around specific towns and regions. The example shown here is the site for customers in Northampton, which effectively reaches out to a small demographic area while maintaining the company’s larger message and goals.

This page is a shining example of how to target a very small niche of the online marketplace and turn it into sales via a special connection, the conveying of expertise, and a demonstration of authority.

4. QuickSprout


Quick Sprout is a training system that helps to educate marketing professionals in the skills needed to boost their SEO and take charge of their online marketing strategy. The system’s landing page is perfect, of course, as one would expect from a company that does this sort of thing for a living. Quick Sprout immediately sells customers on its authority and expertise by noting that some of its clients include the likes of NBC and Amazon. Testimonials from other influential industry sources are included, amid marketing copy and videos that help to sell the system.

The site is easy on the eyes, it’s intuitive, and it blends written copy with video content in a way that will engage users and keep their attention. That’s good news for conversions and profits no matter the kind of site and the product that they happen to be selling.

5. Squarespace


The landing page at SquareSpace takes a slightly different approach to customer conversions, though one that is equally successful and engaging. Instead of having their existing customers give testimonials about the product’s useful features, the company’s landing page features a full tour of SquareSpace’s major selling points. Complete with calls to action, product screenshots, and very large textual descriptions of each feature, this slick page is an effective way to sell and convert.

6. Shortstack


Shortstack’s goal is to transform the way customers engage with social media, and it uses its landing page to entice new visitors with strong calls to action, testimonials from existing customers, and a series of examples that show how the service can be used with Facebook and other social networks. A call to action is featured above the fold, as well as in the page’s title, leaving no doubt in visitors’ minds as to how they should proceed after landing on this page.

7. Go Live


Go Live is a tool used to generate buzz about websites through social networks, and the landing page created by the company is a key way to communicate this. The landing page features several calls to action, as well as an illustrated “flow chart” that shows how the product works. It maintains a constant sense of movement and motion, encouraging customers to follow calls to action and sign up with the service as soon as they can.

8. Wellshine


Wellshine’s landing page starts with a simple statement about what they do, and then features a call to action for those customers who would like to become franchisees with the company. Thereafter, the landing page continues to pair useful pictures with a list of benefits that come from choosing Wellshine over the competition. The landing page is a bit longer than most, but it answers the key question about purpose and benefits with ease. To be honest, the design isn’t as slick as others that I found but the most impressive part of this are the calls to action – anyone visiting that page knows exactly how to get in touch and why they should.

9. Bear CSS


A call to action is featured in large print on the left side of this landing page, and the instructions for using Bear CSS are featured immediately to the right of the call to action. There is simply no doubt when landing on this page: Customers should start using it right now, and many of them undoubtedly will.

Great Landing Pages are the Key to Great Success

With customer testimonials, examples of a product in action, and strong calls to action, these landing pages represent the best way for those new to the concept to engage their visitors. By using landing pages to answer key questions, like how, why, and who, landing pages can boost conversion rates and increase subscriptions dramatically after implementation.

UK based SEO Consultant and co-founder of Hidden Pixel with a passion for everything related to online marketing. Works with clients of all shapes and sizes, along with offering PPC consultancy services. Find him on Twitter - @mattbeswick

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Do You Assume too Much?



One of the biggest problems in blogging; bloggers assume too much. Perfect example is someone emails looking for your best sponsored post price. Right away, most bloggers fear losing money to a cheapie because they ASSUMED someone looking for the best price is cheap. Based on past experience. NO! Do NOT do this. Because based on NOT assuming, but being open and in the moment, more than a handful of folks looking for the best price placed orders at my full price, when I shared it was my final price. I rarely if ever assume because assuming cuts you off from traffic and money, based on past experience and future expectations.

These days, I am more in the moment. I am open. Let’s say a blogger quotes their sponsored post price as being $100. A blogger outreach service pro asks for a lower, better price. In that moment, you can do one of two thing: make a foolish assumption that the individual cannot afford $100 or simply share how $100 is your flat, final price. Assuming they cannot afford $100 INSTANTLY robs you of $100. I mean, instantly. Labeling their email as spam or being nasty with them immediately robs you of $100, based on your ignorant assumption. Choosing not to assume anything opens you up to making a quick $100. Wealthy people with large budgets sometimes seek the best price. Rockefeller would be worth $280 billion today – by estimates – and he balanced his books to the penny. He sought the best price but had billions to invest and did invest billions to be the wealthiest person the world has ever known.

This is why I wrote Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger for you. How you choose to think and feel dictates how you act. How you act dictates your success. Failures cling to the past and wander into the future by assuming future scenarios based on past experience. But wise bloggers remain grounded in the present, never assuming. Of course, many cheap bloggers willing to pay only $5 for a $100 sponsored post emailed you with “the best price” reply, in the past. But never rob yourself of $100 by assuming these folks do not have $100 to invest in your guest post. I leave no stones unturned. The way I see it, spending 1 second to read a “Give me a sponsored post for $5” email here and there is worth the “OK, let’s place it for $100” email I see more often these days. Assuming cuts you off from abundance. Being open-minded tunes you in to abundance. Make more money. Be open-minded. Stop assuming.

A few moments ago, our Uber driver told us he originally hailed from Jordan. He has been in the USA for 20 years. My silly mind made a quick assumption; he must live in NYC, like many folks do who immigrated to the USA over the past few decades. He still had a heavy accent. But I refused to assume this and asked him where he lived in the USA. He said in the same New Jersey suburban development where we lived. Small world! Not assuming opens you up to fun, fascinating experiences. Stop assuming online. You’ll make more money, too, and will enjoy your blogging journey.

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Blogging Success Is YOUR Choice



Blogging success is your choice. Blogging failure is your choice. YOU choose. Never blame anyone or anything for your blogging failure. Everything in life begins and ends with you because life follows your thoughts and feelings. People or things may *appear* to slow you down or get in your way. But all appearances are illusions. Illusions are not real, not true. You and you alone choose to succeed based on your chosen thoughts and feelings, independent of situations or circumstances around you.

For example, I had a tough time falling to sleep last night. Didn’t pass out until after 6 AM and only slept to 9:30 AM. Tossing and turning, my mind raced with fears. I feared being exhausted and getting sick. I feared work I’d be behind on, today. I also feared simply sitting with my racing thoughts and feelings, being in bed for hours, since I lay down in bed at midnight. I could choose to lay in bed to observe the fears or I could watch Netflix. I chose to observe fears. Eventually, I chose to get up and write my first blog post of the day at 5 AM. I feared waking to work due to fatigue. But nudging into the fear allowed me to create content, positioning myself to expand my success.

I also chose to wake at 9:30 AM after limited sleep to do 20 minutes of intense Kriya yoga, to meditate for 30 minutes and to spend 30 seconds in an icy cold shower. Heck yeah I feared doing each on 3 hours of sleep. But successes CHOOSE to BE the people that succeed. Life unfolds as a series of personal choices. Either you make comfortable choices based on fear, struggle, fail and quit blogging. Or you make uncomfortable, freeing and usually fun choices based on love, leading to your blogging success. You choose. No one can choose for you. No one can wade through fear for you. No blogger can glide through the discomfort for you. This is an intimately personal experience that you need to face, embrace and live, to succeed in blogging, all based on your choices.

Check out my eBook:

10 Reasons Why Fijian Fruit Bats Would Be Absurdly Successful Bloggers

I observed these cute little – actually big – guys during my 4 month trip to Savusavu, Fiji. The little dog men swooped in every night like clockwork, working the papaya trees on the front lawn on dusk. The fruit bats never missed a night; their survival depended on feasting at sundown every single evening. Develop the same attitude with your blog to guarantee success. Be like clockwork. Show up daily. Work. Shine bright in a world of blogging failures who choose to work in fits and starts before choosing to quit. Blogging feels uncomfortable but the journey gets easier success-wise by choosing to wade through scary, unpleasant periods. You have a personal choice to make: generously help people for hours daily over years to succeed online. Or choose not to, guaranteeing your failure. You choose. I believe in you. I know you can choose success. Choose not to fear burnout. Choose to be happy about your future blogging success.

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How to Push Throw Blogging Goals When You Feel Burned Out




blogger burn out

Blogging is super exciting but there are moments we feel like it’s all crumbling and nothing is moving. Having blogged for over 7 years consistently, I have experienced moments of drought a couple of times. But I’m always still able to rebuild my excitement to move on.

Burnout happens to everyone in the industry. But how to refuel your energy and continue the journey is what makes the difference. We want to point out few tips to help us continue during such moments. So this is not about  how to avoid blogger burnout but what to do when it happens.

Why Blogger burnout?

Before we talk about how to keep your blog thriving during burnout, let’s quickly discuss some reasons why it happens.

The reason you blog

People blog for various reasons. Some were told that blogging is a quick path to financial freedom which is not true. If this is the reason you started blogging, you may soon burn out. The reason is that it takes time and really hard work to start seeing money from blogging.

When folks don’t see results as early as they expected at the beginning, the result is a rush into wrong conclusions as the energy fades away.

Unplanned circumstances

I have seen people get completely blown out of the industry because of an unexpected event that ushered huge losses and disappointments. Sometimes a hack or server crash that leads to complete loss of content or major Google update or manual action bringing massive negative search impact could get your enthusiasm completely damaged.

Successes in other areas

A friend in Nigeria whose blog got over 5000 daily readers picked a highly lucrative job in the oil industry. The next thing I heard was that he was putting his blog on sale. His motivation fully got shifted to his new job.

These and many more reasons may diminish your excitement in blogging and cause burn out. But what are some of the ways to keep your blog going during burn out?

How to keep your blog active when you are burnt out

Now, you must not allow your blogging business to die out when you do not feel like clicking on it. Your fallen passion should not mean a falling blog because there are ways to keep it alive while rebuilding your motivation.

#1. Work on rebuilding your excitement

The best way to keep your blog active is to work on your diminishing excitement. Think about the fact that you can still make it. If others are succeeding despite the odds, you too can despite what has happened.

If you think you had the wrong motivating reasons at the beginning, just get to understand the truth and adapt to it. If you had a bad experience, do not let i t roll you out.

#2. Turn to friends and guest authors for content continuation 

The worst thing that will happen to your blog during burnout is to cease publishing fresh content. Fresh content is your blog’s lifeline. Editing and re-posting old content works great but that depends on the evergreen nature of the existing content.

Guest blogging is an exercise where you open up your blog to your readers to submit relevant content. With qualified guest bloggers, you can always have steady flow of content on your blog, keeping it alive when you are trying to revive your interest.

#3. Outsource or buy content from an agency

If you are burnt out, keeping your blog active is essential. That’s why I suggest you go as far as spending on relevant content. There are several ways:

  • Hire someone to post and promote a certain number of articles per week
  • Outsource to content agency
  • Buy spontaneously from different writers

Agencies may be a bit more pricey but that would be the best way to ensure that your blog keeps getting the best content while you are absent. This is also what a lot of brands and influencers are doing when trying to get more followers on social media. No matter if you are doing marketing or content creation/promotion, make sure any content that is submitted by from external sources is plagiarism free.

#4. Edit and re-post old content

I mentioned earlier that this method works but not as effective as posting new content. If your burnout is not as a result of an impact from  Google, you may consider revamping your existing content to keep your blog going.

$5. Resolve the technical issue

Don’t just fall out and abandon your business because of a hack or broken server. I understand how devastating this could be. But making an attempt at resolving any issues related to your blog may begin producing some good results that may light up your excitement and pull you out of the depression.

Avoid the cheap offers in the  industry. Turn to high performance hosting and invest in your business. Do not create an opening for any bad technical experience that me lead to failure.


If you’ve not experienced blogger burnout yet, it’s good it doesn’t happen. But if it does, it should not mark the end of your blog. Following these tips to keep it alive.

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