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LearnWorlds Free Trial: Length, What’s Included and How To Extend

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive online course platform with an extensive range of features, you’ll want to check out LearnWorlds.

The software allows educators and trainers to create and deliver online courses.

Interestingly, you can try out all of the features of the platform without paying a penny via the LearnWorlds free trial.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the free trial: how long it lasts, what you get, and how to extend it.

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Is LearnWorlds Free or Paid?

LearnWorlds is a paid tool.

It offers plans that range from $29 per month to $300 per month.

Using LearnWorlds, you can create an unlimited number of courses, with an unlimited number of students.

The software also allows you to brand your course, create a custom domain, and use features to make your courses more engaging for learners.

The platform offers an easy-to-navigate dashboard, helps you create upsells, and works well when your goal is earning money from your online social media presence or blog traffic.

Does LearnWorlds Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Learnworlds offers a free trial that allows you to try out the software without making a financial commitment.

Use the platform to see if it fits your needs before buying it so that you know it’s your best option, and only then will you need to begin paying for it.

How Long Is the LearnWorlds Free Trial?

The free trial from LearnWorlds lasts for 30 days.

The platform encourages you to use its services for a full month so you’re sure about becoming a long-term customer.

Does LearnWorlds Require a Credit Card To Activate a Free Trial?

No, you don’t need to provide any financial information when setting up your free trial with LearnWorlds.

You can start with only an email address.

How Much Is LearnWorlds After the Free Trial?

LearnWorlds offers three main plans for sale.

  1. Starter: $29 per month (or $24 per month paid annually)
  2. Pro Trainer: $99 per month (or $79 per month paid annually)
  3. Learning Center: $299 per month (or $249 per month paid annually)

You can also contact LearnWorlds about pricing for its High Volume and Corporate plans.

What Comes With the LearnWorlds Free Trial?

When you sign up for the free trial, you’ll have access to all of LearnWorlds’ features.

One of the best aspects of how LearnWorlds runs its trial is that you can try all the options before making your purchasing decision.

Features You Can Test With a Free Trial

Let’s detail five main features that you get access to with a LearnWorlds free trial.

1. Templates

With LearnWorlds, you can choose from a range of templates to quickly build out your courses.

The templates are a way to get started with your online courses, especially if you’re new to the world of e-learning.

2. Drag-and-Drop School Builder

The drag-and-drop school builder is one of LearnWorlds’ most popular features.

It allows you to quickly and easily create your courses by dragging and dropping content into the appropriate section.

You can also use the builder to add images, videos, and text to your courses.

3. Customizable Course Player

The course player is where your students will interact with your content.

With LearnWorlds, you can customize the look and feel of the course player to match your brand.

You can also add a logo, change the color scheme, and add a welcome message.

4. Integrations

LearnWorlds integrates with several popular tools, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Zapier.

The integrations make it easy to track your student’s progress and engagement with your courses.

5. Marketing Tools

LearnWorlds also offers a range of marketing tools to help you promote your courses.

Use the tools to create and manage coupons, discounts, and upsells.

You can also create landing pages and marketing funnels.

LearnWorlds Free Trial Limitations

Fortunately, LearnWorlds doesn’t place limitations on you when you’re using the free trial.

You can enjoy all the features that come with the plan you select to trial.

In addition to the main features we mentioned above, you can also try the community area, using popups, trying out the payment options, providing completion certificates to your customers, and using interactive video lessons.

Is LearnWorlds Customer Support Included With Free Trials?

Yes, you can access customer service reps during your free trial.

On the Starter plan, you can access customer support 24 hours per day Monday through Friday.

If you choose one of the other plans, you will find customer service reps available to help you 24 hours per day Monday through Sunday.

How To Claim a LearnWorlds Free Trial

Claiming your free trial from LearnWorlds couldn’t be any easier.

Featured Promotion

Try LearnWorlds FREE for 30 days when you visit our LearnWorlds referral link.

You're LITERALLY minutes away from creating and selling courses from your website.

You can try the platform free of charge - no credit card required.

What are you waiting for? Try it now for free.

To get started, visit the LearnWorlds website using our referral link.

From either its home page or its pricing page, select the button at the top right that says, “Get Started Free.”

On the next page, you’ll notice that it says, “30-day free trial. No credit card required.” Enter your email address and the name you want to use as your school.

Finally click on the button that says, “Start your 30-day free trial now.”

How Do I Get the Most From My LearnWorlds Free Trial?

The way to use your LearnWorlds free trial most advantageously is to commit to using it.

Set aside at least two hours per day.

Giving it a couple of hours per day will help you get the most from your free trial.

During your first week, spend some time getting to know LearnWorlds and its features.

The second week is a time to start building out your courses.

Keep building and using all the features during your third and fourth weeks.

How Can I Make My LearnWorlds Free Trial Longer?

You can’t extend a LearnWorlds free trial.

However, consider that 30 days provides plenty of time to understand whether you want to continue or not.

Does LearnWorlds Automatically Charge Users After the Free Trial Ends?

You will not get automatically charged after your free trial of LearnWorlds expires.

Remember, you don’t provide LearnWorlds with any payment information when you sign up for the free trial.

You will need to enter your payment information if you decide that you want to continue using LearnWorlds after the free trial comes to an end.

Can You Cancel LearnWorlds After the Free Trial?

Yes, you can cancel your LearnWorlds subscription after the trial ends.

However, if you decide that you want to continue using LearnWorlds after your free trial expires, we recommend upgrading to one of the paid plans.

Keep in mind that LearnWorlds lets you cancel not only after the free trial but even after you begin paying for a plan.

How To Cancel a LearnWorlds Free Trial

After the free trial ends, LearnWorlds will notify you that you need to select your plan and add your credit card information to continue with your account.

If you don’t want to continue paying for a plan, there isn’t anything you need to do officially to cancel your account.

Without any payment information inside your account, LearnWorlds can’t charge you any money.

The company will permanently delete your account within a few weeks if you don’t begin paying for a plan.

Of course, you can also take the proactive route by contacting customer support.

Send them a quick support ticket notifying them that you don’t want to continue.

Ask them to cancel your account so you don’t keep receiving upgrade notifications.

How To Remove Card Details From LearnWorlds

To remove credit card details from your LearnWorlds account, go into your dashboard and delete the form of payment you listed in the past.

Is LearnWorlds Worth Paying For?

Utilizing LearnWorlds is worth the cost.

After all, if you select the Starter or Pro Trainer plan, for instance, you’re paying less than $100 per month for access to software that will help you earn business revenue.

In Our LearnWorlds Review, we detail why it is an excellent option if you’re looking for a quality, easy-to-use online course platform with all the features you need to run your business.

What To Expect From a Learnworlds Subscription

When you sign up for a paid subscription with LearnWorlds, you’ll be able to create as many courses as you desire, get access to more video hosting minutes, and take advantage of features like the school blog and custom domain name.

Paid plans also come with a few branding perks not available on the free trial, such as the ability to add your logo, modify the colors of your school, and create a custom landing page.

Additionally, you can offer courses for free or charge students based on their enrollment with LearnWorlds.

There are no limits on the number of students who can enroll in your courses, and you’ll receive all the revenue generated from course sales.

What Is a Free Alternative to LearnWorlds?

One LearnWorlds competitor that you may want to check out is Kajabi.

Kajabi also offers a 30-day free trial and many of the same features you can get from LearnWorlds.

Kajabi is an all-in-one solution that lets you create, market, and sell courses and other digital products online.

Kajabi has a wide range of features, including the ability to create membership sites, offer one-on-one coaching, and more.

Kajabi is slightly more expensive than LearnWorlds after the free trial expires.

For example, you’ll pay about $120 per month for its least expensive plan and about $160 per month for its most popular plan.

However, it may be worth the investment if you’re looking for a few more features.

Other Ways To Save on LearnWorlds Pricing

Sometimes, software like LearnWorlds will offer special discounts and promo codes.

Let’s see if LearnWorlds does this.

1. LearnWorlds Promo Codes

It’s difficult to find LearnWorlds promo codes that work.

You’ll find coupon sites that advertise offers like 15% to 20% off your LearnWorlds plan.

The problem, however, is that these codes don’t typically work when you try to apply them at the LearnWorlds website.

2. LearnWorlds Discounts

The only discounts offered by LearnWorlds are the annual plans.

You can save money by selecting an annual plan instead of a month-to-month plan.

3. LearnWorlds Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials

LearnWorlds will typically offer a Black Friday deal.

Often, these specials knock as much as 35% off your LearnWorlds plan.

If you’ll need to wait a long time for Black Friday to get here, though, it’s probably best to take the free trial and begin using LearnWorlds as a revenue generator sooner.

Is There a LearnWorlds Student Plan?

The company doesn’t offer an official student plan.

If you’re a student, take the free 30-day trial and then decide to continue after you’re sure that the platform meets your needs.

Other Free Trials To Check Out

As you work on your online business, you may need other types of software.

Here are three platforms that also offer free trials.

  • Unbounce Free Trial: Overview: Unbounce is a popular landing page builder that helps you create beautiful, high-converting pages without the need for a web developer. You can try it free for 14 days with the Unbounce Free Trial.
  • Shopify Free Trial: Overview: Shopify is an eCommerce platform that helps you create an online store and sell your products. The software lets you start a 14-day Shopify Free Trial.
  • Semrush Free Trial: Overview: Semrush is a digital marketing toolkit that helps you with tasks like keyword research, competitive analysis, and more. You can try it for seven days with the Semrush Free Trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer two frequently asked questions about LearnWorlds.

Why would you like to join LearnWorlds?

There are many reasons to join LearnWorlds.

The main reason to join it is to help you create and sell courses without any programming or design experience.

Does LearnWorlds have an app?

LearnWorlds offers an app builder for you to use with your clients.

Without coding experience, you can now build apps for your course clients to use.



Wrapping Up

Creating course material isn’t an easy process.

It takes time and some coding knowledge to put together a client dashboard by yourself.

That’s why you should consider using LearnWorlds.

The platform solves this challenge by making it simple to archive course material and it delivers your content to customers.

Click here to check out LearnWorlds.

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