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  • Using advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning, Article Forge writes completely unique, SEO optimized, high-quality, long form articles with the click of a button.

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Article Forge is an AI content generation tool.

It helps users create content in a fraction of the time it typically takes and provides some inspiration for content generation when you need it.

Article Forge uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to generate articles based on a given topic.

In this article, we will give you a detailed overview of what Article Forge is, how it works, and who can benefit from it the most.

Article Forge at a Glance

Here is a quick breakdown of Article Forge’s plans and who should consider using the content generation software.

  • Market Segment: Content marketing
  • Best For: Bloggers and marketers
  • Plans & Pricing:
    • Basic: $27 per month
    • Standard: $57 per month
    • Unlimited: $117 per month

What Is Article Forge?

Article Forge is a software tool that can help marketers create content.

The software uses artificial intelligence to generate articles in minutes, making it a valuable time-saving tool for busy marketers.

What Is Article Forge Used For?

Business owners and marketers use Article Forge to add content to blogs, social media, and email sequences.

How Article Forge Works

Article Forge uses cutting-edge AI technology to generate articles automatically.

To generate an article, Article Forge first analyzes a given topic to understand its key concepts.

It then uses this information to create a list of potential ideas for articles.

Once the software has a list of ideas, it will start writing the article.

Article Forge uses a spinning algorithm to create different versions of each article.

It does this so you can use its articles across different platforms without getting penalized for duplicate content.

Notable Features of Article Forge

Here are a few of the most important features included with Article Forge.

1. Uses Artificial Intelligence Technology

You can benefit from AI to create high-quality content that humans will enjoy reading and engaging with.

In your Article Forge dashboard, you can use settings to control how the AI-powered article writer performs with article length, topic, headings, sub-headings, video content, and more.

Tell the AI-writer which keyword you want to focus on with each article.

You can also mix in what Article Forge calls sub-keywords to add variety.

2. Generate Articles in Minutes

Saving time is the most significant benefit of using Article Forge.

You can generate articles in minutes.

The software will pull from its database of previously-read Internet-based articles about the topic.

It then arranges that article data into a new article for you to use.

The software creates an article you can use as your blog or social media content.

3. Automatically Add Links, Videos, and Images

Article Forge will automatically add links, videos, and images to your articles.

Try this feature as a time-saver as you add details to your written content.

4. Create SEO-Optimized Articles

The Article Forge software can help you create SEO-optimized articles.

The platform includes a keyword research tool that inserts the best keywords in your articles as it writes.

5. Create Content in Multiple Languages

Article Forge also includes a translation feature.

It allows you to create content in various languages.

You can write articles in seven different languages.

Try this feature if you want to expand your website into an international platform.

Most businesses compete for English-speaking audiences.

If you branch out into different languages, you’ll find lower competition when it comes to ranking in the search engines.

6. Post Scheduler

You’ll find a post scheduler in your Article Forge account.

Use this tool to schedule the content generated by Article Forge.

You can do this for your blog or social media platforms.

7. Exports

You can export completed articles in HTML, TXT, and PDF formats.

Article Forge also lets you export and post automatically to WordPress.

8. Integrations with Third-Party Platforms

Article Forge integrates with third-party platforms.

You can post your content to these platforms using Article Forge.

SEO Autopilot: With an SEO AutoPilot account, you can discover Web 2.0 platforms you can link from.

Some marketers use this strategy to generate backlinks.

Using the SEO Autopilot integration, you can generate Article Forge content to place on those Web 2.0 websites.

RankerX: You can build links to your main website using RankerX.

Integrate it with Article Forge to automatically add content to RankerX as you build backlinks.

RankerX will take that content, link back to your business website, and make sure Google recognizes each link.

WordAi: As a content paraphrasing tool, WordAi helps you create content variations.

Import content from Article Forge to WordAi to change it up.

SEnuke: With SEnuke, you can post links across the Internet without using coding skills.

The service also helps you create a blog network.

Send your Article Forge content to SEnuke to quickly create blog networks that link back to your main website.

CyberSEO: Marketers use CyberSEO to curate content.

It works as a WordPress plugin and posts automatically to your WordPress blog.

You can integrate Article Forge to feed fresh content into CyberSEO.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use Article Forge?

No, there are no minimum requirements to use Article Forge.

As long as you have a laptop or desktop with updated software, Article Forge should run well on it.

How Much Does Article Forge Cost?

Let’s review the Article Forge plans in greater detail.

screenshot of the article forge pricing table

Basic Plan

Here are the features that come with an Article Forge Basic account.

  • 25,000 words per month
  • Promise that content will pass Copyscape
  • AI-powered writing assistant
  • Bulk article generation
  • Post automatically to WordPress blogs
  • API access

Cost: $27 per month (or $13 per month when billed annually)

Standard Plan

The Standard plan gives you everything from the Basic plan.

It adds to how many words you can generate per month.

You can write up to 250,000 words every month on this plan.

Cost: $57 per month (or $27 per month when billed annually)

Unlimited Plan

You get all of the identical features from the Basic and Standard plans.

The big difference with this option is that you can write an unlimited number of words each month.

Cost: $117 per month (or $57 per month when billed annually)

Does Article Forge Have an Enterprise Version Available?

No, Article Forge doesn’t offer an Enterprise plan.

You must choose between the Basic, Standard, and Unlimited plans to start an account.

Article Forge Promotions & Savings

Let’s review whether you can get any savings when signing up for an Article Forge account.

Does Article Forge Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Article Forge offers a free trial.

You can try the software for five days before deciding to commit to a paid plan.

To sign up for the free trial, you must provide all account information to Article Forge.

It includes the following information.

  • Full Name
  • Credit card information (16-digit number, CVC number, and expiration date)
  • Billing address

Article Forge accepts Discover, Mastercard, VISA, and American Express credit cards.

If you’d rather not use those forms of payment, you can select PayPal instead.

You must pay close attention to the ordering process.

Article Forge automatically defaults all three plans to the annual billing process.

If you use the software beyond the free trial, you will automatically see a charge of $156, $324, or $684, depending on your chosen plan.

Pay attention when choosing the monthly payment option if that’s what you prefer.

It’s challenging to switch from annual to monthly billing after you place the free trial order.

If you decide to cancel before the free trial ends, you will find a simple button to click inside your account dashboard.

Does Article Forge Offer Coupon Codes?

No, Article Forge doesn’t provide coupon codes to save when signing up.

You must pay for one of the above-mentioned pricing packages.

Does Article Forge Have a Lifetime Deal?

No, Article Forge doesn’t offer a lifetime deal at this time.

Who Are Article Forge’s Main Alternatives?

The top three Article Forge competitors include Jasper AI, Rytr, and Writesonic.

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a content generation tool that promises to help you write better and faster.

It goes beyond the blog posts that Article Forge focuses on.

Jasper AI works to create the following types of content for users.

  • Blog posts
  • Creative stories
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Facebook ad headlines and text
  • Google ad headlines and text
  • Amazon product features and descriptions
  • Instagram post captions
  • Persuasive bullet points
  • YouTube video titles, descriptions, and introductions
  • Email subject lines
  • Personalized cold emails
  • Company and personal bios
  • Press releases
  • Quora answers
  • TikTok video captions

It also helps you create marketing techniques such as AIDA and PAS.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. PAS is Problem, Agitation, Solution.

Article Forge differs from Jasper in that it doesn’t try to expand into so many areas.

Instead, it has a sharp focus on the target market of people who want help writing better blog posts.

2. Rytr

screenshot of the rytr homepage

Rytr also offers more features than Article Forge, although it has a similar goal.

It wants to help users write better content faster using AI.

Rytr goes about this in a different way than Article Forge does.

Rytr uses what it calls an “AI assistant.”

The assistant asks you which “use case” you need.

You can then choose from these options.

  • Blog idea and outline
  • Blog section writing
  • Business idea pitch
  • Call to action
  • AIDA framework
  • PAS framework
  • Interview questions
  • Job description

If you select “Blog idea and outline”, for example, Rytr asks you to include a primary keyword and the number of blog post versions required.

It will then generate the outline and blog post content.

Rytr doesn’t produce entire blog posts as Article Forge does.

Instead, it creates sections that you can piece together into blog posts.

Article Forge creates full articles.

3. Writesonic

Writesonic is a content generation tool that focuses on creating “premium quality” content.

It doesn’t offer as many features as Article Forge or Rytr.

However, it does have some unique features that the other two don’t have.

For example, Writesonic offers a “Content Brief” feature.

It allows you to give the tool more information about what you want to write.

You can then choose from a list of suggested topics.

You can also use Writesonic to generate ideas for social media posts, blog post titles, and email subject lines.

Article Forge doesn’t offer these features.

It differs from Writesonic as it does with Jasper.

Article Forge tries to specialize in blog post creation.

How Does Article Forge Differentiate Themselves From Competitors?

Article Forge differentiates itself by avoiding the need to branch out into too many types of content creation.

Its marketing attempts to attract article and blog post writers.

It leaves the more specialized (and sometimes distracting) areas of email subject lines, YouTube videos, and AIDA frameworks to others.

Who Is Article Forge Best For?

Article Forge works best for bloggers.

Why Is Article Forge Best for Bloggers?

Article Forge is best for bloggers because it focuses specifically on creating blog posts.

Is Article Forge Easy To Use?

Yes, Article Forge is easy to use.

You enter two or three pieces of data and press the article-writing button.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Most Article Forge users love the simplicity of clicking one button to create entire articles.

The ability to automatically post on WordPress is the second feature most users love.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Customer support is the first aspect of Article Forge that most users find frustrating.

Unfortunately, the second biggest complaint is the quality of articles produced by Article Forge.

The articles typically require a human to rewrite fluff sections and replace incorrect facts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to two commonly asked questions about Article Forge.

vector graphic showing elements related to gmail addons

How do I use Article Forge for free articles?

You’re limited to the five-day trial to access free Article Forge articles.

However, to access the free trial, Article Forge will ask for your credit card details.

If you want to ensure that you don’t get billed, make sure that you cancel the subscription before your trial ends.

You’ll follow the same steps as you would on one of the paid plans, and Article Forge will generate your article.

Are college essays legit?

Not really.

You’ll likely need to rewrite Article Forge college essays you’ve attempted writing with the tool.

If you don’t do this, you’ll risk having an essay that doesn’t accurately reflect your personality or might not make sense in some sections.

Alternatively, there are many different plagiarism checkers like Plagium, Copyscape, PlagTracker, and Copyleaks that make detecting this type of writing easy.

Wrapping Up

Article Forge is a quality tool if you’re not expecting expert-quality articles.

The software will create articles in minutes.

However, most of the pieces produced by the software include fluff, inaccurate facts, and low-quality content.

It can work well to get your creative journey started.

Be prepared to invest time re-working the content to compete with other high-level bloggers.

Is it worth trying, however?


We encourage you to give the five-day trial a spin.

After using Article Forge, please come back to leave a review in the comments.

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