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Link building is one of the most important factors when it comes to growing a success web site or blog. You can focus on content writing and creation, but in the end, you need inbound links to pull everything together. It’s not just a matter of getting a ton of back links, you need quality links and a variation of terms linking to your main page and inner content pages. There are plenty of link building services out there. Some are great, while others are terrible. Here’s a list of some of the top link building solutions I’ve tried and reviewed.


Getting links on popular and high page ranking blogs is one of the most important and effective ways to get backlinks. BuildMyRank is a network of blogging sites that offers an extremely easy to use interface which allows you to add articles and one-way incoming links to your web site. How the site works is simple. You create an account on their site, then a project for each site you want to build incoming links for. Once you created a project, you can add an article (150 words minimum), along with a backlink to your site, with your url destination and keyword of choice. For every 150 words in the article you can place an active link in your article. BuildMyRank then takes that article and places it on one of their network blogs, which is already Page Ranked (mostly PR1-PR4 sites). To make your articles and backlinks even more attractive, BuildMyRank also sends web 2.0 links back to the articles on their web sites.

The value and power in building links with the BuildMyRank service, is that you can build thousands of new incoming links every month. When you setup a new project on their site, you can select how many new links you want setup daily (random, 1-10 daily). For each link (or 150 words), you will need to create an article. BuildMyRank offers article creation services for $2.50 per 150 words, or you can use other outsource services which charge around $1 per post (search Google for “buildmyrank articles“). Lastly, you can also add limited access writers to your account, so you don’t have to upload and manage all of the article content.

The monthly subscription for an account on BuildMyRank is dependant on how many domains you want to build links for. The lowest plans are shown below, but they can go up to $400 a month for 200 domains. When you break down the amount of links you will get for each domain name, compared to the monthly cost, it’s quite a fair rate.

  • Up to 5 domains – $59/month
  • Up to 10 domains – $79/month
  • Up to 20 domains – $99/month

Final thoughts on BuildMyRank…

Of all the link building services out there, BuildMyRank is one of my favorites. They make it extremely easy to use their system, and outsource the article creation process. Another huge benefit is the admin screen when you log in, and how it’s fully loaded with easy to read reports which show how many articles are live, if they are indexed in the search results and what PageRank the sites are that your articles are posting to. If you are serious about link building, BuildMyRank is at the top of my recommendation list.


The Hoth

The use of link wheels, profile links, social bookmarks and web 2.0 properties to build incoming links to web sites and blogs has been extremely effective lately. When used in the perfect combination with each other, it can build a very effective link building package for your web site. That is exactly what The Hoth link building service is all about.

Through the use of the link building methods mentioned above, The Hoth will create a three level link building campaign across all platforms, as seen below.

  • Top Level – The Authority Silo: 1 & 1 blog + 1 Squidoo Lens
  • Level 2: 7-15 Web 2.0 Properties, Each Containing a Topically Relevant Article
  • Level 3: 100-160 Profile Links + 20-30 Do-Follow Social Bookmarks

All of the content and links are generated through a 400-500 word article that The Hoth team creates, based around your links and niche. The article is then spun into several high quality different versions and slow dripped to 300 different article directories over the next two weeks. The last step in the process is when all of your content and links and bundled up into a massive RSS feed and spread across multiple social bookmarking sites and outlets.

When it’s time to start building your backlinks through The Hoth, you have two different packages to choose from. The Trial Package at $60, and the Results Package at $200, which delivers 5 times the links as the Trial Package.

  • Trial Package $60 – 1 Super Spun Article (Posted to 1 WordPress Blog, 1 Blogspot Blog & 1 Squidoo Lens)
  • Results Package $200 – 5 Super Spun Articles (Posted to 1 WordPress Blog, 1 Blogspot Blog & 1 Squidoo Lens)

Final thoughts on The Hoth…

I’ve personally been working with The Host team for a while now and they definitely know they’re stuff and are always more than willing to answer any questions I have. The Hoth offers a great service to bring a ton of links to your site at competitive low prices. I’ve spent some time building web 2.0 link wheels on my own, and it just isn’t worth the time it takes, when it can easily be outsourced for around $60, plus all the extra other links and bookmarking they throw in. You can read an interview we did with Alex, the Co-Founder of The HOTH, on “The Importance of Internal Link Building”.



One of the largest micro job sites in the world, Fiverr has hundreds if not thousands of job listings for linking for $5 dollars. However, the important question to ask yourself is, how can promises of incoming links for $5 really be of value to your site. In most cases, they probably aren’t. While they are some users on Fiverr who have thousands of successful transactions and offer such services as SENUKE and article spinning, which then blasts your links out to thousands of blog comments, forums and low end pages, you have to ask yourself it if it’s really worth the risk. The majority of these low end link building services through Fiverr are going to be more harm than good, so many people are purchasing the link building packages and sending them to their links wheels and mirror sites, not their authority and money sites that are legit.

At the same time, there are still plenty of great link building services on Fiverr than will help your blog rank better in the search engines and maybe even send you some traffic. When you click on the “Social Marketing” tab on Fiverr, or do a search for “link building”, you will see a wide variety in jobs available. Some jobs that are good for link building are actual blog posts on real sites, video creation and links on YouTube, article writing, Twitter postings and more. Just be careful what link building methods you choose, and what urls you are using in your promotions.

Final thoughts on Fiverr…

As mentioned, there is a lot to look out for when you are going to Fiverr for link building jobs. Article writing and the spinning of articles are usually a safe bet, but when it comes to ordering SENUKE, link wheels and link blasting jobs, you are going to want to be careful. It’s always a good idea to sort by “Popularity” and “Rating” and see what the user feedback is on a user before ordering. Just because $5 isn’t much of an investment, it doesn’t mean that it can’t harm what you’ve spent years creating.

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