I’ve noticed that some bloggers do not have any details of the author on their posts. Even if all the blog posts are all written by the same person on a blog I still like to see the name of the author attached to posts. At Blogging Tips I have the name of the author at the top and at the bottom of a post so that everyone knows who wrote the post. I think that it’s important to let people know the name of the author so that they can refer to them when leaving a comment or linking to the post.

In addition to this I usually sign off my posts with my name as well, regular readers should have noticed this. For example, I would end the post with ‘Thanks for reading, Kevin’ or ‘Good luck, Kevin’. Perhaps I shouldn’t be adding this at the end of my posts sincethere is already a note of the author under the post but I like to keep things friendly πŸ™‚

I encourage you all to update your blog themes to show the author of your posts, don’t be a stranger πŸ˜€