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Twitter and Facebook are arguably two of the largest social media platforms today.

A good deal of Facebook users will also have Twitter accounts, and linking them together makes it easy to post on both platforms at the same time.

However, recent policy changes have removed such features.

Many users now ask how to link Twitter to Facebook, and if there is not a way to do so, are there workarounds available?

How It Used to Be Done

Before the Cambridge Analytica Data scandal in 2018, cross posting between Facebook and Twitter was available on both platforms.

As Facebook then changed the way it shared its data, this ability has been slowly removed.

Even just a few months ago, all you needed to do was go to Facebook.com/Twitter while both your Twitter and Facebook accounts were open and it would connect with the click of a button.

This no longer works now. Even the Public Posts menu on Facebook that had a direct link to Twitter is now gone.

The only usable method is to place a hyperlink in Facebook posts.

Manual Posting as a Workaround

Right now, the only working method how to share a tweet on Facebook is to manually post links.

It isn’t as convenient as the automatic posting available before the policy changes, but it’s better than nothing.

If you wish to do this, then follow these steps:

  • Posting from Twitter to Facebook
    • Open both your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    • On Twitter, get your post URL. If you’re asking yourself, ‘What is my Twitter URL exactly?’ then, it’s the text on the address box on the top of the window. If you wish to share another person’s post, click that post and copy the URL.
    • On Facebook, click on the ‘What’s on your mind’ text box beside your profile icon.
    • Paste the URL link that you copied from Twitter.
    • Once the Twitter post has loaded in, click on Post.
  • Posting from Facebook to Twitter
    • Open both your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    • On Facebook, go to the post that you wish to share. Click on the date or timestamp of the post.
    • Copy the URL on the address bar.
    • Go back to your Twitter tab. If you know how to post on Twitter, then this will be very simple. Just post that URL link that you copied.
    • That Facebook post should now be shared on your Twitter account.

Convenient While It Lasted

The ability to automatically post on both Facebook and Twitter was rather convenient while it was available.

Nothing lasts forever though, and the old ways on how to link Twitter to Facebook are just a fond memory.

However, manual posting is still possible for those who really want to do so.

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