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Link Whisper Discount: Promotions Offered, Current Promo Codes & How To Claim

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Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to bring more traffic to their websites need to use plugin companies to increase their marketing potential.

One of the best ways to drive customers to your homepage is t use Link Whisper.

Before you begin, check out the different types of Link Whisper discount offerings you can get for your company.

Does Link Whisper Ever Offer Discounts?

Link Whisper offers discounts and promo codes to users looking to build their brands.

Using Link Whisper allows entrepreneurs and online moguls to internally link to other companies to increase their search engine rankings.

Users can purchase their tools for link building on the Link Whisper home page.

How Do You Get a Link Whisper Promo Code?

There are different websites that users can visit to earn a Link Whisper promo code.

Some promo codes are directly through the Link Whisper website, whereas others are combined with a partner who offers discounts or promo codes for packages and pricing plans.

For users who visit the Link Whisper website directly, there are sometimes current promo codes running based on the season, time of year, or existing products variable.

Quick Reference: Current Link Whisper Promo Codes

Link Whisper works with various partners that offer discounts and promo codes.

  • Facileway $25 Off: One website that offers current Link Whisper promo codes is Facileway, an online blogging platform that provides discount codes and promos for services and businesses.
    Faceilway offers $15 off any plan — there are three different plans, including $77 for one site, $17 for three sites, and $167 for 10 sites.
    Faceilway offers a flat rate discount of $15 off using the “FacileWay” code.
  • WPVilla $15 Off: WP Villa offers $15 off any type of plan using the code “WPVilla.”
    Users can visit the Link Whisper website and use the coupon code to get a discount on any of the three plans.
  • Blogging Beats $15 Off: Another website that offers $15 off any plan on Link Whisper is Blogging Beats, an online blogging platform.
    Users can visit the Link Whisper website and enter the coupon code “BLOGGING BEATS” to retrieve $15 off any plan they choose.

How Do Link Whisper Discounts Work?

Link Whisper discounts work by offering users money or a percentage of the price off of a specific plan.

There are three plans, and users can choose the specific plan that works for them based on the number of sites they own.

Users can input the promo codes into the search bar during the checkout page and selection process of choosing their own plan to retrieve, on average, $15 to $25 off any type of plan.

Can You Use More Than One Discount on Link Whisper?

Link Whisper gives users a chance to enter a discount code during the checkout phase when buying a plan.

Users can only enter one discount code into the bar to take advantage of the discounts on the site.

How To Use a Link Whisper Promo Code

If you want to use a Link Whisper promo code to get money off of a specific plan, then you should follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Link Whisper home page.
  2. Click on “Get Link Whisper Now.”
  3. Look at the particular plans — Single Site License, 3 Site License, or 10 Site License.
  4. Click on “Get Started” for your chosen plan.
  5. Look where it says, “Have a discount code? Click to enter it,” and click on the link.
  6. Enter the discount code in the bar where it says “Enter discount.”
  7. Click on Apply.
  8. Your new price will show up in the “Total” section.
  9. You can now select your payment method (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or PayPal) and enter your payment information.

Types of Discounts Offered by Link Whisper

Link Whisper offers different types of discounts that can work for the three Link Whisper plans, including discount pricing, percentages off of the total package price, and a flat rate fee off of any type of site package based on the specific promotion.

Link Whisper Discounts for Education

Using Link Whisper for educational purposes can be a great way to build publicity and marketing potential using plugins.

Does Link Whisper Offer a Discount for Teachers?

Link Whisper does not offer a discount for teachers to use in school or for educational purposes.

However, institutions may contact Link Whisper if they wish to create a personalized plan.

Does Link Whisper Have a Student Discount?

Link Whisper does not have a student discount that students on a budget can use to save money.

However, link Whiperdoes offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that works well for those who want to save money upfront if they are unsure about the product.

Link Whisper Discounts for Volume

For some companies and online services, there may be discounts.

With Link Whisper, the more you buy, the better deal you get.

Does Link Whisper Offer a Volume Discount?

Link Whisper prices its plans based on the number of websites a person or business owns.

When comparing the various plans, the three-site pricing is only $40 more than the one-site pricing.

This discount shows how the better plan is $37 less than it would be if the one-plan pricing structure stayed the same.

Plus, if a person wants to purchase the 10-site plan, this costs $167 per year.

When you break down the cost per site, this comes to just $16.7 per site, much less than the $77 per website plan.

In short, a person or business will save more money and get a better deal for the more websites they have and the higher plan they purchase from Link Whisper.

Does Link Whisper Offer Discounts on Yearly Pricing?

Link Whisper offers $77 per year for one WordPress website, $117 per year for up to three websites, and $167 per year for 10 websites.

There are no discounts on yearly pricing, which makes Link Whisper slightly more expensive compared to similar plugin platforms.

Does Link Whisper Offer Renewal Discounts?

Some websites offer Link Whisper discount codes and recurring deals for past and current customers.

However, Link Whisper does not offer renewal discounts on its own website.

If you are an existing customer, it may be worth reaching out to support to see if you qualify for any renewal discounts.

Other Link Whisper Discounts

Individuals considering using Link Whisper should compare the special discounts this company offers versus what other plugin websites offer.

With that in mind, Link Whisper offers several unique discounts.

Does Link Whisper Offer a Military Discount?

Link Whisper does not offer a military discount for customers or entrepreneurs who have veteran status or are currently in the military.

Does Link Whisper Offer a Nonprofit Discount?

Link Whisper does not offer a nonprofit discount for charities or businesses working for free.

Does Link Whisper Offer Discounts on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Link Whisper may offer discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday on their website.

In addition, other websites, such as Online Coded, Stay Me Online, Blogging Ask, and WP Blogging 101, offer deals and sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For example, WP Blogging 101 offered a $30 Off Sale on Black Friday in 2022 for new customers.

Stay Me Online also offered a flat $30 off all the Link Whisper plans for Black Friday.

Does Link Whisper Have a Free Trial?

Link Whisper offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do not like the product and want to save money in the long run.

Plus, Link Whisper provides a free version with basic features that can work for entrepreneurs who do not need the unique add-ons that the one website plan utilizes.

Troubleshooting: My Link Whisper Discount Isn’t Working

Is your Link Whisper discount link not working

By using some troubleshooting cues and following expert tips, you can find out the reasons why it may be frozen, not loading, or not redirecting you to the right page, and then fix the issue.

1. Incorrect Code

The first reason that your discount may not be working is that you inputted the incorrect code.

Make sure you double-check to ensure the correct letters are capitalized and that you include any characters or numbers in the code.

2. The Code Has Expired

The second reason your Link Whisper code may not work anymore is that the code timeframe has expired.

Once you enter an expired code, you may get a message saying that the code is no longer valid.

3. Not Clicking on the Correct Link

The last reason your Link Whisper code may not work on a 3rd-party site is if you do not click the link to redirect you to the Link Whisper purchase page

For example, if you go to use the Blogging Beats discount code and do not click on the link to redirect you to the Link Whisper page, you will not be able to use their coupon. 

Companies With Similar Discounts

Do you want to try another company besides Link Whisper?

Let’s see some similar online plugin companies and the importance of link outreach for your specific business.

  • Semrush: Semrush is a SERP tracker and ad analysis business that offers marketing advice, various plans, free trials, and agency growth kits.
    Semrush offers a free trial for new users.
    There are other Semrush discounts on their website and from third-party companies.
  • Accuranker: Accuranker is an online tool that helps businesses see how their SEO and keywords are performing online.
    Accuranker offers yearly and monthly subscriptions based on the number of keywords.
    AccuRanker also offers a 14-day free trial on their website.
    Other Accuranker Discounts include 50% off an AccuRanker coupon with DealSpotr and 75% off AccuRanker with Greene Promo Codes.
  • Grammarly: Grammarly is an online tool that helps users check their grammar, spelling, and cohesiveness.
    Grammarly pricing offers a free trial, a Free version, a Business Version, and a Premium version. Grammarly discounts run based on the season and your performance, so always check their site for new promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those interested in using an online plugin tool should consider the most commonly asked questions before purchasing a Link Whisper plan.

Can I upgrade my Link Whisper account at any time?

Users can upgrade their Link Whisper account by clicking on “Login,” inputting their information, clicking on “Manage License,” and then clicking on “View Upgrades” to increase the number of sites on their plan.

Does Link Whisper offer customer support?

Link Whisper offers customer support via a portal or link on its website.

Visit the main page and click on the Support section at the top.

Once you click on the Support section, you can search for a specific topic or click on “New Support Ticket.”

Wrapping Up

So, should you purchase a Link Whisper plan to help with SEO, keywords, and plugins?

In short, this could be a smart choice for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to expand their business and need flexibility in pricing and plans.

Link Whisper offers helpful tools for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and online marketers to succeed.

You can use any of the above discounts to get started.

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