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Affiliatable is a cloud-based tool for creating product boxes and comparison tables designed to present attractive product information to website browsers, making them more likely to click your affiliate links.

Over three thousand affiliate marketers use Affiliatable, many of whom praise its cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

Affiliatable at a Glance

Below are some of the basics to help you get a better idea of Affiliatable.

  • Market Segment: Professional affiliate marketers
  • Best For: mid-scale bloggers
  • Plans & Pricing:
    • Basic – Single: Free
    • Pro – Single: $199/One-time
    • Pro – Infinite: $399/One-time

What Is Affiliatable?

Affiliatable is a conversion rate optimization plugin that helps bloggers design product displays for their affiliate links.

What Is Affiliatable Used For?

Marketers use this tool for Conversion rate optimization (CRO).

The product displays entice users into clicking the affiliate links.

How Affiliatable Works

Once you create your Affiliatable account and type some information about the website into the dashboard, such as its domain name and store, paste the provided base code into the website’s header to connect it to your account.

WordPress users can download a plugin that automatically connects to their WordPress site.

The product is cloud-based, meaning it will not slow your loading speed.

Once your site connects, you can create comparison tables, top three boxes, pros and cons boxes, and product boxes for your site from your dashboard.

Notable Features of Affiliatable

Below are some of the most notable features this product contains.

1. Pre-Designed Templates

Affiliatable lets you create professional-looking ads for any affiliate product.

Using its convenient templates, fill in the title of the product you want to sell, list its standout features in the description, and give it a point score and feature title, if desired, such as “Editor’s Choice” or “Budget Pick.”

Post the affiliate link in the appropriate box, and you have an eye-catching advertisement specially designed for higher conversions!

Affiliatable provides a wide array of ad types.

Comparison tables, Top 3 Boxes, Rating Boxes, and Versus Boxes allow the reader to compare and contrast similar products.

Single-product boxes focus the reader’s attention on a single product.

Pros/Cons boxes list the advantages and disadvantages of a single product, allowing the reader to make an informed purchase.

The Basic plan only allows a single style for each type of ad, but Pro users can choose many different styles.

2. Amazon API Integration

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the largest in the world, and users who are also Amazon affiliates can have product details filled out for them.

Just type in your Amazon API credentials when connecting their site to Affiliatable.

Copy and paste a product’s ASIN into the appropriate box when making your display.

The product then imports an image, product title, and affiliate link directly from Amazon.

3. Geo-targeting

In the modern age, the web is truly worldwide.

As such, the product comes with built-in geo-tracking.

International users are directed to the correct online store automatically.

4. Multiple Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

Affiliatable lets users add up to two CTA buttons for every product advertised.

This is useful if you’re part of more than one affiliate network.

This also allows bloggers to link to both a “Buy Now” page and a “Reviews” page.

5. Schema Optimized

How your site appears on search engine results pages (SERPs) can make or break your affiliate marketing income.

If you purchased one of the product’s pro packages and enabled schema on your ads can make a huge difference.

Copy and paste the URL you want to highlight into the appropriate box, and Affiliattable allows search engines to highlight the web pages where your ad appears for optimal SERP display.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use Affiliatable?

You only need a website that’s part of an affiliate network and basic familiarity with HTML code to copy/paste simple JavaScript into your webpage headers.

How Much Does Affiliatable Cost?

Affiliatable has three plans: Basic Single, Pro Single, and Pro Infinite.

Basic – Single

Cost: Free forever

This plan allows you to connect a single website to your account.

For WordPress users, this plan comes with a plugin that allows an easy connection.

It also includes built-in geo-targeting, as well as the ability to make a limitless number of ads for your site.

Pro – Single

Cost: $39/Year

Everything in the Basic plan is included.

This plan also allows users to choose between multiple styles when designing ads, change their website’s Amazon affiliate tracking ID from their Affiliatable account, and access to the schema optimization feature.

Pages will show up better on search engines, and you have the ability to create custom categories for your ads.

Pro users can add multiple team members to sites on a single account, making cooperation easier for teams of affiliate marketers.

The product also provides live chat support to Pro users and the ability to copy and paste their ads.

Pro – Infinite

Cost: $89/Year

This plan includes everything in the Pro Single plan, plus the ability to connect an unlimited number of sites to your account.

Does Affiliatable Have an Enterprise Version Available?

No, there is not an Enterprise version available.

Affiliatable Promotions & Savings

Check out the promotions and savings below to get the most out of your purchase.

Does Affiliatable Have a Free Trial?

Yes, a seven-day free trial of the Pro Limited package when you first sign up for an account.

Does Affiliatable Offer Coupon Codes?

No, there aren’t coupon codes offered.

Does Affiliatable Have a Lifetime Deal?

Yes, they do have a lifetime deal.

They offer the Pro Single plan for a one-time payment of $199 and the Pro Infinite package for $399.

Does Affiliatable Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

They offer 20% off all plans on Black Friday.

Who Are Affiliatable’s Main Alternatives?

There are three main alternatives: Lasso, AzonPress, and WP Table Builder.

1. Lasso

Lasso is an affiliate marketing tool kit designed to help bloggers create affiliate links and product display affiliate links.

It also has tools to help bloggers keep their links organized.

How Is Lasso Different from Affiliatable?

Lasso has all your affiliate links available for view in a searchable dashboard, whereas Affiliatable links require a couple more clicks to view from your account.

Lasso also notifies you when an affiliate link on your blog no longer works, allowing you to replace it with a new one directly from the dashboard.

However, Lasso’s product display templates (single display, grid display, list display, and comparison table) are simpler and only designed to show the advertised product.

Affiliatable’s array of product display options is more geared towards at-a-glance comparisons, either one product against others or a product’s pros and cons.

Affiliatable is also the lower-cost option, with the Pro Infinite plan costing $89 per year compared to Lasso’s $289 per year.

2. AzonPress

AzonPress is a WordPress plugin that allows Amazon Affiliates to create advertisements for their affiliate links.

How Is AzonPress Different From Affiliatable?

AzonPress is specialized for Amazon Affiliates using WordPress.

It automates the process of creating product tables.

Just search and select the product you want to sell, and AzonPress automatically adds it to a showcase table alongside similar products from Amazon.

AzonPress’ specialization makes it useless for members of non-Amazon affiliate networks, however.

AzonPress costs $27 per year for a single site, $55 per year for up to twenty sites, and $111 per year for unlimited sites.

3. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows users to build tables via a drag-and-drop interface.

How Is WP Table Builder Different from Affiliatable?

WP Table Builder is a specialized table creation software.

With no coding or syntax required, you can use a pre-built template to make a table that compares the products you want to advertise.

Then put your affiliate links in the end row or column, drag and drop them to your site, and you have a completed advertisement!

Afffiliatable proves the more versatile option, however, with the ability to make single-product displays and compatibility with non-WordPress sites.

WP Table Builder costs $49.39 per year for a single site, $99.79 per year for up to one thousand sites, and a one-time payment of $249 for unlimited sites.

How Does Affiliatable Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Affiliatable’s chief edge is versatility.

It may not organize links like Lasso, integrate with Amazon, such as AzonPress, or build tables as easily as WP Table Builder, but its features are useful to any affiliate marketer.

Who Is Affiliatable Best For?

It is best for mid-scale affiliate marketers who are part of multiple affiliate networks or who don’t use WordPress to build their sites.

While most similar products come in the form of WordPress plugins, you can paste their base code into any site.

Their ability to have multiple CTA buttons in ads is ideal for members of more than one affiliate network.

Is Affiliatable Easy to Use?

It is generally easy to use because it doesn’t require coding, and the customer support team is responsive.

The UI is often a bit hard to navigate with all the features they offer.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Most users love the reasonable prices and the ease of use that this tool has.


For just $89 a year, they give their users a lot of features.

Among competing products, only Lasso offers the same number of features, and it costs $200 more per year!

Ease of Use

The base code is exclusively HTML/CSS, making it highly readable and requiring no specialized software to parse.

You don’t even have to type in any code.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Generally, some users only find the following two issues frustrating.


The product does not have a media manager or any way to upload images beyond importing them from affiliate sites.

If you don’t like the default product image, you’ll have to live with it.

Design Choices

It has many features, but not all of them leave users satisfied.

The Pros/Cons box template lacks a CTA button, there are only a handful of Versus box templates to choose from (even with a Pro package), and only one font family.


Affiliatable is perfect for affiliate marketers looking for an advertising tool to fill their needs, regardless of the site builder or affiliate program used.

It’s also great for bloggers who want to create eye-catching advertisements but are intimidated by the prospect of coding.

If you are part of an affiliate network and want to maximize your earnings, consider signing up for Affiliatable.

Please feel free to leave your review in the comments below!

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affiliatable is our personal preference for product and service CTAs. We use this platform to display CTAs throughout our blog, so trust us when we say that we put a fair amount of trust in this product. With such a high scope of tables and buttons, you're sure to create the call to action you're hoping to.
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5 out of 5.0
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5 out of 5.0
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5 out of 5.0


  • A bit on the expensive side, but you do get what you pay for


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Wide variety of high-converting designs
  • Very low resource usage required, as elements are loaded through affiliatable's servers
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