Making substantial money from the Internet seems like such an esoteric subject, one that is constantly shrouded in mystery and jargon. It can certainly be intimidating for people who are thinking about blogging professionally for the first time or for people who want to dip their feet in affiliate marketing. Thankfully, there are many training programs that can help to educate you on the subject.

One example of this is the Work Online Academy. Unlike some of the other programs that you may find elsewhere on the Internet, though, this is not only a proven system for making thousands of dollars each month and it is not only an extensive training program; it also happens to be completely free.

Say Hello to Mark Soto

The man behind this comprehensive service, system and training is named Mark Soto and he is a man who literally practices what he preaches. Both he and his wife happen to be ministers and they work with inmates in prisons, presumably to help them reform and rehabilitate. That doesn’t mean he is opposed to making money though, as he earned over $1.7 million through Work Online Academy in the first five months.


Here is Mark standing on a stage in Denver with Vick Strizheus from Big Idea Mastermind. That’s actually a major part of Work Online Academy, as Big Idea Mastermind has been married with the Empower Network to generate this money-making system. You’ve likely heard about Empower Network by now and for good reason. It offers great products, great leadership and 100% commissions. There’s a reason why people like Mark prefer to use Empower as their vehicle of success. Vick also happens to be Mark’s mentor.

It’s a Formula That Works

And that is the fundamental idea behind using Work Online Academy. You use Empower as the vehicle and Big Idea Mastermind as the driving force. He recognizes that it can be difficult to understand exactly how all of this works and how it is able to generate so much income when you are looking from the outside, but that is why he is encouraging you to check it out from the inside.


The beauty of the Internet is that it is inherently international and it can break down all sorts of borders and boundaries. The people who have achieved great success with Work Online Academy, Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind come from all corners of the globe. They come from Poland, Australia, Sweden, Austria, Canada, the United States and beyond.

Is It Really Free to Join?

As a comprehensive program, Work Online Academy is actually completely free. There is no additional charge for you to access the materials and to start earning those commissions. However, to gain access to these free materials, you must sign up as part of Mark’s team to Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind.

The basic level of BIM corresponds with the $25/month basic level of Empower Network. Mark doesn’t recommend that you start here, because you are stunting your growth from the get-go. He recommends the BIM Gold Level as the minimum starting point, which requires a total investment of $625, giving you the Empower basic $25 level, access to the Inner Circle, and the Costa Rica Intensive. This allows you to earn up to $625 per sale, plus $125/month recurring income. There are also the platinum and diamond levels above that for even more material and more earning potential.

Over $2,800 in Free Bonuses

When you join under Mark, you get these four systems for free, which should really arm you with the tools you need to generate some real online income.


There is a lead generating system, another system for viral automated marketing, another to get your own “The Hangout Network” and a pack of Facebook Done for You viral videos. In addition, you also get the Empower Network core viral blogging system, plus high converting lead capture pages, 8-part video training series, and web hosting, design, theme and plugins.

If you are looking for a comprehensive online business in a box that provides both thorough training and the tools you need to get the job done, Work Online Academy might be your golden ticket. In fact, if you sign up at the platinum level, you get access to the “30 Days to $10K Program” too, which is a step-by-step daily guide to generating that five-figure monthly income.