Leave your social footprints all over the Web with Marginize.I have been using the Marginize browser plugin for a couple weeks now on both Firefox and Google Chrome. It’s a non-obtrusive tool that I really enjoy using because it makes browsing the Web more fun and social. Marginize is a great way to see what others are saying (on Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz) about a specific web page. As you’re surfing the Web, you can also share your own thoughts and opinions about any web page. Not only that but you can check-in to any web page and possibly become the “curator”. Being the curator means that you are the most active person on that site (for the moment).

View the Marginize tab in your browser.Like many sites now, Marginize allows you to sign in with your existing Twitter, Facebook or Google Buzz account; no need for creating a new account. One you install the browser plugin (or add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar) you will see a tab displayed on the right side of your browser. There will also be a button at the top of your toolbar that allows you to show/hide the tab. The tab will also have a number displayed on it, which represents the number of people who have commented on that page via the plugin.

Clicking on the tab will open up a sidebar-like window (on top of the current web page). This is where you interact on Marginize. You can check-in to the current web page with the click of a button. When you check in, you’ll have the option to share your check-in on Twitter, Facebook or Google Buzz (depending on which network is selected when you click check-in). By the way, you’ll be able to see all of your check-ins and comments on your profile page.

You can only check in to a specific web page once every 4 hours. You will not be allowed to check in until time is up. Until then, a timer will show on the button letting you know how many hours, minutes and seconds you have left until you can check in again.

You can only sign in once every 4 hours on Marginize.

You can see who (from the Marginize community) has recently been to that page. You can view the “community” for that site, which will show all of the people who have been to that page and how many times. Users will be ranked by number of visits to the page and you’ll be able to see the current curator.

Then there is a box that lets you say something about the website, and you can choose which social network to share your comment on. If others have reacted/commented, you will be able to see those below the box. If not, you’ll be invited to be the first one to react. If there are reactions/comments already there you can like, RT and comment on them. You can also click on the user’s name or avatar to view their Marginize profile.

Interact with Marginize comments and reactions.

I like that with Marginize, you can take Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz to every web page that you visit. Surprisingly, the tab never seems to get in the way and it doesn’t slow down any web pages either. In my opinion, Marginize is a definite win for those who want to be more social and love sharing what they’re doing all around the Web.