Less is more.

99% of the time.

If you want to earn more money through your blog, do fewer things, variety wise, and pare down your blog.

Here’s why: most bloggers struggle to make money through the effect known as over compensation. You fear losing money. Or you fear wasting your time, believing that what you do blogging-wise will not yield results. Trust me. I have been there. I know how this feels and also, how this poisonous mindset sullies your blog and eats into your blogging profits. If profits existed to begin with.

Anyway, because you fear losing dough, you stuff as many ads and widgets and banners and off topic posts and pages as possible onto your blog, like a bloated, fat, blogging pig.

This lack of clarity – which is fear, manifest – confuses you and confuses your readers. Confused readers rarely if ever act on your calls to action, nor do they click through to buy your premium offerings, nor do they hire you, because they are taking your confused, unclear, fear-based cue, taking your hint to stay away because you have no idea why half the stuff you publish on your blog, or share through your blog, is in fact, on your blog.

The Solution

The solution to this blogging problem is a blanket decision to grow your blog from a place of clarity and calm. This means trimming the blogging fat, as I advise you to do in my new eBook.

Trim the blogging fat by removing all sidebar widgets or ads or whatever is not 100% aligned with your brand. Ditto for any sidebar widgets that serve no specific purpose to grow your blogging audience, to serve your readers, or to expand your blogging business. Yes; the IP locator showing where your readers hail from around the globe has to go, 99% of the time. No real purpose there, especially when either white-space or an email opt-in form would better grace that cyber real estate.

Actions Too

Paring down or trimming the fat also applies to letting go actions that need to go so you can get clearer with your blog and brand direction.

I genuinely have fun doing my live broadcasts on YouTube, Periscope and Facebook daily. But I also did not have the time to spend nearly 1 hour broadcasting between all of these mediums. I had to let go, to get clear, to feel better about my blog, to have more fun, to make more room for my joy of writing and to boost my blogging profits.

Now I do a quick 3-5 minute live broadcast on YouTube and a 10 minute joint simulcast between Periscope and Facebook. I have never felt more clear, light and abundant in my blogging life. Because I trimmed the fat.

Why This Boosts Your Profits

When you let go the fear-based, over compensating, blogging bloat, you feel clear, at ease and abundant. This is the specific energy to cultivate to let in prospering ideas, prospering blogging friends, prospering business partnerships, money, and all types of profitable circumstances.

This is the power of clarity at play.

But you need to get clear, to move into this energetic space.

Getting clear, means clearing the fear.

Clearing the fear means letting go all the unclear, or old and worn out, actions you take or elements on your blog that need to go. Including any off topic blog posts and pages which need to head for the hills for you to get hyper clear on your blog and brand.


Watch this short, 3 minute video I shared as a live broadcast today.

I explain this concept and why the less is more approach tends to boost your blogging profits: