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  • AgencyAnalytics helps marketing agencies scale with automated client reporting. Create custom dashboards and reports for SEO, PPC, social media, and more.

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Most marketing agencies dread the time-consuming process of generating KPI reports for their clients.

It’s difficult for marketing agencies and SEO freelancers to organize constant reports for clients while also working on their marketing methods.

AgencyAnalytics has numerous features, but the pinnacle of this software comes in its advanced reporting, integrations, and dashboard customization.

Through this highly customizable experience, you save time and money by not having to constantly draft reports since your client can actively see any data that interests them on their personalized dashboard.

AgencyAnalytics at a Glance

I’ve provided a quick overview of AgencyAnalytics you can reference, but I do go into more detail if you’re curious.

Market Segment: Markters

Best For: Small to midsize businesses

Plans and Pricing: There are three tiers of pricing.

  • Freelancer: starting at $10 annually
  • Agency: starting at $15 annually
  • Enterprise: customizable for users with 100+ clients

What Is AgencyAnalytics?

AgencyAnalytics is an all-in-one reporting tool that is heavily customizable for each business.

Interestingly enough, I discovered that it was initially known as My SEO Tool, built with the idea of improving agency and client relationships.

AgencyAnalytics gives users the ability to optimize reports and track data in an instant.

Different campaigns allow you to organize your messages and data for various clients without taking the time to organize and write up an account manually.

You can customize your report and dashboard with white labeling to make the software look like your in-house proprietary data collecting tool.

In addition to schedule-based reporting, AgencyAnalytics successfully bridges the gap between agency and client.

What is AgencyAnalytics Used For

Its primary use is to help marketing agencies report marketing impacts and the progress of their work to clients.

Keeping track of marketing efforts can sometimes be complex, but this software gives businesses, and clients access to critical data anytime.

How AgencyAnalytics Works

You can provide clients direct access to data pulled from other integrations like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and other data-collecting software through the dashboard.

Each campaign you create can adjust to the needs of your client.

Through this highly customizable experience, you save time and money by not having to constantly draft reports since your client can actively see any data that interests them on their personalized dashboard.

Notable Features of AgencyAnalytics

AgencyAnalytics has numerous features, but the pinnacle of this software comes in its advanced reporting, integrations, and dashboard customization.

The features that stand out the most help improve your brand and optimize your content and services.

  • Automated Reports: AgencyAnalytics allows users to automate their entire marketing reports within minutes.
    You’re able to set up a full schedule so, after approval, the whole process is hands-free.
  • Custom Dashboards: Your entire dashboard is fully customizable so that you can tailor your client’s experience to their needs.
    There are plenty of prebuilt reports and dashboard templates.
  • SEO Tools: AgencyAnalytics provides users with a rank tracker, backlink monitor, and a site auditor to help you improve your client’s ranking in search engines.
    Additionally, the keyword tracker enables you to monitor changes in SEO rankings.
  • 70+ Integrations: While AgencyAnalytics operates with a closed API, you still have numerous options for popular integrations.
    With these extensive options, you can organize all your marketing data in one place.
  • Client and Staff Management: Through AgencyAnalytics, you can manage your entire staff and clients.
    You can limit or extend user access and even provide clients with their login credentials for their dashboard.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use AgencyAnalytics?

Interestingly enough, I found there is no mobile version of AgencyAnalytics.

The software is entirely web-based with extensions that don’t require any physical hardware requirements besides access to a browser.

How Much Does AgencyAnalytics Cost?

The price of AgencyAnalytics is pretty flexible at the enterprise level but set in stone at the freelancer and agency plans.

You can choose between a monthly and an annual plan with three pricing tiers.


The first and cheapest tier is the freelancer plan.

The freelancer plan is for small businesses that need basic reporting options.

Each client campaign starts at $10 a month with a minimum purchase of 5 client campaigns.

With five client campaigns, you’ll pay $50 per month.


The agency tier is AgencyAnalytics most popular option and starts at $15 per client campaign a month with a minimum purchase of 10 client campaigns.

The total price will leave you at $150 per month.


If you have more than 100 clients, the enterprise version may be what you’ll need.

The price will vary depending on how many clients you have, but AgencyAnalytics will offer you direct support from their team.

Does AgencyAnalytics Have an Enterprise Version Available?

The actually named enterprise plan is just what an enterprise version looks like.

A customizable plan for large agencies that includes API access, priority support, monthly team training, white glove data migration and much more.

AgencyAnalytics Promotions and Savings

Before investing your money into this AgencyAnalytics, you may want to consider if there are possible ways to experience the software and get the most out of it before committing to an entire purchase.

Does AgencyAnalytics Have a Free Trial?

AgencyAnalytics offers users a free trial that lasts up to 14 days.

This free trial gives users a hybrid of AgencyAnalytics’s freelancer and agency plan.

The features in the free trial are enough to get the whole experience of what Agency Analytics has to offer.

Does AgencyAnalytics Offer Coupon Codes?

AgencyAnalytics does allow users to enter and use coupons and discount codes during checkout.

If you check online, you’ll find monthly discount codes to take advantage of coupon sites and through AgencyAnalytics emails.

Does AgencyAnalytics Have a Lifetime Deal?

Unfortunately, AgencyAnalytics operates through subscription-based software with no lifetime deals or permanent purchase options.

Currently, the only discount they offer is two months free for users that subscribe annually.

Additionally, AgencyAnalytics offers a $2 discount if you go with their annual plans.

Through the free trial, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether you want to go with their monthly or yearly plan.  

Does AgencyAnalytics Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

While researching reporting software tools, I came across alternatives to AgencyAnalytics.

There are always options out there, and these tools need to have some competition to improve their features.

Who is AgencyAnalytics’ Main Alternatives?

1. Ruler Analytics

With powerful online and offline tracking capabilities, Ruler Analytics enables users to continue being productive by tracking leads across multiple channels.

Showing and organizing data with Ruler Analytics isn’t complex or a hassle.

Ruler Analytics offers revenue and lead tracking. Additionally, it has extensive options with CRM integrations.

2. DashThis

DashThis is another reporting software tool that focuses on Automation.

With over 34+ native integrations, DashThis provides avenues to pull data from the most popular marketing platforms.

Their all-in-one dashboard allows you to customize and pull data from any of the provided integrations to create a fantastic data display for you and your clients.

Not only that, DashThis offers customizable and scaling prices through their enterprise plan.

3. Klipfolio

Instant and custom metrics and automated reporting are some of the few things Klipfolio has to offer its users.

In addition to full-funnel reporting all on one dashboard, you can share metrics instantly with your entire team.

Klipfolio is a competitive alternative to AgencyAnalytics as it offers white labeling options, automated reports, and highly customizable dashboards.

How Does AgencyAnalytics Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

While all of AgencyAnalytics’ competitors offer similar features and try to achieve a similar goal, they fall short in a few areas where AgencyAnalytics doesn’t.

The first area is how impactful the software is for small businesses.

AgencyAnalytics helps a business scale and cross barriers they usually wouldn’t be able to cross with the amount of time they spent worrying about presenting and reporting data to clients.

Klipfolio, while being similar to AgencyAnalytics, falls short in how it prices its software.

For smaller businesses, you’ll find that it becomes difficult for them to justify the price for the little features they get.

Regarding the integrations offered, AgencyAnalytics also outshines its competition.

For businesses, it’s all about value, and you get more for your dollar with AgencyAnalytics.

You get dependable customer support, integrations, and proper functionality.

Who is AgencyAnalytics Best For?

AgencyAnalytics is best for freelancers and medium-sized marketing agencies, and SEO specialists.

While large businesses certainly benefit from AgencyAnalytics, you’ll find a great use for companies with a small team.

AgencyAnalytics helps legitimize and improve branding through their white label software for smaller agencies.

Medium-sized businesses can use the agency tier to get significant value from client campaigns and advanced reporting options.

Everything AgencyAnalytics has to offer gives you an immense advantage to succeed.

You’ll spend less time reporting and more time optimizing core business features that you can offer your client.

These features stack up to provide small businesses a better chance to scale.

Why is AgencyAnalytics Best For Marketing Agencies?

AgencyAnalytics shines via its reporting features.

The best use you can make of this software is optimizing each client’s campaign to improve their experience and save time to focus on their marketing campaigns and other services you offer them.

Since AgencyAnalytics is a reporting tool, it will effectively show your clients how much of an impact your marketing efforts have on them. It does this for you on an impressive scale too.

You can track and present multiple KPIs in seconds and solidify your methods as effective and fruitful.

SEO content, for example, may be subjective and difficult for organizations to track, but AgencyAnalytics has features that help you track keyword rankings.

The software can improve client understanding and communication with real-time stats to show how much of an impact you’re making for their business.

Is AgencyAnalytics Easy to Use?

The fantastic thing about AgencyAnalytics is its simplicity.

The interface, dashboard, and widgets are simple and easy to understand.

Every section you need to know or understand is appropriately labeled, and the client can access all the information they need on one page.

The information the dashboard displays is easy to read as well.

You can adjust it for a more pleasant and readable state if your client prefers to read their analytics in a particular order, like left to right or vice versa.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Users particularly find dashboard customization particularly useful.

Users love the ability to select and edit data points and create an aesthetically pleasing cluster of information for their clients to reference at any time.

White labeling is another feature that people genuinely enjoy.

Since AgencyAnalytics software can display your logos and banners, it creates an excellent, visually pleasing experience for your clients.

The last and probably most important feature is automated reporting.

Since users can automate and schedule every report, there is minimal handling and, in turn, fewer errors.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

AgencyAnalytics works with a closed API which means if they don’t support the integration, they won’t be able to pull data from that software.

Unfortunately, this is a significant downside for many businesses that rely on other extensions for data reporting.

For the freelancer plan, you can only monitor five client campaigns.

If you needed to watch a consistent six campaigns, you would have to pay for the agency plan and not get as much value.

The SEO tools that AgencyAnalytics offers aren’t the most advanced or impressive to users.

While they certainly get the job done, users have voiced that they don’t bring much to the table regarding usefulness or innovation when put next to other SEO tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding Agency Analytics.

vector graphic showing an illustration of organic SEO optimization

Does AgencyAnalytics have a phone number I can call?

There is no phone number you can call, but AgencyAnalytics has a very active and responsive customer support system on its website.

They respond to users within minutes of messaging them.

Are there jobs available at AgencyAnalytics?

There are plenty of job openings at AgencyAnalytics, and all positions are remote so that you can work from anywhere in the world.

Wrapping Up

Regarding reporting tools, AgencyAnalytics is an affordable and reliable choice for any sized business.

The amount of time you can save through the automated reports alone is reason enough to consider AgencyAnalytics.

There are alternatives to AgencyAnalytics, but considering its versatility and how well it implements its features, it’s hard to pass it up.

Regardless of which software you choose, remember to value your time and keep growing your agency to be the best it can be.

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